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  1. Hey, y'all download it and keep it if you like. A very late Christmas present from me! Susan Gardner
  2. SG

    Coroner's Report/Petty Family Update

    I got here as soon as I could... I just saw the statement Dana had put out earlier today (Monday) and it made me ache to read it. I was saddened to read that it wasn't just cardiac arrest... but meds taken for a fractured hip, that actually broke. Mercy me... that explains his obvious discomfort in Atlanta; but he played so good that night, sang so good, acted like he was having a good time - most of the time. I saw the band watching him and by the end of the evening suspected that he wasn't feeling 100%. Bless his heart, as we say down South. What Marion said is right, those were an awful lot of different meds - and those damn cigarettes... my aunt died from emphysema and people, that is an awful way to go. He was headed down a long, awful road with that condition alone... How nice to be able to discuss this sad thing with you people. Good company, ya are.
  3. Hey y'all, it's been awhile since I visited the Farm. Time has not been my own for a couple of years... but it's begun to settle down. Unfortunately my computer kinda hit the dirt and I lost a bunch of photos - one of them was a great photograph of Steve Ferrone, taken by one of our Farmers here, who graciously shared it with me several years ago when I put out a call for a photo of Steve smiling behind the drum kit during a concert. I wanted to do a portrait of Steve, but didn't have the chance to take my own photos. When I lost the photo, I lost the name of the person who gave it to me. Proper and sincere thanks are deserved! So if you're the one who shared this photo, speak up now! Here is the portrait I created from it...
  4. SG

    Gram Parson suit

    I've seen this! Made me laugh to see the little nude ladies on the lapel.
  5. SG

    Mudcrutch Tour Dates Announced

    I've got a friend going to that one. She's worried about the Gen Ad seats, afraid there won't be chairs.
  6. SG

    Mudcrutch Tour Dates Announced

    Mudcrutch... at the Ryman! It just doesn't get any better than that. Not for this ole Southern Girl anyway. It'll be only the second time I've been to that hallowed hall of music for a concert. I mean, I'm trying not to think about it too much because the crinkly lines at the corner of my eyes are gonna be etched forever there. Very VERY Happy SG
  7. SG

    [Download] Mudcrutch Album Premier

    Marion! Big Hug from ole SG!
  8. SG

    Will Crystal River make the set list?

    Shady Grove, Crystal River and Scare Easy, pleasey!!! I wake up hearing SE these fine spring mornings... sure do expect to get spazzy if they play it in person. Happy SG
  9. SG

    Mudcrutch tour CD Redemption email

    After receiving an initial email a couple of days ago, another email (from Ticketmaster) arrived on Wednesday that said: Mudcrutch's new CD 2 is included with your concert tickets! Give us your address so we know where to send it! "Mudcrutch returns with a second album…an updated sound, edgier tunes…rollicking, anthemic roots rock" - Rolling Stone CDs claimed before Sunday, May 15 should arrive by the release date of Friday, May 20. Please allow 7-10 days delivery for any orders claimed after that date. Please feel free to share the codes with family, friends, colleagues or anyone who enjoys great music. Each code can only be used once to redeem a single copy of 2. Offer valid only for US & Canadian residents through 7/29/16.
  10. SG

    Live at Fenway on Palladia

    I don't have Palladia either and have been so exasperated that so many good concerts are shown there - I'm pouting something awful! If there is an official DVD released y'all let me know. 'Cause I am too often the last to know!
  11. SG

    Live at Fenway on Palladia

    *sputter squawk cough* There is a video of Fenway?!??!?! I truly am always the last to know! ThaswhatIget for not visiting the Farm more often, yeah. I did hear about TP day on Palladia but do not get it on my cable channel (we country folk can only afford the minumum basic schtuff.) SO a DVD would be nice and I'll hope for that! Hello everyone, from the balmy South (Georgia, 70ish degrees and in December, that just ain't right.) Susan Gardner
  12. Got the song onto my iPoddy-thing, yay! I'm quite challenged technologically, so that is a great accomplishment. Supercool song, and Ricky's galore! Happy Susan
  13. SG

    Best Tom Petty Vocal Peformance

    Right now I can't get enuff of "All You Can Carry"... I keep it on repeat at least 4 times when I'm listening to the album! That echo-ey bit on "I saw a ghost by the road tonight..." just sends me, ya know? But "Angel Dream" is right up there too. Susan
  14. Y'all are killin' me! What a hoot. :lol:
  15. :lol: Y'all are killin' me! What a hoot. Susan