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  1. brock

    ATL show

    I am meeting Cathee (and Bart) here at 530 Thurs, and all are welcome to join: http://www.parkbaratlanta.com/#!about/c24dg I also have a lower balcony center single row C for sale, $107 (cost). PM me if interested.
  2. I got this same email Thurs and successfully redeemed (though there was no code to enter). I should receive the physical CD via mail soon. PS, for the rest of you, never trust humans at customer service to know much of anything!
  3. Hello, the Tabernacle general admission area definitely does not have chairs. It's one big floor area. I have been known to lean on the bar in the back for a little support. Thankfully I scored a seat in the lower balcony on Live Nation a couple weeks ago. See some of you there!
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