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  1. Hi guys, does anyone of you have the following that they'd be willing to share? Live 2013 (24 bit FLAC) Kiss My Amps Vol. 1 (24bit FLAC) Kiss My Amps Vol. 2 (24bit FLAC) Any help is greatly aprreciated!!
  2. Thanks a lot!!! Unfortunately, this forum will go offline soon... Is there any way to reach out to you once this place has vanished?
  3. Thanks for this, this is really handy!
  4. This stuff is really cool to have! In most cases I can see why these informal recordings didn't make the cut for the actual box set. Anyway, it would have been great to have these as bonus downloads for the Super Deluxe and Ultra Deluxe versions. The two cuts that would really deserve an official, widespread release are "Something Ain't Right" and "Change Your Way Of Livin'". Those were the standout tracks from the show for me. Thanks again dylanfree for recording and sharing this for those of us who don't have access to SiriusXM.
  5. I think it's already gone... Were you able to grab it? To anyone who's heard it: What can you tell us about it? Title? Is it from the Wildflowers project?
  6. Thanks for the tip! I'm an absolute beginner, so I'll have to stick to tutorials and tabs for now. I've read that the bass line of "Learnin' To Fly" is fairly easy, so I guess it'll be my goal to learn that one first
  7. Hi guys, I've got a question for the musicians among you: Are there songs by Tom which feature bass lines that are easy to play for beginners? I'm a total beginner and want to keep my motivation up Any help is greatly appreciated!!
  8. Hi guys, could anyone reupload this? I'm particularly interested "Next Time You See Memphis" and "My New Guitar" which I have never ever heard. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  9. I would suspect that it was mixed not long ago. I can't imagine them doing more than a rough mix back then, when it was never seriously considered for release. It's also possible that they did some overdubs and that's probably also why the "Wildflowers: All The Rest" album is delayed. Maybe TP wants to release these songs in their best possible incarnations and not as some left overs from the studio.
  10. This track has come as a great surprise! I love the part where he sings "little Jenny would dance in the rain...". It has that sense of freedom and melancholy entwined, which is what I love about TP's songs from that era. And what's even better: The official TP site calls Somewhere Under Heaven the first track from the upcoming album "Wildflowers: All The Rest." I'm so looking forward to this!!! BTW: The single cover doesn't lie when it says "Hi-Fidelity Recording". I ran my amazon.de download through the dynamic range meter, which yielded good results - I added it to the dynamic range database: http://dr.loudness-war.info/album/view/90021 And eventually, it will also be available in lossless / hi-res quality, that's what I hope, at least.
  11. Having all the albums re-issued on BluRay, with the original mixes and new 5.1 mixes plus B-sides, outtakes and live tracks from the respective periods - well that would be a dream come true. Unfortunately, it's not going to happen, I think. It would be much more expensive and time consuming to create such deluxe editions than to simply remaster the original albums and offer them as downloads. From a commercial point of view, I guess they made the most reasonable decision here. I don't think that BluRay-Audio is selling well, the Mojo BD has been out of print for a while I think. I just hope that a) a bunch of people will buy those new remasters, that might convince them to put out some more deluxe editions and that we will see that planned deluxe release of Wildflowers soon.
  12. You're very welcome! Some more thoughts: - I don't know whether that remaster of Mojo was really necessary, since it has been available in 24bit/48khz before - It's unfortunate that the extra tracks from the Pack Up The Plantation LP (namely You Got Lucky and I Need To Know) aren't included, although they are listed on the photos of the master tapes that are included with the download - They could have included bonus tracks (B-sides!) with these downloads, such as Sweet William or Girl On LSD - She's The One is still missing from the HD catalogue as well as Greatest Hits, which includes Mary Jane and Something In The Air - There are no extensive liner notes included, just a .pdf that contains the cover, photos of the respective master tapes, plus a short note by Ryan Ulyate which is identical on every album - "Hello CD listeners..." is included on Full Moon Fever
  13. I bought a few of these new remasters and I have to say I am impressed. To me, the most important upgrade isn't because it's 24bit/96khz compared to 16bit/44khz a CD offers. The biggest factor is dynamic compression. Albums such as Echo, Last DJ and Highway Companion have never sounded as good as this before, because they were plagued by dynamic compression. Take a look at the data at http://dr.loudness-war.info/ and you'll see what I mean.
  14. Hi everyone, this is my first post on this forum I've been listening a lot to The Live Anthology from 2009 recently which in my opinion is a great collection of live recordings. However I've wondered what live tracks I would like to hear on a potential follow-up, if TP&TH ever decide to release one. So I created this list - what do you think? And which tracks would you like to see on a potential Live Anthology Vol 2? ORIGINALS Something Big Rebels (not the acoustic version!) It Ain't Nothin' To Me Dogs On The Run (performed in 2014) Runaway Trains The Damage You've Done It'll All Work Out End Of The Line Yer So Bad Into The Great Wide Open All Or Nothin' Out In The Cold Makin' Some Noise Built To Last You Don't Know How It Feels Time To Move On (Bridge School Benefit 1994?) You Wreck Me (from the mid-90s) Honey Bee Cabin Down Below To Find A Friend Walls Room At The Top Swingin' (!!!) Free Girl Now About To Give Out (if it was ever done live) Two Men Talkin' Black Leather Woman Saving Grace American Dream Plan B Forgotten Man COVERS Not Fade Away Gloria (Filmore 1997) The Letter For What It's Worth 13 Days (Soundstage version oder Bridge School Benefit) They Call Me The Breeze You Really Got Me Lay Down My Ole Guitar Plus, I'm sure there are a lot more great covers in the archives which I have never even heard of... So far, this set wouldn't cotain any big hits, since most of them already were on the 2009 release. But I'm sure some of them could be included again in other versions, i.e. acoustic versions. What do you think?
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