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  1. Happy Birthday Marion

    Thank you everyone! It's been a nice day!
  2. Wildflowers Re-Issue & Tour

    I just read that someone heard on Tom Petty Radio this morning that Wildflowers 2 will be released in early 2018!!! It's already been mixed and it's ready to go!
  3. Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017

    I was wondering the same thing. Also, thinking that we haven't heard anything from Jim Ladd, it least I haven't.
  4. I love that interview so much. Mike is the best! Thanks for posting! If you want to listen to the rest of the show from that night you can find the links in the thread below.
  5. Tour history 1976 - 2017

    👎 Enough said.
  6. Yes, looking back I see that I have it too. It was one of the first boots I ever got and one of my favorite shows. This show was in Jacksonville, FL right in my state and I missed it. I wish I had seen them play on that tour. I love hearing Stan and Howie sing backup, plus Stan was a really good live drummer. I wonder how Stan Lynch is feeling about now.
  7. I felt like playing some vinyl today so I started to look through some of my Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers collection and I came across this album. I don't think I ever played it before but I put it on the record player today and it sounds amazing! I think it might have been one Johni brought me from England but I'm not sure. Heck, I might have bought it on EBay way back when. It's just so cool and just what I needed today, a little Tom Refugee and The Beach Bums! LOL!!
  8. Tributes and covers from peers and writers

    That was sweet. I still need to check out that album. Chris did a good job with Wildflowers.
  9. Photo of the Day Part III

    Those are great!! Thanks, SLQ! 💕
  10. Question of the day 10/14/17

    I think the internet has drawn more people together and made it possible to make travel plans. That is how I met all of you! Before that it was keeping in touch with other fans by writing letters. I have a friend who has been around long enough to have had Tom Petty pen pals and she collected her bootlegs by seeing ads in music magazines and ordering them through the mail. The boots were on cassette tapes. It took weeks to get information! And the fan club sent out newsletters through the mail. The internet changed the whole game. And now we are mourning together. 😟
  11. Tour history 1976 - 2017

    This is so neat, Steve! Wow!
  12. Question of the day 10/14/17

    Here are my first and last concert tickets. September 21st and September 22nd. Funny, the Hollywood Bowl ticket looks like it says $69.50 but that's $269.00!! How crazy is that? Both shows were not close to the stage but they were highest energy and amazing shows. They will always hold a special place in my heart Here are some of the other cities I've traveled to. I've have gone to some of these cities several times and in different venues. Man, I'm going to miss this band so much! What a wild ride with some amazing friends Tampa, Fl Santa Barbara, CA Boston, MA Atlanta, GA Holmdel, NJ Camden, NJ Bristol, VA Raleigh, NC & Charlotte, NC Los Angeles, CA (multiple locations) Chicago, IL Milwaukee, WI Memphis, TN Daytona, FL Ft. Meyers, FL Morrison, CO Gainesville, FL San Diego, CA Ventura, CA Philadelphia, PA Omaha, NE Kansas City Orlando, Fl
  13. Question of the day 10/14/17

    I kept all of my concert tickets in a ticket book and just went back and counted them.
  14. Question of the day 10/14/17

    I saw TPATH 36 times since 1999 and 2 Mudcrutch shows.