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  1. Such a special story, Campbellfan1 - that was meant to be! Love that song - but sort of forgot about it. I have it sitting right here on my hard drive. Thanks for sharing! Tom Petty - Don't Treat Me Like A Stranger.mp3
  2. Looking forward to meeting everyone! Thank you!
  3. Thanks, Susan! My husband and I will plan to be there! We're driving from Omaha and will be hitting the road tomorrow. I'm so excited about this show!
  4. Love the video - thanks for sharing!! Amateur or not...loved the clips from Don't Come Around Here No More that were slipped in.
  5. Thank you so much for these lyrics!
  6. Thank you, Marion! So wonderful to have this interview.
  7. and fans who cave and buy Highway Companion Memberships (even though they know better) have to wait six months or more tor the free merchandise because it's on backorder...
  8. Sounds great - good luck!
  9. Just watching the video of "Woman in Love" was a spiritual experience for me.....! I'm so happy Tom decided to do it this tour. I'm once again a woman in love with him!
  10. Thanks so much you guys! It was a wonderful birthday. We saw Drive By Truckers last night. Some of you may have seen them open for TPATH on their last tour. DBT's newest album is described as a combination of country and soul. They are so good and a fun band to see live. We actually ended up leaving before the end of the show, though - only because this old gal can't stay up past midnight anymore, lol! But I'd bet the band played a lot later. They seem like one of those bands that just loves to play and would play all night if they could. Love you all!
  11. Never have and there's no way I ever would. I do believe they work and I DON'T want to know what they might have to say!
  12. ((Nurk)), I've been thinking of you all day and hoping for the best. You're in my prayers. I hope we'll get a good update from you very soon!
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