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  1. I really hope that one of our boys isn't sick or something terrible that would necessitate part of the tour to be canceled and rescheduled. I'd feel terrible if I was complaining and swearing off the band and then come to find out that someone was sick. I can't imagine the band takes this lightly and I don't think they are intentionally "Screwing their fans." They don't owe us any explanation at all. I really hope that there isn't something deeper to this....
  2. You can't see us but Susie and I are right in front of Tom and Ron!! Man, that was so awesome!!! fandlinvegas, it was so great to meet you. Wish we had more time to talk, next time
  3. I'll be in Chicago too. Iwazzabadboy and I, along with some others, will be at the Budweiser Select Brew Pub (across from section 108) between 6ish to 7ish. We have something special planned for the meet-up so please swing by.
  4. 4 days away!!! I can't wait - very excited about going to this show
  5. "Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated.” Coretta Scott King “Hatred is the coward's revenge for being intimidated.” George Bernard Shaw quotes (Irish literary Critic, Playwright and Essayist. 1925 Nobel Prize for Literature, 1856-1950)
  6. I used to hate - I hated my uncle for suing my mom for over a million dollars 3 months after my dad died - I hated him for tearing my dad's side of the family away from us when we needed them the most - I hated him for making money more important than me, my mom and sisters.... All that hate was emotionally exhausting. I got to a point where I couldn't do it anymore and I decided that my energy was better spent elsewhere on positive things in life. So that's what I do - I don't waste my time and energy hating and being negative about anything in life - it definitely doesn't get you anywhere and it certainly doesn't make you happy or make your life better in any way. Amazingly in life, since I changed my outlook and always focus on the positive of any situations, I have had incredibly wonderful experiences and wonderful things happen to me in life - emotionally, family, health wise, work related, financially, etc. - even in little things such as presales Let the hate go - it's the only way to truly find joy in life.
  7. Oh yes, now I prance and dance pretty fancy on that fancy dancy prancy knee! LOL After 35 years of not being able to, I have alot of time to make up for.
  8. I used to just deal with it b/c of my knee but now that I have a brand new fancy dancy knee - I'm standing and dancing too :D
  9. I really don't HATE anything - too much negativity is a bad way to live life. I strongly dislike a lot of things tho....
  10. I wonder if we should fly in to Vegas a day or two early and then drive into Phoenix - Pete would like that. Maybe I'll surprise him.
  11. I think they can change on little things easily but it's alot harder to change the big things the older you get.
  12. ^ I know... I can't agree with you more!!!
  13. Grand Rapids - 1st row Chicago - 2nd row Milwaukee - 2nd row Minneapolis - 2nd row Glendale - 1st row I think I'm looking forward to the Grand Rapids show the most since everything will be new and surprising - we won't have any idea what the set list will be. By the time the Chicago show rolls around, we'll know pretty much what to expect. I'm hoping that something changes up by the time of the Glendale show.
  14. Today I learned that there are so many more gullible people than I thought...
  15. That person handled it that well because it's not a 14 year old at all...
  16. If someone was telling a story that involved me in some way but they were telling it wrong, I would totally stand up for myself and set the record straight. I think it is great that Danny is sharing his side of the story with us. If some think it's uncomfortable for them as TPATH fans, too bad. Where else is he going to tell his side, an Elton John board???? Personally if it was me, I'd be screaming bloody murder over at the officials if I was him. He has shown great restraint as far as I'm concerned.
  17. Pesky restraining orders They'll stop ya every time, won't they!!! LOL
  18. I'm surprised someone hasn't weaseled their way into any of those people's lives by now.
  19. I think he did mention Jane but not by name, just said he had gotten married a couple days before they left for LA and maybe again when he talked about the fire. Quite different tho b/c it is my understanding that she asked not to be talked about as part of the divorce agreement. Even if TP wanted to talk about her, I don't think he can.
  20. I think it's one thing for it to be an oversite and Danny left out of the film b/c TP didn't think he was important to the story or whatever. It's a whole different thing for Danny to be intentionally airbrushed out of a picture. Explanation: this was done b/c the viewer's attention span wouldn't be able to look at a picture with 6 guys in it so we had to cut one of them out. Total crap.
  21. You're history is your history. If it didn't happen the way it happened, you wouldn't be where you are today. Embrace it, don't rewrite it. Plus all of this happened over 30 years ago... isn't it time to let bygones be bygones???
  22. Well let's see... I was born without kneecaps, ACLs, menniscus in my right knee, my fibula bones were too long so my tendons and ligiments in my knees didn't do any good, I was born with an extra big toe too. My parents were told I would never walk. Well I showed those silly doctors didn't I???? Now my knees are fixed - altho I'll probably have to have my other knee replaced in 10 years or so. Anyway, drs have never seen anything like my knees - I have defied medical explanation - drs have never figured out how I was able to walk - and now my dr is writing a paper about me and I will have this "syndrome" named after me. Top that Do I win some sort of prize? LOL
  23. ^Nope I renewed too! I told my boss, who signed up last year for tickets, that he didn't really need to renew - he renewed anyway and said he did b/c it might turn into a seniority based club at some point like some other clubs he is in are. He didn't want to lose his place in line so he renewed. I guess we never know do we.
  24. Man he's soooo good looking... I really don't care how much he makes for a show - keep in mind out of whatever he gets paid - he has to pay the band, roadies, lighting, sound, travel expenses, management and probably a load of other things that I have no clue about.
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