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  1. Stevie Nicks gave an interview to Rolling Stone http://www.rollingstone.com/music/features/stevie-nicks-looks-back-on-her-friendship-with-tom-petty-w508749
  2. Has Stevie Nicks made a statement yet?
  3. This could be their last "big" tour. Tom and the guys should enjoy every moment. They can play what they want. I can always hear "The Waiting" on my i phone if they don't play it at my concert.
  4. The Webb Sisters, although talented, just do not seem like a good fit as backing singers for this band. Their harmonies do not work with these rock songs. I want richer, muskier vocals. The only female I could ever see up there fitting is has been Stevie Nicks.
  5. This was the first TPATH show that I have not attended in about 20 years. The ticket prices are just way, way too expensive. The golden circle prices- whether it is for executives or the well to do is out of my reach. Clearly, I wasn't the only one who stayed away. Toronto's Air Canada Centre has been packed to capacity the last couple of times I saw TPATH. Last night, the Toronto Sun claims the crowd was a half-empty 10,000. I know it is unrealistic, but I wish that if a concert wasn't selling very well, they would release lower priced tickets closer to the day of the event. That is how cruises and hotels make profits. Last minute deals. It is also depressing to see a great band play a half empty concert venue.
  6. Jian Ghomeshi, who is doing the interview for "Q", is one of my fave interviews. One of his most famous interviews was with a very grumpy Billy Bob Thornton, years ago....and Tom Petty's name came up in that interview. It was a good "blow up" and Jian handled himself well while Billy Bob acted like a jerk. Google Billy Bob Thornton interview Jian Ghomeshi.
  7. Finally - Toronto! Steve Winwood again is fantastic news.
  8. Thanks for the update! The Farm is looking good and I'm pretty sure it even smells better! I hope they tour in Toronto and if so, I hope they have Ariana Gillis open the tour for them! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQa2CR2j-Ds&sns=fb
  9. Sorry to whine - but the first thing anyone sees when they arrive to this website is dates for the 2013 tour - featured front and center. I know if you go into "The Waiting" section, you can search for rumours of possible 2014 tour dates - I know they are unconfirmed - but could someone please put a nice big picture of TPATH on the front and make the 2013 dates really small somewhere else. One can get a mini heart attack seeing cities/dates listed on the main page before realizing it was for last year. Pretty please.
  10. Mike Shipley was a genius in the studio. He is most well know for working on the giant sound Mutt Lange produced for Def Leppard, but more recently worked with Alison Krauss and Union Station. He will be missed. :heart: Article here http://www.spin.com/articles/mike-shipley-producer-dead-died-def-leppard-rip/
  11. I totally agree. Both are amazing. Both are legends, but The Heartbreakers, like us, are also fans of The Stones - so that makes the Stones a bit more legendary. It's like the rock fan's version of "Sophie's Choice" here. It wasn't an easy decision.
  12. I love this band, but I also love not getting evicted for not paying my rent. Tickets are way too expensive. Also - they're not coming to Toronto. BUT - The Rolling Stones are playing TWO NIGHTS in Toronto. Budget blown. As Keef was recently quoted "Toronto's MY Town!". The Stones tickets are about $500 each, but they are literally the ONLY band in the world that I will cough up that much cash for. Bring back the Beatles, and I'll pay $1,000 per ticket.
  13. I LOVE the idea of a "more intimate" tour - the band playing smaller, more intimate venues - but Toronto is a rather long way from London, Ontario. It's a long drive - and I would do it if the gig was on a Friday or Saturday - but HELLO - a Tuesday night? I would have to take a day or two off work (lose money) and rent a car (lose more money). Re more intimate venues - I was really hoping they would play the incredible Massey Hall - such a historic theatre - where Neil Young has played so many times. Anyway - happy for the rest of you that will see the band out on tour.
  14. Thanks for SHARING Lotta! I don't usually mean that so literally - but hey - some strange postings around here lately.
  15. My glass is always half full when it comes to opening acts: If I'm a fan of the opening act, it's a bonus show. If I'm not a fan, I have more time to get ready for The Heartbreakers' show and another drink. In this case, it's the latter. Cheers!
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