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  1. Also ALL his studio Albums were remastered & re-released on Vinyl after the fire !
  2. Tom’s estate suing Universal over lost recordings from fire. what do people think he lost here ? already had a massive amount of archive stuff remastered, released & presumably digitised over the years (Playback, Live Anthology which must have been drawn from huge amount of sources, bonus/unheard tracks on recent releases, DTT re-release) Presumably Wildflowers All The Rest OK, as indicators are he was working on that after 2008
  3. Great video & great stripped back version of the song. Makes me think what they could do with other songs. For instance Highway Companion would be like a completely new album without the Jeff Lynne production
  4. No massively keen on more live recordings, there are already out there. The last 10 years or so, most of the songs the same. Wondering how much stuff there is in the vault, as they did seem to record albums quite quickly towards the end once they got together. But there is probably already 1/2 an album of new stuff that has been streamed on His radio show. Wildflowers - All the Rest, I'm wondering if it is just a myth ! New box set - Looking forward to it, Playback was fantastic, 2 full discs of unreleased stuff there & didn't break the bank.
  5. Careful What you (or I) wish for ! So the stuff is starting to come out ! $50 dollars for YGGI & at T Shirt & some beer mats Either
  6. Wow, that's not a very good impression of "not trying to sound snarky or rude".... & No, you didn't read the posts, wasn't asking for locks of hair or the like. Currently we have items that have already been released, but are in short supply such as the Mojo Blu Ray, changing hands for fortunes on Ebay etc, by people presumably cashing in on a dead artist, but a re-release of that or the All The Rest album which we have been led to believe is ready to go, are well overdue, even before Tom's sad parting. So if anything was ever released again, as I say even including the stuff that is already ready, then that is a sad cash in ?
  7. To those who think it is a scandal that something should be released to cash in on Tom's death. Cue heavy response....... Bear in mind Tom Petty (or those who ran things for him) were not adverse to the odd rip off. Highway Companions Club charged $50 for dubious benefits, such as the early ticket access and the odd bonus track, and the other method to hear exclusive tracks was often the subscription radio network.....
  8. I know he holds a special place in everyone’s heart here, but feel if they leave it too long, the wider public will just think “They have released something from that bloke who died a while back, he had a few hits in the 90s, didn’t he ?” Do they even know what album “Room at the Top” was on ? I don’t necessarily see these re-releases as just cashing in, but also saving a musical legacy.
  9. So I understand the period of mourning & not wishing to cash in on Tom’s passing, but when are we going to get some stuff ? the blu rays of Mojo & DTT are changing hands on eBay for fortunes, could do with a re release & we all assume All The Rest is just waiting for someone to press return on a keyboard somewhere. David Bowie himself seemed to initiate his postimous releases with a furious burst of activity just before his demise. I certainly wouldn’t feel ripped off if some nicely packaged posthumous or retrospective stuff came out.
  10. Highway Companions Club, Sirius Radio "How much you'll pay for what you used to get for free"
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