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  1. DogOnTheRun76

    Unheard Song From The Mojo Sessions?

    Help Me Here you go guys and gals, Enjoy!
  2. DogOnTheRun76

    Wildflowers Re-Issue & Tour

    It was reported yesterday on Tom Petty Radio that Wildflowers All The Rest is set for a early 2018 release.
  3. DogOnTheRun76

    '95 Saratoga Good Sound Quality with brief soundcheck

    This is a great show! Def my favorite one I have from the 1995 shows
  4. DogOnTheRun76

    Future Tom Petty Releases

    Your list sounds very realistic and I hope it all sees the light of day. Not so much a Greatest Hits 2. Also there are a couple well known abandoned sessions the 1988 Heartbreakers session that Waiting For Tonight comes from, as well as the Heartbreakers 1992 sessions. Also something I'd be very interested in is Tom said in the WXRT interview in Chicago back in 2003 that before the Vick Shows and Soundstage the band had been recording in the then new Club House. I'd be very interested in what might be there from those sessions. Studio takes of Black Leather Woman, Two Men Talkin', and Melinda maybe? Also Apparently for two weeks of rehearsals for the 40th shows the band was playing a bunch of Blues numbers for the better part of two weeks before the last couple of days they started rehearsing the set. I hope they had the presence of mind to record those early rehearsals. That could be quite an interesting set too if it made it to tape.
  5. DogOnTheRun76

    ECHO - the most real, honest, genuine heartfelt album.

    I compared my preferred listening copy the HD Tracks master of Echo from a couple years ago to whats on Spotify now. The Look Deep part on Room At The Top sounds to my ears that it has been remixed. I don't think a mastering change alone can bring Howie or whoever it is vocals that much more prominently up in the mix without a remix being done. Very interesting observation.
  6. DogOnTheRun76

    Now Tom Petty Radio exclusive "Mystery of Love"

    The link to the interview doesn't work anymore. Does anyone still have this? Thanks
  7. Can anyone share these Downloads with me? I joined the Highway Companions club just for these downloads and have not got a welcoming email or an email for the downloads. I've emailed the club and messaged an Admin there and so far no responses. Would be great to be able to hear these albums.