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  1. Pushed back til September. Tour as well. Mike is having some health issues taken care of.
  2. Most likely because she shares the copyright and (I’m guessing) publishing for those songs.
  3. The song is from 2000. Recorded during the session for Surrender (released on Live Anthology). The song was written during the session and very on-the-spot (hence the sparse arrangement). From what I understand, the song is not about Tom.
  4. If I recall correctly, it’s a custom Ted Newman guitar. It’s actually Tom’s guitar.
  5. Was anyone able to download this? Warner had it removed.
  6. I'd imagine a late 2018 release at this point. I'm all about the demos and alt versions. If there's a boxset, sign me up. The demos of some of the WF material is exquisite. It's worth hearing them. I hope they get released.
  7. I wouldn't count on a FMF reissue. I heard the interview that he said that (he also mentioned a new mix of Let Me Up). They opted not to do the remix (except on Runaway Trains on the new vinyl). I know TP isn't a fan of Zombie Zoo. And incorporating WFT would be cool. But that tune was recorded before FMF. On top of that, there aren't many outtakes that exits from FMF other than what's out there already and Indiana Girl (Mary Jane's Last Dance). So if there were a deluxe reissue - it would most likely be what's out there already sans for maybe one or two unknown gems and some live material from that corresponding tour.
  8. Jim hasn't done lights for TPATH since the 2010 tour. He's retired.
  9. It's usually pretty close to a year after the fact. The Dylan one from two years ago has yet to see a release. For the record, there was a facebook live video the night it aired and hearing Waiting For Tonight was awesome.
  10. Yeah...I actually think the sound men punch an auto-tuner in on the chorus of both Free Fallin (which already has a delay on it; he's used the delay for many years) and on the chorus to Refugee. You can clearly hear a pitch change when he says "Listen!" In some live performances that I've seen you can really hear it when it's punched in too late. Refugee is especially suspicious because in 2003 they dropped the song down a whole step and five years later they brought it back to the original key. Back in 2003 Campbell said they had to drop the song down a whole step because Tom couldn't hit the high notes in the chorus anymore. Now many years later to say TP can without any technological help is pretty hard to believe. It doesn't bother me or anything, but I think he has a little help from technology.
  11. How do we know it's supposed to be photoshopped to look like Howie? Perhaps Scott requested the hair addition be added? Just a thought.
  12. TPATH played the New Orleans Jazz Fest in 2012; that's probably where they'll be playing in 2017.
  13. At the end of the day, you have to remember it's a business. Yeah we love Petty and the band. But it's a business. And their revenue from physical releases (especially CD's) is dying. So they're going to capitalize on a new revenue stream every chance they can. And the boxset is selling. People are buying it. It's almost guaranteed (most of) these LPs will see an individual release. Why? Because for the very reasons that people won't buy the boxset. They're releasing the boxset first because the profit they'll make on the boxset outweighs the profit they'll make on individual releases. So they'll milk that cow first. Then onto the next. Also, there are "completist" fans out there who need to have every single thing released (not passing judgement, if that's anyone's thing, that's awesome too). I'm sure this boxset appeals to them too. Personally, I think they missed the boat on not releasing the Wildflowers boxset for the holidays. That would have been a bigger cash cow for them and the demand is much higher. But there's a reason for it. Either label problems, production problems, who knows.
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