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  1. tplover2

    Ohio Tour Redemption

    We're going to Cinci. What hotel would you recommend ? I would prefer to not spend over $150 but would like to be close to the venue with possibly a shuttle to and from the show. I know nothing about the area so whatever plans are made will be ok with me.
  2. tplover2

    Need some help please

    You can still get tickets in the general sale on friday.
  3. tplover2

    i GOT TICKETS!!!!

    I couldn't do the VIP tix either but got good seats for Cinci and Tampa. Got sec 1 row C for Cinci and got on the first tier side sec 129 row B for Tampa. I almost got sec 1 row 1 a couple times with the interactive map for Cinci but each time I clicked buy tickets it said someone beat me to them...bummer, but still I'm happy!
  4. I got my code yesterday. Marion, are you going to the Tampa show? We're thinking about it. would love to meet up with you guys.
  5. tplover2

    Ohio Tour Redemption

    Looks like we'll be coming to Ohio! We will probably do Columbus and Cincinnati. I still want to go to Tampa also.
  6. tplover2

    Checklist for buying tickets

    Don't forget to have your credit card info already set up in ticketmaster or whatever ticketing site the venue uses. It can save valuable time!
  7. tplover2

    Ohio Tour Redemption

    It's a possibility. I will know more after tomorrow when I can sign up for vacation week.
  8. tplover2

    zombiezookeeper's youtube page! Great live video collection

    I met ZZ in Philly several years ago at a TPATH concert. He's a great guy with some awesome videos. Then he went off the radar and I haven't seen him in the TP communities for years. Anyone else seen him around?
  9. tplover2

    It's Good To Be King

    It does go on for a long time but it's still one of my fav live songs
  10. tplover2

    Dirty Knobs at SoHo May 23rd

    Congrats, Marcia, on the upcoming wedding! Have a great time at the DK show too. Wish I could come. That would make for an awesome bachelorette party!
  11. tplover2

    Question of the day 4/1/15

    No, never been. Not my thing. Give me a warm, sunny, beach or a cabin in the mountains. Now that's a vacation!
  12. tplover2

    Covers of Tom Petty songs

    I agree that listening to TP covers by other artists is not that grand, and sometimes even painful, but why wouldn't anyone want to cover a TP song? There is so much great music and lyrics to pull from. The trick to listening to a TP cover is to not compare it to the original. Nobody does TP like TP!
  13. tplover2

    Question of the day 12/15/14

    We're not doing Christmas this year, actually, we decided a few years ago to stop buying gifts since there are no children in neither mine nor Mike's families so instead our families got together and celebrated with a huge meal. This year, with both my parents no longer here and Mike's brother and sister-in-law living in Arizona, the family has dwindled to a few. I didn't even decorate this year since no one is planning to come over. I'm really not a Scrooge but it sure did take away the stress of the holidays to not get caught up in it! We will go to my cousin's house tomorrow to celebrate with my dad's family. I told my kids it was up to them to repopulate our family. I got mixed reactions on that!
  14. tplover2

    RIP Mom

    Benny, so sorry to hear about your mom. I know the pain you are going through as my dad passed away in July. It's difficult when your first parent dies but you still have the one that makes you feel like everything can go on as before, but when the second one dies it changes everything and nothing is the same. You and your family will be in my thoughts this Christmas.
  15. tplover2

    Raleigh, NC September 18, 2014

    I remember that trip like it was yesterday. Thanks for bringing back some great memories!