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  1. Ah Nurk, so many jokes to be made, so little time I'm glad you're back!
  2. As a parent, I can't help but worry about my kids, but not much else. The older I get, the more I realize that worrying doesn't make a difference!
  3. I'd start a doggy day care just like the one my dogs frequent - only closer to my home. For some reason the places nearby won't take Pits or Staffies. SO maybe I'd start an all Bully breed doggy day care!
  4. I did it with a group at a company Christmas party a long time ago... I don't even remember which songs we sang. You couldn't pay me enough to try it solo, though, I am a terrible singer! I have a friend in California who is a karaoke DJ in several clubs and I've been to watch him in action, he's hilarious and some of the singers are quite good. Of course the ones that are fun are the bad ones
  5. I'm really glad I had many opportunities in the past to see this band up close at reasonable prices, because I sure can't afford them anymore!
  6. LOL Thanks for making me laugh - I was wondering about the event host! Smashing Pumpkins did it right - that's a pretty cool package!
  7. ... and the prices? I would really much rather have a decent seat for a decent price than a messenger bag and coasters.
  8. I actually might do it for free - when I'm ready to stop coloring my hair. I may cut it really short and let the gray take over. For the record - I think bald men are pretty damn hot.
  9. I'm sure I dream, and I occasionally remember them.
  10. Starfish

    My Health

    Nurk, I meant to get over here sooner to wish you all the best... listen to your doctors, and take care.
  11. I wish I could find the motivation to get back into a regular exercise routine.
  12. I love that you're working on that project, Marion. I love my job. Seriously, today was about as stressful as it gets there, and we were all laughing as we dealt with the drama. My coworkers are wonderful people.
  13. I have a 4 year old poodle named Noelle and a 10 month old cat named Gizmo. I just tried to upload a pic of Gizmo and it's not working - but if you know me on Facebook, there are many pictures of him to be found! Here's Noelle
  14. Sure, if Barb's dad ever asks me out, I'm going!
  15. Marion's quilts are beautiful! I don't really have a hobby. There are things I like to do - walk long distances, kayak, read - but I don't think they qualify.
  16. I prefer to shower if my goal is cleanliness.
  17. Awww, I hope he'll be ok soon, Liz.
  18. Love both, totally depends on who is preparing them, but in general I prefer pizza.
  19. I'd go to Dunedin, FL and have dinner at Bon Appetit - overlooking the water at sunset, who cares what I'm eating? It's all wonderful.
  20. I wonder what will be expected of me on Sunday - I've never worked a spa party before!
  21. Starfish


    one of my all time favorites, Emmie...
  22. I wear jeans all the time - but when massaging, I prefer yoga pants. Can't recall the last time I wore a pair of sweat pants.
  23. It seems to be moving more quickly now that my kids are older.
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