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  1. Duplicate post...oops. Ryan, you've changed some things since I've been on here...
  2. I'm now in my mid 30s (how the heck did THAT happen?! LOL) but when I was in high school, there were A LOT of TP fans. The Greatest Hits album (the one with the circular picture on the red background) was the only thing that everyone could agree on to listen to in my art class. In other words, once someone put that CD in the stereo, it stayed in! With other CDs, someone (another student) would go and change it after 1-3 songs. Or a mini-argument would start. Glad to see some Zers have picked up on this wonderful band with a wonderful legacy. 😎
  3. It's TP, and also on Playback. If you watch carefully, they re-ran the closing credits to accompany the song. Probably in tribute to Tom. If he hadn't passed before it was released, I don't think it would have been on there. Fantastic documentary. Best one on Elvis I've seen. Loved that Tom talked so much throughout.
  4. Babydoll and Marion, I think the packaging's to blame...the picture of Tom's character is really blocking the guitar! We need to see that guitar! (It doesn't help anything that the figure's arms are already in guitar playing position, too!) But then again, I don't think figures ever hold their accessories in the box. Could be wrong though. I always thought you have to take them out. Hate to be too critical about this though...it's so so so awesome!!! (Mine will stay in the box.)
  5. ^ I don't know if you'll see this in time, but Gamestop's webpage says, "online only." Thanks Marion for the nice great big picture and the link! I had NO idea!!!!! Now when people ask, "What do you want for your birthday?" I've got a #1 item! Fantastic!
  6. Ha ha ha! That was really good MJ2LD!! (This may have been in the Conversations book--not 100% sure.) Somewhere Tom said he had the scores used in Wildflowers songs on cassette. He played them in the house frequently. He just loved them. I am hoping at least one of those uncut scores is on the second disk. In regard to future releases Tom speaks of I do make mental notes. But I don't try to hold it to any time constraint. Maybe Reprise backed off once they knew Hypnotic Eye would be ready in 2014. But then again, DTT Deluxe and Mojo came out the same year...with about five months in between. Hmmmm...
  7. Awww...so sweet!! Congrats Ben and Alice!! Hope your marriage is everything you can dream of...and more! Thanks so much for sharing the photos!! Looks like they had an ideal wedding!
  8. I HATE the idea of Mudcrutch Farm going away! In the early 00's I was moreso on the official messageboard. I left once it descended into a cesspool of ceaseless bickering. I hope all the others from there that wanted to at least read--if not contribute to--healthy discussions made it over here, as I did. I haven't met any Farmers in person, but you all seem like a classy bunch! Over the years, there have been many generous and kind Farmers. I'm glad that I met them via computer. I feel among friends here. Different things have taken over my time in the last six years. Facebook/Twitter/social media aren't any of them. I just can't be here as much anymore, either. I'd like for that to change and it might--I just don't know. All I can say is that there would be a gigantic void if the Farm left cyberspace. Just the idea of considering dissolution saddens me.
  9. Even at this point, the band is growing and expanding. Indicative of a truly exceptional group of musicians. Lyrically, all on HE are so strong--Tom's really stepped it up! (That was my only criticism of Mojo.) Musically, gotta go with Fault Lines. #2? Have to think some more. Really hard decision. But that's a good thing!
  10. This is just too awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing your whole experience! It's just great that someone from the FARM won!!
  11. (Sorry I am seeing this so late...haven't had much online time for a while now.) WOW! What an awesome springtime treat! You are so lucky!! I am so glad that a Farmer won! Can't wait to read all the details!
  12. Happy birthday Sharon!! You rock!! :035:
  13. Happy birthday Tom!!! Finding the fabulous music you have made has truly been one of the biggest blessings in my life. Hope you have a wonderful day. I had an extra scoop at Baskin-Robins in honor of you!! :045:
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