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  1. Hey burner, what´s up sweetie? huuuguf0.gif

  2. Well, I guess everybody will have to find something else to bitch about now that they don't have her to kick around anymore...
  3. I hate that I got robbed of $16. I REALLY hate that the only place it could have happened was yesterday afternoon at church.
  4. Will you two just stop fooling around and say it: He's my ...... BOYFRIEND!!!!!
  5. You've been my friend since when!? My God, I hadn't noticed! Happy to see ya! :)

  6. ^Take two of these and call me in the morning...:icon_wink:
  7. Okay, this is getting ridiculous. A little teasing is fine, but some of these people are starting to get downright hateful. LEAVE THE POOR WOMAN ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!! {OK, rant over.}
  8. Happy Friday, all! My pulse is racing ... {quick disengage, quick parry} My heart is pounding ... {LUNGE!} IT'S DIVA TIME!!!!
  9. Hi, Teresa! I'm Sheila. (and my middle name is Rose)
  10. God, they sound like an old married couple. Fee fi fo fum, I smell a showmance, LMAO
  11. Glad to have you as a friend. =D

  12. You Tell Me "And I'll bust a move and remember how it was back then..."
  13. WS, I love those classic pics! Very cool. LMAO, Beamish! Mary Jane, it's Ben-a-palooza! :003: Are those from his work with the Watkins family and the folks at Largo?
  14. ^Wasn't that the moment where Ben was jumping up and down with this silly grin on his face like a kid on a sugar rush, lol?
  15. Probably. It's kind of a pain thinking, "I'd kinda like to see this film, but do I really want to pay $7.50 to go see it?"
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