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  1. TP100688

    US Presales

    Thanks sorry late on reply been busy... But yeah I am going to Austin show thanks for heads up on meeting prior to show keep me posted!! thanks Kyle
  2. TP100688

    US Presales

    I don't remember if I logged in to tompetty.com or went to ticketmaster or how I did it....
  3. TP100688

    US Presales

    Quick question I am part of the HCC and I was last tour but I forgot how I pre ordered last time can some one please remind me how that process works? Thanks, Kyle
  4. Who is all going to the show at the Woodlands August 24th? Myself and 3 buddies will be going and would like to meet up with other fans at the venue or something?
  5. I have a few questions about the Highway Companion Club and tickets. I am gonna join the club and I know new members is 45 dollars and the presale is wednesday march 3rd at 10 but is that central standard time or what. 2nd question to purchase tickers do I go to tom petty.com and go from there or what. I need exact details for my mom to do it for me when I am at school and work. Thanks farmers!!!!! One more thing exactly how much are the tickets? I gotta purchase 4 of them for myself and amigos.
  6. I am planning on attending in Corpus Christi. How good is Bob live though?
  7. University of Florida should do this for Tom and the boys!!
  8. Well most of us know that Stan Lynch's last gig was at the Viper Room but I was curious when and where Howie's first and last gig were? Steve's first gig when and where? When and where was Scott's first gig?
  9. Hootie and the Blowfish here in good ol' Corpus Christi,TX the next year I went to my first Tom Petty concert up at the Woodlands on August 5th of 06 then saw Tom Petty on August 29th of 08 with my good friend and we were in awe the whole time. Great times!!!
  10. hey whats up. thanks for the add.

  11. RIP Richard! Rock on with the greats in Heaven!
  12. http://video.google.ca/videoplay?doc...34785991628593 I think thats the video from Runnin Down a Dream where Ron is very glassy eyed because he ate the hash LOL
  13. My buddy and I will be at the Woodlands! My parents will be at the Selma Show
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