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  1. He used to do that to us too about the Dirty Knobs videos but personally I have come to feel that it is unfair of him to ask that of fans. We share with pure love so other fans who can't be there can see and experience the music. It's not like the Dirty Knobs tour all over the country. It's like he is saying we have to be there to share the love but to me, it kind of hurts my feelings. I live in Florida and can't always come. That is all.
  2. Marion

    Happy Birthday Tomfest

    Happy Birthday!!
  3. That is so cool! They sound great!
  4. Oh darn, I missed it. Someone took it down. Can you find it again?
  5. Speaking of books, there was an amazing Traveling Wilburys book that I regret passing on because it was too expensive. I think it was around $250. I just thought it was too much but look at it! I can't believe I don't have it! Check out the link there are more pictures. It's out of print now http://www.genesis-publications.com/book/9781905662159/the-traveling-wilburys-limited-edition-book
  6. I think that would be interesting to see. For the life of me I can't think of what SHF would be! What site is that?
  7. Good deal! A lot of times our European friends get left out!
  8. Nurk, I was thinking we got that Official Live Leg show with something before and then I realized it was on vinyl with The Live Anthology box set. This is what we got for $150 with the Live Anthology box set. I guess it was a little more stuff than what's in the American Treasure but I'm still looking forward to the new set.
  9. Perfectly said, my friend! Thank you! ❤️ Love
  10. And no, this is not for the casual fan. This is for the ridiculous fan.
  11. I don't think the release is sad at all. I believe it's a celebration of Tom and the band put together with love by family and friends. It is expensive but what should something like this cost to put together? It's nice.
  12. You will find the link for Benmont's interview here:
  13. I pre-ordered mine. I went for the super deluxe. I really want everything in that super deluxe set! It’s expensive, no doubt but I think it’s a really pretty set like Live Anthology. I can’t wait to read the liner notes from Mike and Benmont, especially after Benmont’s guest spot this morning on Mark’s Felsot’s show. He had me in tears he was so touching. OMG I was choked up sitting right here at my desk at work. 😢 He said, “Love doesn’t die when a person dies.” I set the recorder this morning so hopefully I will have it to share later this evening. This love is not over for me. ❤️
  14. I believe the set is called American Treasure because Tom Petty is an American treasure. 😊 ❤️
  15. I think we should listen, really listen to what they wanted us to hear.