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  1. I'm sorry, you guys. I probably have this somewhere but it's not on my current computer. It's probably all saved to one of my many external hard drives or burned to a CD. All of that stuff is in Georgia.
  2. It was a beautiful thing! They played it twice! I don’t have my computer so I wasn’t able to record the interview. Hopefully, someone did and will share. YAY! We have something to look forward to!! 😃
  3. It’s only rock & roll. That is all.....
  4. He has played with them from time to time over the years so maybe! 🤞
  5. Have fun, TomFest! You are in for an adventure all around! Nurk, best of luck to you!
  6. Yay! Congratulations Hoodoo Man!! I’m going to Tampa ,Gainesville and Nashville. My life is so busy right now but just had to have tickets when they are coming to my own backyard! I will make the time!
  7. Marion


    Hey Nurk, I’m looking for a turntable that will let me stack 45’s and play them. Can you find me one of those?
  8. That was some fun trip! Stuck in the Gulf!! Haha! Miss you too!
  9. Hi there! Sorry, I’ve been busy. I don’t record much anymore. I just listen live with my SiriusXM internet App. It’s not that expensive and I think it’s worth every penny to have it for Tom Petty Radio alone! I recorded and shared every Buried Treasure show Tom did and if you search around the threads here you will find the links. They are still available. 😊
  10. Thank you! It was a nice day. 😊
  11. Marion

    Sad News

    That is wonderful news! I’m so happy to hear it! (((Hugs)))
  12. Marion

    Sad News

    Thinking of you Nurk. I hope to see you check in soon. 🥺
  13. Marion

    Sad News

    You were on my mind all day today, Nurk. I’ve been praying and I wish you all the best!
  14. Marion

    Sad News

    Nurk, I'm so sorry, my friend. I will be sending prayers and the best thoughts your way that all goes well. It sounds very scary. Please report back when you can. (((Hugs)))
  15. When you listen to these songs do any of you feel a sense of pride in being a fan of this band? These songs are amazing and brilliant and sound perfect to my ears. I feel this music to my core.
  16. If anyone wants to listen to the David Fricke interview with Adria Petty and others about the Best of Everything, I left links for a download in Best of Everything. 😊
  17. They are all so good! thanks for posting them here!
  18. Thank you so much, you guys. I had a great birthday spent with my family. Nurk, you are right - 10 years and life is good! 😁 I do miss Tom though.
  19. ❤️ A Bumble Bee an Evil Bumble Bee!
  20. Hi think the album is done and ready to go and I think it will come out as soon as the tour is over! 😁
  21. I always thought it was a load of crap that Mike couldn’t release his own music. It is the one thing that ever disappointed me about Tom. Ever! I could understand why he would object to Ron and Steve being in the band but when Mike got his own musicians, all bets were off. The Dirty Knobs are a great band with great songs and Mike deserved a chance to put his music out there. Jason, Matt and Lance deserved it too. In my opinion, Tom should have supported his friend. I will never understand why he didn’t. Mike handled it well but it was hurtful. 💔 I am so looking forward to the album!
  22. I love Jeff but the tickets are just too expensive. 😟
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