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  1. Can someone share a Dirty Knobs show?

    There is no official album. Mike only released 2 singles and they were only released in a vinyl 45. Check your PMs though. 😉
  2. Coroner's Report/Petty Family Update

    Nobody knew it when he was addicted to heroin in the 90's.
  3. 2017 Tour Trail - memories, pics, songs played

    Oh, I would just want the book for myself. I shared the review here but how often do people really go back and read all of that old stuff. I just want it for myself.
  4. 2017 Tour Trail - memories, pics, songs played

    I found myself thinking back on the Tampa show I went to on this tour but really couldn't remember much about it. I couldn't recall the images or anything so I went looking for my review. I forgot that we saw Joe Walsh that night and he was so great! Poor Joe, he must me so heartbroken. I forgot that Benmont had all of that trouble with his piano. I forgot that Tom played harmonica on Walls! I really grew to love the Webb Sisters especially after hearing their vocals on the live recordings. They really added a lot to the show. Remember the little dance thing Tom did with them when he had the tambourine? Gosh, I wonder if that hurt his hip. This makes me want to seek out all of my reviews over the years and maybe print them out and save them in a book. It was fun reading that. All the shows are beginning to blur away now.
  5. Coroner's Report/Petty Family Update

    Yeah, how about that? The last show never turned up on Dime. I hope there is a plan to release it professionally.
  6. Coroner's Report/Petty Family Update

    I believe with all my heart that he did that tour because he wanted to and he had a great time. He was totally on top and put on a fantastic show with the ones he loved. The set list might not have been to everyone's liking....I loved it, but he was doing the best he could and he did great! The fans were happy!
  7. Listening to “Something Good Coming” this morning I was so touched by the crowd remaining so silent during that song and I can imagine their faces shining with love and tears as they took it in. It must have been incredibly emotional. I don’t know how Mike got through it but he never cracked. I would have been crying my eyes out!
  8. Coroner's Report/Petty Family Update

    This transcript was shared over at Tom Petty Nation. I hope they don't mind that I share it here. Steve Ferrone is a good friend. ❤️ Here is a rough transcript of Steve Ferrone's statement on episode 32 of the New Guy Show. It’ll play tonight 5PM EST/8PM PST. It does set the record straight. "I’m gonna start the show with something that has been bothering me, I know there has been a lot of chatter on the internet, people talking about addiction, and opiates, and stuff like that, with Tom, and I have to say, I kind of know a bit about addictions, what it does to people, and how people react, and I was playing with Tom when he was dealing with addiction, and there’s a lot of personality changes that happen with addiction, and there was none of that. I used to help Tom up onstage before and he was in a lot of pain with his hip, people used to come to the concerts and see us with his arm around my shoulder and we were talking, and basically, like, “are you ok with this step”, and he would get up there and he would step on the stage, and I guess he was taking his medication as prescribed, and it would get him through the show, and it would last through the show so he wouldn’t need me to help him back up onto the stage for the encore, so what happened when his hip collapsed, he must have been in awful, awful pain and it was a horrible accident, but I can tell you that Tom was taking painkillers because he was in pain, and that was it."
  9. My Husband

    Lorra, you are sweet to ask. Thank you! My husband is doing very well. He just saw the surgeon today for his follow up and the doctor was very happy with his progress and released him to his primary care doctor. He said they would release him to drive in about 3 weeks so, YAY!!
  10. Hi Raelin! Nice to see you here!
  11. If anyone is interested, I made some MP3's from the videos. They sound really great! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-suk9kuhs8xwjqG05haaMDtk3rjcapba
  12. If anyone is interested, I made some MP3's from the videos. They sound really great! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-suk9kuhs8xwjqG05haaMDtk3rjcapba
  13. That's okay. Thanks for sharing, Dan!
  14. Coroner's Report/Petty Family Update

    Didn’t he take a fall at one of the Mudcrutch shows?