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  1. I received my notification from Amazon that Mojo will be delivered June 18 - 22nd....
  2. ^LOL!! The way it's described sounds almost like taking a shot of Yagamiester.....
  3. Love this: His secret weapon for the sessions was a 1959 Les Paul Standard Sunburst that he recently purchased with his wife's permission
  4. I Googled Tahitian Noni and found this on Wikepedia: Criticisms and legal battles Attorneys General (AZ, CA, NJ, TX) vs. Morinda Holdings, Inc. On August 26, 1998, the Attorneys General of Arizona, California, New Jersey, and Texas announced a multi-state settlement with Morinda, Inc., the charges stating that Morinda had made "unsubstantiated claims in consumer testimonials and other promotional material that its Tahitian Noni juice could treat, cure or prevent numerous diseases, including diabetes, clinical depression, hemorrhoids and arthritis."[5] Such claims rendered the beverage an unapproved new drug under state and federal food and drug laws and should not have been sold until it received approval. Under the terms of the agreement, Morinda agreed to: No longer make drug claims, or claims that the product can cure, treat, or prevent any disease until "Tahitian Noni" is approved and cleared for those uses by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Not use testimonials which imply that the advertised claimed results are the typical or ordinary experience of consumers in actual conditions of use, unless Morinda possesses and relies upon adequate substantiation that the results are typical or ordinary. In addition, Morinda agreed to refund to any consumer who requests a refund in writing, the full purchase price paid for the product. The agreement also called for Morinda to pay $100,000 for investigative costs.
  5. Happy Birthday, Ryan! I hope you have the greatest day ever!!
  6. Thanks again for the birthday wishes, everyone. I had a blast....you guys rock!!
  7. Thanks everyone! I'm on my way out with Geno -- we're going to Red Lobster for LobsterFest! YUM!!
  8. To Senator Coburn: May you and your fellow republicans rot in hell for the damage that you have done to not only this economy, but to the millions of unemployed Americans.
  9. If you go to www.amazon.com, you can pre-order your copy of Mojo! It's presently going for the price of $12.99 and because this is a preorder, the price can go down a few dollars.
  10. Knack lead singer Doug Fieger dies of cancer Paul Egan / The Detroit News Doug Fieger, who pursued his childhood dreams from suburban Detroit to a brief stint at the top of the pop music world with his band The Knack, died Sunday, Feb. 14, 2010, after a lengthy battle with cancer. Fieger, who wrote and sang lead vocals on the 1979 hit "My Sharona," was 57. His death was confirmed by his brother, prominent Southfield attorney Geoffrey Fieger. He attended Eleanor Roosevelt Elementary School in Oak Park and Oak Park High School. When he died, Fieger was living in Woodland Hills, Calif., and being treated at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. He had battled lung cancer for six years. "Doug didn't wait for the world to come to him -- he made his own destiny, even as early as high school," said David Weiss, who went to school with Fieger in Oak Park and was later known professionally as David Was with the Detroit-born rock-funk band Was (Not Was). "He was a trendsetter, even in high school," Weiss said. "I think it was in 1964 that he showed up at school with the first bell bottoms anyone had ever seen and a pair of boots -- I think they were pink." Richard Fishman, now an antiques dealer in California, was in Fieger's first band, the Royal Jammers, when they were both about 11 years old. He remembers Fieger as a Beatles fanatic with an encyclopedic knowledge of rock history who insisted his first guitar be an expensive Gretsch Country Gentleman, because that's what George Harrison played. "He collected all this Beatles paraphernalia in a box under his bed," Fishman said. And when he saw Fieger recently, as he continued his fight with cancer, "he still had everything -- he had an unbelievable guitar collection," Fishman said. Detroit native Jaan Uhelszki, a former editor at Creem magazine in Detroit who is now a music writer based on the West Coast, knew Doug Fieger when he had the band Sky, which predated The Knack. "He had a radiant talent," she said. "He was determined and pugnacious with big dreams, most of which he achieved." And Detroit News columnist Laura Berman, who grew up next door to the Fiegers in Oak Park, said she never doubted Doug Fieger was headed for stardom. "He was one of the most extraordinary people that I ever met," Berman said. "He was the pied piper. He was so charismatic and admired that people would just follow him everywhere." Fieger was always putting on dramatic productions -- staging his own funeral with his brother Geoffrey's help when he was about 10 and Samuel Beckett's theater-of-the-absurd classic "Waiting for Godot" in high school, she said. "I'm more surprised that he wasn't a big star all his life than I am that he became a star," Berman said. "He always felt destined for stardom and intent on making himself a star." "Get the Knack" sold 6 million copies. Fieger's ex-wife, Mia, helped care for him during his illness. In addition to his older brother, Geoffrey, survivors include his younger sister, Beth. In one of the last interviews Fieger gave, he told columnist Neal Rubin of The News in January that he maintained a positive outlook even as he faced death. "Everybody knows they're going sooner or later," he said. "I don't know any better than anyone else when I'm going. "I've had 10 great lives. And I expect to have some more. I don't feel cheated in any way, shape or form." A memorial in Los Angeles for relatives and close friends is pending. From The Detroit News: http://www.detnews.com/article/20100214/METRO/2140317/Knack-lead-singer-Doug-Fieger-dies-of-cancer#ixzz0fcR31T8h RIP - Doug......:icon_cry:
