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  1. I just noticed this thread. I took the whole family to the LA Show on 12/19 and everyone loved it, 12 and 16 year olds, as well as the parents. My wife got me the Christmas Rocks album and we played it all Christmas Eve and Day. I think this is going to be a new Christmas tradition for us. Brian looked great so I guess he recovered. I also got the Dylan Christmas album, but they wouldn't let me play that more than once; lol. I've seen the Stray Cats a bunch of times. Had a chance to go back stage and meet all three last year. Slim Jim, Lee Rocker and Brian were all class acts. I had my 12 year old with me and they were very cool and engaging; pictures, autoghaphs, the whole thing. These are all great guys.
  2. There are great act to see in a small club . I try to catch them whenever I can. Will be at HOB Anaheim on Wed. Come join us. I think tix are still available. A little hint: If you plan on eating at the HOB, you can buy the tix and the buffet over the phone and avoid the ticket master fees; otherwise, it's about another $12-$14 per ticket. And of course, that gets you in ahead of the "non-dinner" crowd. It's a fun show. Every gig they play like its the most important gig of their life.
  3. Regarding the Troubadour footage, at one of the shows, might have been the last one, there was a guy upstairs in the back with an amature video cam on a tripod. He was obviously "authorized". After the show I asked, as friendly as i possibly could, how I might get a copy of that tape! He just smiled and said that it was only for the band and their family, and that you would have to know them in order to get it. Oh well. Those performances were so inspired that I would think they would have wanted to professionally video tape it for release. I definitely would have paid up for that. It really was an amazing couple of months; a real magical time. I hope we get another chance to experience it.
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