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  1. Btw there is an excellent quality recording of the 6/20 show available on Dime. I'm new here so if I'm not supposed to say that hammer me. lol
  2. rhinofin if you like that song check out Alvin Lee's song Bluest Blues. Very similar.
  3. See what I mean jelly beans. I was at the 19th also and there was no High School Confidential. What I can't believe he's not playing is Beautiful Blue. IMO that's the best song off that album. like to hear him do That Date I had With The Ugly Homecoming Queen too. First time I heard that was that 20 night run he did at the Fillmore in 97 Kind of disappointed in the same exact set lists the whole tour. But it was killer. Spent the 20th wandering around soaking up some of that Fillmore vibe. Uncle Bobo was the best for 35 years and might still be if he had just driven home instead. And setlist fm only shows 7 songs for Oakland but I'll bet I can guess what the others are.
  4. Thanks Barry. Setlist fm has 3 unknown songs, even though they have the same songs in their other set lists, and shows a double encore. I was there. They haven't been changing their set lists sooooooo Just wanted to make sure I didn't miss something in MY moment IMO setlist fm is just short of worthless. Seems like the only shows I want the set lists from they never have
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