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  1. I would much prefer the Heartbreakers with Neil Finn instead of Mike and Neil with FM....
  2. Wow, just read that Mike was a surprise guest at Neil Finn's show at the Largo in LA Thursday night. He and Neil played two FW songs including one from the Peter Green era that included some fiery guitar work from both guys.
  3. Marion, if you want to get familiar with Neil Finn's music, I recommend the 7 Worlds Collide dvd. It is out of production but readily available on eBay. Just a really great show with appearances by Eddie Vedder and Johnny Marr..
  4. Mega tour with a very popular band -- I doubt these opportunities come along very often. And I don't think Mike is doing this for the money. I think there's a possibility Mike and Neil could take FM to a new level while still paying homage to the FM catalog. I don't see Mike and Neil being just hired hands for a FM tour. With these two guys onboard, this band has a LOT of talent to draw from.
  5. Having seen Neil Finn in concert, I think he and Mike working together could be a very good thing. Neil is a great songwriter, competent guitarist, and a good singer. Personally, I would like to see Mike and Neil with the rest of the Heartbreakers instead of FM but this new incarnation of FM may work out really well. I think this is way more than Mike and Neil just filling in on a FM greatest hits tour. I suspect there will be a lot of synergy between Mike and Neil in terms of both performing and song writing.
  6. I'm hoping I can go to the Philly show... health issue might be a problem, though.
  7. I just saw that Amazon is offering a "Dogs On The Run" DVD for preorder, available Aug. 6. [ame=http://www.amazon.com/Petty-Tom-Dogs-Musical-Documentary/dp/B00DCBKRHK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1372514362&sr=8-1&keywords=dogs+on+the+run+petty+dvd]Amazon.com: Petty, Tom - Dogs On The Run: A Musical Documentary: Tom Petty: Movies & TV@@AMEPARAM@@http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51c7MAPI-ZL.@@AMEPARAM@@51c7MAPI-ZL[/ame] (Click on the link below the photo to go to the Amazon page.) Is this something new or a reissue of something that was available in the past on VHS format?
  8. If ya get a chance, someone please ask the guys if there will be a DVD..
  9. Oh, didn't realize that.. Most likely then, I won't be able to catch a DK show while there..
  10. Never thought I'd be saying this but now I hope TPATH don't extend the tour into August. In am planning a trip to LA in August and I am hoping there might be a DK show while I am out there..
  11. This thread has made me realize that attending live concerts for major bands is just not worth even considering. Ticket prices are insulting... Sad times when greed rules.. and money becomes king..
  12. Personally, I think the premium seat prices are ridiculously high. I understand its expensive to put on a show but, hey, if making money is the goal, they should just do a shed tour where they can sell a LOT more tickets. The premium seat pricing looks like scalping to me, except the band gets the $$$... If someone wants to buy those tickets, more power to them. I'm just not gonna do it. If there's a show near me and I can get a reasonably priced non-premium seat ticket, I'll go...
  13. Well, for me, the main reason for not getting a ticket for the Beacon show was the transportation costs, etc. I could have lived with the cost of two non-premium tickets but when you add up getting to NY, staying overnight, meals, etc., it gets expensive for two.. If they add a show near me, where I can just drive to the show, then drive home afterwards, I'll be there... but not with premium tickets...
  14. Too expensive for me... only hope is that they release a DVD for the rest of us...
  15. I've decided to wait for "TPATH Live at the Beacon Theatre" DVD, hoping of course that they release one, unless shows are added that are closer to home...
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