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  1. Thanks everyone! I had a great day and a fabulous weekend!
  2. I confess that I'm just losing interest.
  3. Why did I have to eat that burger? Bleh...
  4. I rarely actually talk on my phone, but I hate to talk on the phone. I am an app addict with the iPhone, though. I use them daily and always looking for new interesting ones.
  5. 1. Describe your education: Bachelors in Psychology, Masters in Special Education, Education Specialist Credential, about 30 odd grad units on top of all that. 2. What's the last class you attended? CPR refresher 3. Which do you think is more critical: classroom learning or real life experience? You need both 4. If given the chance, what subject would you like to learn more about? Music Therapy 5. Given the choice, would you sit in the front of a classroom or in the back? Middle
  6. gestures-Yes. Pictures-less likely.
  7. cough drops and any warm beverage
  8. Dakotas New York or Los Angeles?
  9. I hate that I pay for cable, but can't find anything I want to watch.
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