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  1. Hi, i saw 2 pics here at the forum,where Mike is playing a 59' sunburst Gibson Les Paul.is this a original 59'? i always asked me, if i look at Mikes awesome Vintage Guitar collection if he own also a original 59' Les Paul. Anybody knows maybe some links to some pics of his gear? Thanks for help All the best Alex
  2. hindsibabe

    Any Dirty Knobs Live recordings out there?

    Your Location is Central Coast of California.i dont think so.because i am from germany.but maybe we know each other,i dont know...???!!!
  3. Hi, i want ask if there are any The Dirty Knobs ( unofficial ) live recordings available...?however... Iam from germany,much to far to see them live:085:... please if anybody has something and is willing to share pm me. Thanks for any help,and thanks for all the great posts and photos here!!! all the best alex