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  1. Oh my, cooking with heartbreakers - this could get tasty. My first thought was "straight into darkness cake" - a deep, dark chocolate cake like this or this. Accompanied by coffee, a bottle of coke, and cigarettes. I kinda wanna try to create a Dirty Knobs Dark Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Bar Cookie with whiskey and chopped walnuts...sigh. There wouldn't be a lot of these bar cookies to go around, but those who get a taste will want more and more. You might even need to fly to California for a bite of these! 😉 And then I googled and found: A heartbreak cake? A melting heart bundt cake? I'd also suggest you do not search for "Tom Petty Cake" on Pinterest, either. 😁
  2. I definitely like Mike's instagram account - #mywifethevideographer - lol. If you don't have the instagram app, you can also see it here: https://www.instagram.com/mikecampbellofficial
  3. Where is the string of jeans posts? I went searching to see if I could find 'em and didn't find much. This was back in 2009 or so...when I rekindled my love of TPATH and started hanging out at the farm. Was it a string of posts? Just a comment in a post, and then there were other comments? Or was it just me? 'Coz I do like a nice pair of jeans. Here are two threads that showed up in my search for jeans: 1) Deep in this thread about super fan Margo are some comments about nice fitting jeans. Lots of the links are no longer working. 2) And this from Photo of the Day II -- and that amazing picture from Europe of the band. And, in particular, Mike's *very* nicely fitting jeans. SLQueen posted the pic originally; it's from Sweden in 1977 -- )
  4. We had a string of posts some time ago regarding the front of jeans, so there definitely should be a string of posts regarding the (ahem) rear of jeans. 😁 Sigh, loving this thread.
  5. No clue about the signatures, but the marathon was real. 3rd place overall was Christopher Cheboibich.
  6. I definitely got them from the farm...8-9 years ago, I think. There were four pictures, plus the one you posted.
  7. Pretty sure other pix from this photoshoot are hiding somewhere deep in Farm history... but I couldn't find them...I distinctly remember the outtakes because I loved this photo
  8. I had heard of the Finn brothers and Crowded House back in the day, but watching 7 World Collide made me a fan! Fabulous DVD.
  9. These are a little tricky to post, so here are the steps. I'm using giphy.com: 1) I'm going to giphy.com. 2) Find a gif and click on it. 3) You should see "copy link" on the right. Click it. 4) There are options. Copy the "GIF Link" one. 5) Come on back to this thread and reply. 6) Type some words - but also click "Insert Other Media" 7) Insert Image from URL 8) Insert Into Post If the link area turns red, it's not working. Try another link. It definitely didn't work with all Gifs. Also, dance a little:
  10. "If it's not threatening, it's not rock and roll."
  11. Wow! Those are something - never seen them before, either.
  12. One of my hobbies is genealogy. It's interesting to see what's showing up on various genealogy websites. Here are two I've seen so far. Find A Grave (with family links) We Relate (TP was one of the October challenges - the other was Glen Campbell.)
  13. Wow! I don't think I saw this back in the day.
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