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  1. Thanks High Grass Dog. That's what I thought, but since I don't get a chance to listen all the time, I wanted to make sure I hadn't missed anything.
  2. Has anyone heard any new songs on Sirius lately? I'm hoping the tour doesn't stop the new music TP promised to give us every month or two.
  3. I remember TP stating on his Sirius radio show that he would be releasing a new song every month or two. Does anyone know which songs have been played so far? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the post Earl Thomas. While I agree with everything you stated, unfortunately I'm pretty sure I remember TP stating that all the work for ATR was done and it just had to be released. He even mentioned the amount of songs and that it would be a double album. My guess would be that there is a contractual with the record company, but have no basis for that theory. I'm dying for that release and I'm sure it will happen eventually, but I'm so impatient.
  5. I apologize if this was already mentioned, but I remember TP saying that there were a bunch of songs he never released that were recorded for Hypnotic Eye. He stated that they were too similar to Mojo, so he scrapped them, and came up with all new songs for Hypnotic Eye. I'm hoping some of these might be part of an anniversary album.
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