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    A Quiz

    A quiz .... 1. Jelly tots or fruit pastels? Neither 2. Do you hate any of your ex's? No 3. Have you ever considered getting a moustache? Don;t have to, I already have one LOL! 4. Would you rather be a priest or a drug dealer? Neither -- too much work 5. Where is the love? It's at home and he says "Meow"! 6. take a Look out of your window at the nearest cloud. What shape does it look like? A dinosaur's head 7. How often do you throw up from drinking? Not often 8. When no ones home do you wander round the house naked? Hell, No! 9. What is the best ever cereal? Quaker 100% Natural Oats and Honey 10. Have you ever woken up in someone else's bed and not had a clue who they were? No 11. If you had to have one persons name tattooed on your ass what would it be? Geno! 12. Does emo suck? Who? 14. Have you ever been in the opposite sex's toilets? Yep.... 16. What was the first thing you said this morning? Oh, Shit 17. Who did you share your last taxi ride with? My sister 18. Have you ever had an irrepressable urge to go up to a bald man and stroke their head? I do that all the time! 19. Can you play pool? Yes 20. Do you still love the spice girls? No 21. Do you like fancy dress parties? No 23. Do you ever try to start fights when you're drunk? No 24. Are you banned from anywhere? No 25. Favourite brand of vodka? I don't like vodka 26. Did you sleep well last night? Like a baby! 27. If you could write a non-fiction book about any subject you wanted, what would it be? How To Figure Out a Cat 28. If an old woman with one eye and a peg leg came up to you and told you that she could make the girl/guy of your dreams fall in love with you if you promised to donate your genitals to her, would you? Sounds like something they do in New York City -- no
  2. Tagging is when a gang spray paints their logo on a wall. Usually, it involves initials like C.A.G. or a word like Scagg..... Here's an example....
  3. That's definately a relative of Monsiuer! He loves to play "bite"...
  4. Anxious... My grandmother passed away (at 96) last Sunday. My mother is now the owner of the 3-family house and there are tenants that live on the top floor and the first floor. They will eventually have to move and I'm sure it will not be an easy transition....
  5. My mother has always been the strong and smart one. I called her "Stormin' Norman" when I was younger because she's so tough. Now, I cherish her "tough love" more and more as well as her wisdom...
  6. Pankie

    Poor Geno!

    Yesterday morning, while sitting in my allergists' office, I received a phone call from a friend of ours wanting to know how Geno was. I told him that he's okay and to call his cell phone. As I'm getting my shots, my sister calls to tell me a funny story but I had to hang up. I called her after I left the allergist and she tells me that one of the guys we know (we call him Chuck the Garbageman) was told that Geno had died and he was being waked. Since my Geno is the only one he knew, he assumed that was him. Well, we find out that it was not my Geno but another Geno that we knew. By the time it got around, the funeral home was being flooded with called to see if my Geno was being laid out, every bar, verteran's post and the like was calling about my Geno! I had also gotten a few calls on my cell about Geno! One of our friends was calling the hospital to see if Geno was admitted! I finally had to call his sister and mother to let them know that he was alive and well! When we did finally enter the Post bar, we got a round of applause! Poor Geno....at least I know he has tons of friends!!!!! :eek:
  7. We presently live in an apartment but we will (hopefully) be moving into my grandmother's house. Right now, we are renovating her bathroom and are in the process of renovating the entire house.
  8. Tom Petty speaks with a drawl like my Uncle Steve (and he lives in Florida) Mike Campbell - He's not only Scottish, but LOVES animals! Benmont Tench - Ron Blair - Steve Ferrone - Scott Thurston -
  9. I relly don't get this guy. Here we are in America who will always remember 9/11 and we go on with out lives. This guy seems to have a "hard-on" for this day. Yo, Osama! Get a life. You didn't beat us and you never will!!!
  10. Scrunchy face....love it!:heart:
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