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  1. AmyLou

    Increased Security at Tom Petty Concerts?

    Yes, it sure can't hurt, especially when they are playing at iconic places like Wrigley Field.
  2. AmyLou

    U.S. Tour 2017 [Official Dates Announced]

    Wait, all the shows are not on the presale list? Champagn is not. Would make no sense to have paid for HCC but not be able to use it.
  3. AmyLou

    U.S. Tour 2017 [Official Dates Announced]

    Finally Nel, I think your waiting has been the hardest part! I already warned my son that I would be sleeping in his apartment that night LOL. I'm really hoping we will be among the three Legacy members at the pre-sale for this.
  4. I'm thinking Lolla, lineup will be announced before March 22 onsale. Chicago loves TPaTH, you know Mudcrutch would be a huge draw.
  5. AmyLou

    Make Your Own Guitar Picks

    Jax has had a version of this for a few years - it's literally the best present ever! Hotel cards, old credit cards, anything works.
  6. AmyLou

    Chicago Meet-up August 23rd

    Definitely going to the show (with Jean) but not sure on my timing as I'll have just dropped Jax off in San Antonio the night before. Stuff to figure out later
  7. AmyLou


    Chicago was rough, that's for sure. Nothing at all avail. at the start, like literally no tix avail., VIP or normal presale. Consider myself VERY lucky to get a pair of non-VIP fourth row. esp. since our beloved Ticketbastard then locked me out. I'm getting too old for this!
  8. AmyLou


    Guess I'm just hard to please, but I have issues with it being 7:40p the night prior to the Chicago presales and there is no info about pricing for the VIP package. Sure we can guess the price but still, ya know? Wondering out loud if it would be a mistake to think the Chicago presales would be as successful as the Canadian ones, lots of non-VIp (first three row) tickets there. hmmmmmmmmm.
  9. AmyLou


    ^ how pricey we may never know nothing on TM about it.
  10. AmyLou

    Poll of the day 5/21/14

    Yes, both sons graduating, ending all my volunteer things at school, weather finally shaped up, trip to Japan in a month. Busy but all good!
  11. AmyLou

    Question of the day 5/19/14

    Neil Young and Crazy Horse
  12. AmyLou

    Fenway Park Teaser on FB

    for those who follow this kind of thing https://www.facebook.com/tompetty/photos/a.191936770904.124578.19703580904/10152125218380905/?type=1
  13. AmyLou

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mudcrutch!!

    For you Ryan - I'd come back! Happy Birthday!!!
  14. AmyLou

    Where's Nurk?

    Thinking of you today Nurk - hoping things continue to improve and you are back to your old self soon!
  15. AmyLou

    2013 Tour Dates!

    Have I missed this or has there been any discussion of opening bands? Summerfest is my least favorite venue, but if there's a solid opener...