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  1. I confess, my almost two week cough is starting to frighten me. Suspecting that i might have something more serious:085:
  2. I always know where to go for the best DK reviews. Glad to hear all had a blast, and I'm looking forward to any photos that might be shared...I really need to get my act together and fly down to California for a show someday, I've been dreaming about doing that years now:003:
  3. I've been shouted at. I've worked retail in some form for over a decade now. The worst was at BP in Nordstroms, the general behavior was beyond vulgar and ridiculous. For both the costumer and the employees.
  4. "my man stays out late at night, when he comes home he holds me tight, he runs around with this gal and that, but when he wants lovin' he knows where i'm at" Julia Lee and her boyfriends. early 50's blues gal. Reminds me of a less angry Bessie Smith.
  5. Chester is beautiful! Very noble looking dog. What their household must be like with all those pets i can't even imagine. With my two dogs/ four cats i'm constantly late for everything, just getting them taken care of/fed/loved each day is very time demanding, but i cherish coming home to a house full of happy animals.
  6. going snow shoeing today in Cle Elum, hope i don't freeze. Need to find my Ipod, i'll go crazy with no music for an entire weekend!
  7. what a question! Over the years My attention turned from Tom to Mike. I appreciate them all, but i really love to listen to Mike's playing.
  8. ahhh, Aussie love! I have two of them, they keep me busy!
  9. I was wondering when they'd do a show this year. I know where to go for reviews!
  10. I'm Agnostic/secular Humanist. I enjoy learning about all religions, i just feel more content not claiming allegiance to any one in particular.
  11. 1. Where you live, will you be having a white Christmas? Probably not 2. Best present you could receive this season? Quiet, stress free time. 3. Egg nog Spiked 4. Tell the truth, do you like fruitcake? no 5. Name your 3 favorite holiday songs? Charlie Brown Christmas tune Sugar Plum Fairy by Tommy Dorsey Snowfall by Glenn Miller
  12. sweet and lowdown- George Gershwin
  13. wishing i could shake this foul mood off of me. Wishing that i could control my sleep schedule, i'm scared my insomnia is returning. Wishing that the media would focus more on what is in the documents that wikileaks has revealed. Also wish that S.510 will not pass!
  14. both. It really depends on how hectic my schedule might be.
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