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  1. It’s only rock & roll. That is all.....
  2. He has played with them from time to time over the years so maybe! 🤞
  3. Have fun, TomFest! You are in for an adventure all around! Nurk, best of luck to you!
  4. Yay! Congratulations Hoodoo Man!! I’m going to Tampa ,Gainesville and Nashville. My life is so busy right now but just had to have tickets when they are coming to my own backyard! I will make the time!
  5. Hello Marion, I am new to the Farm and would love the links if you would be so kind. I saw Tom in Pittsburgh in 2010 and 2017 at Star Lake. Been a TP 💔 HB fanatic since Damn the Torps. 

  6. Marion


    Hey Nurk, I’m looking for a turntable that will let me stack 45’s and play them. Can you find me one of those?
  7. That was some fun trip! Stuck in the Gulf!! Haha! Miss you too!
  8. Hi there! Sorry, I’ve been busy. I don’t record much anymore. I just listen live with my SiriusXM internet App. It’s not that expensive and I think it’s worth every penny to have it for Tom Petty Radio alone! I recorded and shared every Buried Treasure show Tom did and if you search around the threads here you will find the links. They are still available. 😊
  9. Thank you! It was a nice day. 😊
  10. Marion

    Sad News

    That is wonderful news! I’m so happy to hear it! (((Hugs)))
  11. Marion

    Sad News

    Thinking of you Nurk. I hope to see you check in soon. 🥺
  12. Marion

    Sad News

    You were on my mind all day today, Nurk. I’ve been praying and I wish you all the best!
  13. Marion

    Sad News

    Nurk, I'm so sorry, my friend. I will be sending prayers and the best thoughts your way that all goes well. It sounds very scary. Please report back when you can. (((Hugs)))
  14. Marion,
    As an obsessive collector of all things live TPHBS, I would love to get links for your impressive compilation! Thanks in advance for putting in so much work on this!


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