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  1. Yeah, "Yer So Bad" was a great one! Also, "Wildflowers" and "Learning To Fly" really demonstrated the Webb Sisters' vocal contributions. Good times!
  2. Good mornin', In answer to your question, no I wasn't at the final show but was very fortunate to be at the second to last show on the 22nd. My favorite number from that magical evening was "Into The Great Wide Open". It's one of my very favorite songs of Tom's and a very special treat to hear at the Hollywood Bowl, as you can imagine. But, on to the reason why I'm commenting anyway. I wanted to correct the name of the fantastic "Hattie" Sisters. They are actually named the WEBB Sisters - Charley and Hattie Webb, and they traveled all the way from their home in England to join the boys on this memorable tour. Their two beautiful voices somehow meld into one exquisite instrument that, to me, was as integral to the overall musical presentation as any other instrument or performer on stage during this tour. In fact, it appeared to me that at this September 22 Hollywood concert, the audio level of the Webb Sister's had been increased since when I first saw/heard the show three weeks earlier in Sacramento, so evidently someone else must've agreed, too! My hope is that a live album (hopefully a double!) is in the works as we speak and the world will get to hear what these wonderful songs sounded like with the inclusion of the incredible Webb Sisters!
  3. Yep, it's an awesome live recording and I've been enjoying it since last July. Thanks again for your generosity, Marion!
  4. Yeah, I know. Prices on everything have gone up since the 1970s...
  5. Hi again everybody! I thought you might be interested in the Mudcrutch t-shirts that were recently added to the Mudcrutchmusic.com website. I had been waiting for these since I neglected to buy one (or two) at the concerts. I just bought the black one. Enjoy!
  6. And I second that emotion!!
  7. Awesomeness!!! Thank you for posting it here!
  8. Thank you kindly, Mary Jane. Glad you like them!
  9. Thanks for the tip. I'm new to Dime, though the site was mentioned here once before. I just went there to open an account but they aren't currently signing up new members. I'l try again in a few days because I definitely would like to hear that show. Of the three Bay area shows I went to, plus from videos I've seen, the 6/20 performance of "I Forgive It All" enjoyed the quietest audience. What a beautiful song it is and if Mudcrutch decide to release a live album or DVD of this tour I would think that 6/20 version would be the one to use.
  10. Yeah, it's hard to beat the magic and intimacy of a Fillmore show - I'm glad you got to see Mudcrutch there! The Fox Oakland show was awesome, too, but it's just not the same sitting in the upstairs loge section after enjoying two nights standing a mere 25 feet from the Fillmore stage. Also, the Fox marquee photos you mentioned are already up, posted under their own topic titled "Some Fox Theatre Oakland 2016 Marquee Photos". Enjoy.
  11. Thanks for the kind words, all. Here's a couple more shots!
  12. Here are a few exterior photos of the Fox Theatre Oakland, California I took last night, June 22, 2016. I didn't take my camera inside though, I prefer to just relax and enjoy the magic... Hope you enjoy.
  13. Thank you Babydoll - you're a...real doll! I definitely didn't remember them playing "High School Confidential" and your confirmation of that fact eases my mind. Did you go last night to the Fox Oakland, Babydoll? I was there, it was another awesome Mudcrutch show, and really cool hearing & seeing them in such a beautiful and historic theatre. Tom Leadon even commented on "your beautiful auditorium" at one point. And, they ABSOLUTELY did NOT play "High School Confidential"! (ha ha)... P.S. I'll upload some pix of the Fox marquee later on.
  14. Hi chemdawg. I filled in the missing songs on setlist.fm for Monday June 20 but didn't remember a 21st song after "Crystal River" so I left it as is. Do you remember a 21st song? I sure don't and I wasn't even imbibing! *P.S. I also just noticed that setlist.fm has "High School Confidential" listed as the final 21st song on Sunday June 19. I do not remember that! If it's true, I guess maybe I should start imbibing again - what's to lose? Certainly not my memory...
  15. If you're looking to see Mudcrutch tonight at the Fox Oakland, Ticketmaster currently has some front row loge tix available. Go for it! (if you want to...)
  16. I'm usually so in the moment that I don't remember set lists but, between what's on setlist.fm and my memory, this is what I have: Shady Grove Orphan of the Storm Six Days on the Road Scare Easy Trailer This Is a Good Street Lover of the Bayou Beautiful World Dreams of Flying Save Your Water Hungry No More I Forgive It All Knocking On Heaven's Door The Other Side of the Mountain Hope Welcome to Hell Victim of Circumstance The Wrong Thing to Do Bootleg Flyer Encore: Crystal River
  17. barry

    Fillmore meet up

    I don't worry too much about a fire at the Fillmore (excluding the performances, because Mudcrutch WAS on fire!). They're are two additional exits on the west side of the building with stair cases leading down, plus an elevator/lift that they use to load-in/out the equipment that people could use. And, yes, it was an INCREDIBLE show on Sunday. And, if you can believe it, Monday's show was even more stellar! 'Crystal River' was for sure awesome both nights as the closer, but I feel that 'The Other Side of the Mountain' has taken over as the favorite jam-out song, for band and audience. When Tom Leadon introduces his song, he's so happy and proud to describe it as "the first psychedelic bluegrass song"! And, with Herb Pedersen propelling the whole thing with his incredible banjo playing it's hard to disagree! And man, it SMOKED last night! Afterward, when the wild applause, whistles and howls died down, Petty laughingly said "Well, if you can't jam at the Fillmore, where can you jam?"
  18. Heads up everyone! I just bought a FANTASTIC Mudcrutch Oakland Loge ticket online at Ticketmaster. They just released a handful - if you're still looking, best get on it now! Good luck and see ya there!
  19. barry

    Fillmore meet up

    It was a great show indeed, Mike, glad you could make it! I thought Petty looked fine and was in top voice and spirit - almost giddy at times! Tom was cracking jokes, telling funny stories, making goofy faces and generally having a ball! And, as a seasoned Fillmore patron, I can explain that the logjam on the way out is normal and is a by-product of the much-loved tradition of handing out a concert poster to each person as they exit. Well worth the wait if you ask me! If possible, I recommend you buy a cardboard tube (any post office should have one for maybe $3.00) to safeguard your poster inside of your luggage. How cool to have an original Fillmore poster hanging at your home in the UK - especially from a Mudcrutch concert! Enjoy!
  20. barry

    Fillmore meet up

    Ticketmaster.com has had tickets for sale all day. I just checked again, as of 2:40 p.m. they still are available. Come on down!
  21. Yeah, I thought I saw Mike tossing out some picks in one of the great videos that dollardime has been so kindly uploading. Now when you say mingling, do you mean outside the venue before or after the shows? I sure would like to get something signed by everyone but what a challenge that would be.
  22. Speaking of bears, check out these guitar picks! I don't know if these picks are legit but, if they are, hopefully the boys will be tossing a few out! I definitely would like one for my ever-growing Mudcrutch collection!
  23. What do ya' think - maybe the bear cubs' great, great, great grandparents? This old photo is of the entrance to the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, circa 1875. Appropriate location (S.F.) seeing as Mudcrutch will be in town in little more than 24 hours for their first of two concerts! See you bear - I mean there!
  24. Great review. The writer knows what he's talking about. Thank you for posting.
  25. What an awesome Memorial Day video! It's really wonderful that you took the time to honor our great, brave fallen heroes. Without them, there would be no America. Without America, there would be no rock 'n' roll... I'm just now catching up on all of these excellent videos, so I apologize for not commenting sooner. Thank you!
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