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  1. Hey burner, what´s up sweetie? huuuguf0.gif

  2. Barnburner

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Well, I guess everybody will have to find something else to bitch about now that they don't have her to kick around anymore...
  3. Barnburner

    I Hate... Version II

    I hate that I got robbed of $16. I REALLY hate that the only place it could have happened was yesterday afternoon at church.
  4. Barnburner

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Will you two just stop fooling around and say it: He's my ...... BOYFRIEND!!!!!
  5. You've been my friend since when!? My God, I hadn't noticed! Happy to see ya! :)

  6. Barnburner

    Random Thoughts Thread

    ^Take two of these and call me in the morning...:icon_wink:
  7. Barnburner

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Okay, this is getting ridiculous. A little teasing is fine, but some of these people are starting to get downright hateful. LEAVE THE POOR WOMAN ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!! {OK, rant over.}
  8. Barnburner

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Happy Friday, all! My pulse is racing ... {quick disengage, quick parry} My heart is pounding ... {LUNGE!} IT'S DIVA TIME!!!!
  9. Barnburner

    Real Name?

    Hi, Teresa! I'm Sheila. (and my middle name is Rose)
  10. Barnburner

    Random Thoughts Thread

    God, they sound like an old married couple. Fee fi fo fum, I smell a showmance, LMAO
  11. Glad to have you as a friend. =D

  12. Barnburner

    Identify song...

    You Tell Me "And I'll bust a move and remember how it was back then..."
  13. Barnburner

    Photo of the Day - Part II

    WS, I love those classic pics! Very cool. LMAO, Beamish! Mary Jane, it's Ben-a-palooza! :003: Are those from his work with the Watkins family and the folks at Largo?
  14. Barnburner

    Random Thoughts Thread

    ^Wasn't that the moment where Ben was jumping up and down with this silly grin on his face like a kid on a sugar rush, lol?
  15. Barnburner

    Question of the Day - 09/19/08

    Probably. It's kind of a pain thinking, "I'd kinda like to see this film, but do I really want to pay $7.50 to go see it?"