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  1. Ladywiz

    ATL show

    Nope, two broken legs won't keep me away from this major event! I'm rolling on in! See y'all there🎶🎵! 🌠Ladywiz
  2. Yeah we still need ya when you're 64! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Tom! Luv ya, man!
  3. SG

    It be me indeedie!

  4. Ladywiz

    Is that u goober?

  5. I thought I remembered her name from Adria's work...but I'd rather have Lucinda Williams.
  6. Better late than never to thank you Farmers for the birthday wishes... Haven't been "down on the Farm" in a looooong time and I been missing you folks. But what can I say? life interferes (no I wasn't in jail, lol!) family health issues, my own health issues kept me away. I went to the Atlanta show in 2010...got my tix for the upcoming show in April. Charlie T. is a handsome almost 3 year old kitty now. He broke his leg a few months ago and had a big metal rod and screws externally fixed to right hind leg for almost 3 months, bless his lil heart. I'll send pix for any interested cat people. It was amazing our vet could do such surgery and Charlie is doing great despite an oddly shaped leg. He is back to bouncing off the walls again as if nothing happened. Its good to be back, Farmers!
  7. Tom was captured by TMZ papparazzi in LA yesterday. He was walking with a nurse (who wore a lab coat and mask.) He looked good, was moving well and didn't seem to require a nurse, lol! Try TMZ online to catch this clip.
  8. In 39 years of marriage there have been too many to count, LOL!
  9. Was that supposed to be TITtilating? Serious mullet on the boob-lady!!
  10. Yeah, that would look good on a t shirt!
  11. :eek: From "Women's Day" magazine: Barack and Michelle Obama’s marriage is under new scrutiny, amid allegations linking him with a younger woman, reports Matthew Denby. The presidential marriage was rocked by a cheating scandal last week, according to claims published in a US magazine. A devastated Michelle Obama is reportedly distressed by the allegations her husband Barack spent the night with a sexy campaign worker. The US president, 48, allegedly spent an evening at a Washington DC hotel with his former national finance director, Vera Baker, 35, during his 2004 Senate campaign, according to an investigation by US magazine Globe. While Michelle, 46, is publicly standing by her man, according to the magazine she is deeply upset that the allegations finally made it into print last week, after years of hints and innuendo. “She’s beside herself,” a source told Globe. The meltdown follows allegations that the president’s political opponents have bankrolled attempts to get hold of hotel security tapes and old work emails to shed more light on the pair’s relationship. But one former employee is already talking. “My assignment was to pick up Vera from a friend’s home in the DC area,” the president’s one-time limo driver told Globe. “She said she needed to change and asked me to take her to The Hotel George, where I learned later Obama would be spending the night. “I waited in the lobby while she went to a room to change her outfit – but to the best of my knowledge, she did not have a room at the hotel and she was not staying there, so I thought that was a bit odd. “Why didn’t she change clothes at her friend’s house, where I picked her up? It didn’t make any sense. “We then went to the airport and picked up Obama. I took him to various locations while he was campaigning for funds. Vera accompanied him to each meeting. “About 10.30pm, I drove them to The Hotel George and they went in together. She did not ask me to wait or to be taken back to her home. There was no indication she was going to leave the hotel that night.” Makes ya wonder if ANY male celebrity is capable of fidelity!!! (Not implicating the males of TPatH, hahaha!)
  12. Back Street Boys tix for our daughter.
  13. Yeah, we've set up our TIVO to tape all new Tavis Smiley shows...hopefully sooner or later we'll get it! Since this is during the time period of TPatH's canceled shows I wonder if Tom had to cancel this appearance, too.
  14. WTF??? Just watched the intro and our Tom wasn't mentioned...though a tribute to Lena Horne was. Grrrrrrr!
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