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  1. Happy birthday to you! Make a wish and eat some cake!
  2. That is just the coolest! Happy you got to go. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Oh, that is so nice. Look at that young hottie. SWOON! Where in the world do you get these?
  4. Yes, I enjoy it. Love cooking a nice dinner for friends to enjoy, particularly out on the deck in the summer time.
  5. Drama craving, negative, woe is me people.
  6. Hi, Petty People! I haven't been around in awhile but thank you so much for these nice birthday wishes. I had a fab day spent with my husband, girlfriends and two pups. :003:
  7. ^ That is so cute! I have nothing spectacular but in the last few years we have been having a pizza party every year at my house for my birthday. Fun times with the kiddos. Fun new tradition!
  8. Me love it tooo! Good stuff. My favorite changes every few listens. lol
  9. ^ Happy Birthday from me too! I am watching some racing and then I will do some laundry and get back to my latest download on the Kindle.
  10. ^ your light as a feather, stiff as a board sounds quite freaky! We're trying it the next time we are together. LOL
  11. Stay safe, east coast Farmers. This looks like it could get ugly. Keep in touch as best you can.
  12. These pictures are so good. I miss these dudes!
  13. Thanks for posting this. Will listen this evening.
  14. Thanks for posting this. Looking forward to reading it.
  15. I am excited for the Nascar race in two weeks with Shar and Bruce and I am excited to go to a state that I have never been to at the beginning of November to see a good friend.
  16. Have fun, Rick! I can see what you mean about no interaction with people. I know I'll be finding something to do when I 'retire'. My mom has done the same thing. She works two days a week at my cousin's law office now. That's where my sister and I work too. It's a fun place! Today is party day! 50th wedding anniversary party for my parents. Should be fun especially since my dad will actually be there. lol
  17. Thanks girls! For those who don't know, he had emergency hernia surgery at 2:00 am Friday. He will be released today and go straight to the 50th anniversary party that we are having for my parents. Whew! Disaster averted.
  18. They've definitely changed things. I love mine and that I can carry it around this place and if one of these dogs is doing something cute, I can whip it out and get a still picture or a video. Just one of the many reasons I love it!
  19. ^ Awww! He loved that answer, Patty! I don't drink either one. But we do have a Keurig at work that I bought some dark hot chocolate pods for. I fire one up when it is cold like a meat locker in that office which is often!
  20. ^ Ditto your answer, Marion. But most places will gladly separate nowadays.
  21. He does look good! He's just a cool dude and that is that.
  22. Thanks for the heads up. This will be great!
  23. I love a good puppy meltdown as I call them. Chance goes temporarily insane and runs and jumps around Max barking and carrying on. The funniest thing about it is Max looking at me like, save me from this crazy dog, mom! hehe! Oddly, well maybe not that oddly since Chance is one of a kind in so many ways, lol, that is the only time he barks.
  24. I need to go to work for a few hours and then shopping for my sister's birthday party at work tomorrow. We are having a gourmet sandwich theme. We are good at themes. lol Breakfast, Italian, Mexican, cookout, chili day, etc.
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