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  1. If you click on "read more" on any of the vinyl pages, you'll find this further down in the description: "Each order will include four digital downloads prior to the release date as well as the full versions of Wildflowers, All the Rest, Live Wildflowers, and Home Recordings on October 16th." It then tells you the dates you'll get different downloads: Time of Order: Wildflowers "Home Recording" & “There Goes Angela” Friday, September 11th: “Leave Virginia Alone” Friday, October 2nd: “Confusion Wheel” Friday, October 16th: “Wildflowers - Full Remastered Album”, “All The Rest - Full Album”, “Live Wildflowers”, "Home Recordings"
  2. Sorry to bump an old thread, but I also would very much love to have a copy of this if anyone can point me towards one. I have sampled of the bootleg concert recordings pointed out above, but sound quality on those is muddy at best. I'd been holding out hope for a Record Store Day release or something like that since I'd gladly pay for this, but it's safe to say now that won't be happening.
  3. Agree with most of this (I actually think I prefer this version of "Sins of my Youth," but it's certainly a different song). For me, though, the standout is surely the alternate take of "Don't Fade on Me." It has a slightly different feel, tonally, and the mix is wonderful. And I have no idea why he cut the second stanza out of verse two in the final album version. Those extra lyrics are great!
  4. Yep, it says 1. Deliver Me 2. Wild Thing, maybe?
  5. Not joking at all here: Highway Companion is my favorite Tom Petty album. I make a lot of long road trips, and that album's title sums it up perfectly. "Down South" is in my top 5 for their whole catalog, and "Square One" is close. "Saving Grace" is an absolute blast to play on every instrument, too. And put me in the "Jack" is cool camp, because I love it. I can see why "The Woods" was never completed at the time, as, lyrically speaking, it definitely kind of just meanders for a while. But I love the feel of it, and the chorus is catchy as all get out.
  6. I'm with Tom on this one, the new Trailer is a massive improvement over the original. On the whole, this interview was pretty great. They all seem happy to be doing this Mudcrutch thing and not having too much pressure on them.
  7. So, so much better than the original, in my opinion. Beyond just the production, the sparser arrangement really suits it, as does the new tempo. Great tune.
  8. It is that Trailer! Fantastic! It sounds so great!
  9. I'll be honest, I'm actually hoping that "Trailer" is indeed a reworked version of the one that didn't make the cut back in the day. It's a good song that's got a lot of potential to be a great one with some tinkering.
  10. Mudcrutch will be releasing a new 7" for Record Store Day featuring two new songs, "Trailer" and "Beautiful World." The Mudcrutch facebook page just updated and posted this image. Mudcrutch 2 will follow later this year.
  11. Very, very excited about the news of 40th anniversary re-releases with new content. Finally going to see "All the Rest," I'm sure, but would love some extra stuff from the Southern Accents era.
  12. I got lucky and had the chance for a 3-month free Palladia preview on DirecTV... and then got unlucky and was out of town when this aired. Hoping for a Blu-Ray, though I'm sure it's rather unlikely.
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