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  1. Did you know that the building in the bubble is The Flatiron Building? It's at 23rd Street and Fifth Avenue. This is where the term "23 Skidoo" came from. It's very windy on that corner and back in the 20's the men used to stand there are watch the skirts move and get a glimpse of the women's ankles. A cop would see this and tell them to "23 Skidoo". Just thought you wanted a little history............
  2. I haven't seen the movie, but I looked in Wikipedia and it says that his character is a DJ. What's the name of his character?
  3. Pankie

    Let It Snow!

    Patty -- your backyard is GORGEOUS!!!
  4. Pankie

    Let It Snow!

    At this very moment, we are having a snow storm in Yonkers, NY. We are also scheduled to have a White Christmas! Let it snow, let it snow!!! It's Awesome!!!!
  5. Happy Belated B-Day! I hope that Charlie T. gave you big kisses! Pankie
  6. ^Pettyjunkie - If I can get an A- in Business Statistics at 46 years old, this essay is a walk in the park -- you can do it! Good luck -- let me know how you did.... Pankie
  7. Beth -- Don't forget to take a peek at Lord and Taylor's windows. I saw them the other day and was totally fasinated.....
  8. Holy shit, she looks as bad as he does.....no wonder they're a couple....
  9. Thanks for all the input! I'm thinking of expanding my Christmas CD collection with the titles that I'm seeing here. BTW, where can I get the Jingle Cats CD? Sounds too cute!
  10. Do you have a favorite or more? Mine is the WCBS Ultimate Christmas CDs and the Ventures' Guitar Christmas...
  11. My last name is Ritchie....and I know several....
  12. I passed Business Statistics with a B+!!!!!
  13. Whip me, bite me, Make me behave!!!! Thank you, Relic!!!
  14. The Night Watchman? == too cool!!!!
  15. Random thought: I'm learning business statistics and it's not ba at all.....
  16. Pankie

    Pet adoption

    PLEASE do not leave any animal in the car....!! This is one of the reasons why it's hard to adopt in the first place!
  17. Pankie

    Pet adoption

    I think it's because the shelters are hesitant to let anyone adopt because of a bad economy. Many shelters are seeing that there are too many people leaving pets behind or when they do adopt, they bring back the pets. If you want to adopt be prepared to have back-up evidence that you are qualified. If you had a pet, get the name of the veteranarian that you used for that pet. This is the best way I think to adopt. Let me know how you made out.
  18. I did some homework for school....
  19. Congrats to the NY Yankees on their 27th World Series Win!
  20. My Monce has always been treated with royalty. Who else is getting up @ 4:40AM to feed him.....????
  21. Last night -- I got a buzz on Coors Light....
  22. I bought a pair of Berkenstocks (I agree - they are the best shoes) and I also bought 2 pair of low heeled shoes (soo comfy) and I could've by passed them, but what the hell, they won't rot...
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