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  1. It was a great show. I didnt get any pics. A first timer gave me his camera and asked me to to take some for him. It was great to see some people I haven seem in a while, and I love that venue.The mojo in that room elates me. I woudl be up for a couple more before the tour.
  2. It is shocking and a little too close to reality for many. Quite recently, about 7 miles from my school, on the 101, a horrific crash involving a Semi and a BMW occurred. The Semi went over the bridge and burst into flames, killing the driver.Simultaneously the BMW was wedged over the railing, with a mother and 2 children trapped inside. I am sure some of you saw it on the news. The family in the BMW was trapped for over an hour directly over the firely semi below. Amazingly, a navy vehicle was near carryring a large crane which they used to stabilize the BMW. The highway was closed for many hours and the bridge has not been repaired yet. Hollywod could not have come up with a more graphic scene. Perspective.......is all the more I can say. Hug your loved ones and forgive yourself and anyone who have offended you.
  3. ME too Lotta...I hope Jason knows how much we love his music and with enough notice will frive the two hours or so to hear him and his great band ...
  4. www.cynthiacarbone.com posted a wonderful review of the concert on this website. You just have to scroll down a bit to find it, or read the article above it...IT is a great site.
  5. Yes it was Lotta....I am a big Fan Of Chris and he did not know he was going to play, and I thought he tore it up!! You still working on Pics Lotta?
  6. Lotta ...The Seconcd Guitarist is Chris Pelonis. He plays with Jef Bridges andother groups. Quite the musician, and another woderful fellow. His kids go to my school and are quite talented too!
  7. Just want to add. Next time he tours drop everything and go. He brought such great Mojo to the school. While he was tuning his guitars, he told us humorous stories about travel, love and kindergarten chairs. His green room was the kindergarten class room, and he bragged about the student art work writing skills he saw around the room. Needless to say Mrs. T was in heaven. The Foundation was so pleased that they are considering more concerts of Jackson's caliber....you know what I am thinking....:049::1luvu:
  8. The Vista Crew even received this groovy Water Bottle...Wow!!! I know I should use it, but.....
  9. It was a beautiful concert. Jackson has a great sense of humor and announced early on that he had no set list and was playing what ever came to his mond or whatever we requested...so he started playing requests and it was delightful. I was a busy seating latecomers, and showing people to the restrooms, but half way throught I take a break and just listen. He called Chris Pelonis,(a well repected local, who many of you will recognize as playing in Jeff Bridges band) on stage for a number. I am back at school this morning, tired but so grateful to Jackson. I didnt get pics, but I think Lotta got some, and Sharon, Lotta and Shianne got to meet him. He was so kind to us. Pure magic!
  10. The crew just show up and are off loading the gear. Starting to get excited!!!!
  11. Just got home from the final planning for the Jackson Browne concert at Vista School. We planned the menu for the the after concert meet and greet..all local organic...lots of savory and some sweet with light earthy beverages. The people on the music room crew are amazing and make for a fun meeting (it is rare to enjoy a meeting) It turns out this is the last concert on his year long tour, and is his homecoming concert. The people who know him know, will make him feel at home. We are cooking the food I mentioned and displaying local artists (exquisite), all over the venue. To Lotta and Sharon, I am now more assured of perfect evening for you. I was never worried, but meeting with these joyful and forward-thinking women today, I am more excited about the show. All I have to say is, the only thing they are remotely concerned on is the weather. And there is plenty of shelter planned. Tonight while we were talking outside it was 60 and beautiful. By the way, I am excited to show off our beautiful school and its wonderful setting..."I Got Lucky" and so will you, Sharon and Lotta. Suz
  12. Today I put two gigs on my fridge..APe 11-5 The Mint Pico Avenue LA....Jackson Browne 11-17 Vista School, Gaviota. I hope to add other dates to this list soon.:003::003::003::003::003::cool::cool::055::055:
  13. Mischief...you...me....Whatever are you talking about?:heart:
  14. Dont get me wrong, the audience was great. But I was better..:sun_smiley: And, lest I forget.. seeing Steve and Dawn agian after much too long was amazing. I love to have friends that no matter how much time passes you get together and continue the last conversation. I am glad to have friends who really get me. It was great to spend time with Lotta. What a kind, sweet person, and a dog lover. I can't wait to hook her ane Sharon up (in any way that I can) at the Jackson Browne show in November. But lets hope for more Knobs shows before then.
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