  11. My sister has his book and she says it's really good. I saw the photos and it totally rocks.....
  12. They forgot St. Patrick's Day!
  13. Here's $20,00 for Daisy Mae.....I wish people could be more educated about the welfare of animals....
  14. Somebody hep the Monce.....He donesn't like sticky......
  15. I know what you mean.....cats can be very stubborn! Monsieur insists on scratching my mother's chair even though he has 3 scratching boards.....
  16. (CNN) -- A 6.5-magnitude earthquake has struck off the shore of Northern California, leaving thousands of households without power. The quake, which ran about 13.5 miles deep, hit offshore at 4:27 p.m. (7:27 p.m. ET) Saturday, about 33 miles from the coastal city of Eureka, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. About 28,000 customers, most of them in Humboldt County, were left without power Saturday evening, said Jeff Smith, spokesman for Pacific Gas and Electric Co. One gas leak in the county was also reported. He said utility crews were patrolling the area to restore power. There were no immediate reports of serious injuries or damage, according to local authorities and the U.S. Coast Guard in Humboldt County. St. Joseph's hospital confirmed one person being treated for a broken hip and several others arriving with bumps and bruises from the earthquake. Nearly a dozen aftershocks followed, the strongest at 4.5 magnitude. Calls from concerned citizens were pouring into police and fire departments. Gary Bird, spokesman for the 28,000-population Eureka, said 25 responders were surveying the scene. "We've got isolated water line breaks, power lines down, broken windows, unreinforced buildings that had some bricks fall off into the street," he said, adding that residents have been asked to stay inside. Explainer: Measuring earthquakes Chris Durant, a reporter for the Times-Standard of Eureka, said he was working on the second floor of the newspaper's concrete building when he and his colleagues felt the quake. "We are used to feeling small ones," he said, "but after the first few seconds, we looked at each other and said this is not a small one." He said small chunks of plaster peppered the floor. Still, he said reports from the area indicate minor damage. "[There's] not as much as you might think with a 6.5," he added, describing much of the damage as broken glass on storefronts and tiles on floors and ceilings popping. "People are standing outside and talking with their neighbors, and, kind of like letting their nerves calm down," he said. iReporter Andrew Parent of Eureka was driving home from work when he saw people running out of their homes and power lines down. He rushed home to find a state of disarray -- dishes everywhere, a bookshelf toppled over. "The fridge moved. Everything moved," said parent, 20. "I guess it's not really a big deal, but it was kind of scary." Eureka resident Cole Machado told CNN he was talking on the phone when he felt the ground shake. "I thought my TV was going to fall over." He said the power cut out for a few seconds and there were reports of downed phone lines and broken windows in the the nearby town of Ferndale, which is 27 miles away from the quake's epicenter. Ferndale Fire Chief Tom Grinsell said it was "one of the strongest quakes I remember in quite a while. I assumed it was going to be a lot worse than we're seeing." He said the quake had a "strong shaking to it and was rather lengthy." He said his department has received numerous calls about broken glass, emptied shelves, and stucco and plaster knocked off walls. However, he added that the damage is cosmetic and that no buildings have collapsed. Grinsell said officials have asked residents to stay off the roads because of debris and to conserve water until it's certain there is no damage to the water system. Ferndale resident Jessica Stephens Tucker described the movement from the temblor: "It rolled and rolled and then it slammed." There was no tsunami warning issued. A 6.5-magnitude quake is considered a "strong" temblor, according to CNN meteorologist Jacqui Jeras, who noted that about 120 are recorded worldwide each year. Dave Magni, owner of the Ivanhoe Hotel in Ferndale, said, "We are sitting in a sea of booze" after the quake. He felt an aftershock while talking with CNN. "My employees are out in the parking lot right now," he added. CNN's Nick Valencia, Samira Simone and Greg Morrison contributed to this report.
  17. I'm reading Andy Williams -- Moon River and Me (Biography)
  18. Tht Eddie Murphy skit is priceless! "I'm Gumby, dammit!"" Rest In Peace, Art!!
  19. He's just marking his territory.....
  20. He's just toooo freakin' cute! Congrats!!
  21. Wasn't that great? I felt so bad for that baby elephant that was dead and the other elephants were so sad.... I also love watching Animal Planet and the Animal Rescue series. People who abuse animals should be severely punished for life....
  22. Monsieur is the same way. BTW, I bought the Emery Cat scratcher that was on TV and it wasn't what I expected. I've seen (and bought) better cat scratchers at www.catclaws.com. They have great and creative cat scratchers...
  23. I hope that everything goes well....Merry Christmas!!!
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