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  1. Oh no! Super sad to have missed out on that extra track from the Live Leg EP! I should've pre-ordered. Been trying to track that one down for forever! LOVING the set-- The extra thirty seconds on Here Comes My Girl, the rougher Straight Into Darkness, the Rebels with real drums, the rockier version of Keeping Me Alive... What if Long After Dark had been: One Story Town, You Got Lucky, Ways To Be Wicked, Change of Heart, Keeping Me Alive Keep A Little Soul, Straight Into Darkness, Deliver Me, Between Two Worlds, Wasted Life So appreciate this coming out-- hope it's the first of many future releases.
  2. Hi. Wanted to share this with its intended audience. Been a forum member here for a few years, and am in the HC club also. Thanks. http://20ksongs.blogspot.com/2017/10/tom-petty-crawling-back-to-you.html
  3. With a writer like Petty who is deliberately ambiguous in his songs, there's always a chance that they'll be misheard and oversimplified. I find Petty's lyrics to be inspiringly self-critical: angry, but also honest about how his own failures and limitations have led him to his discontentment. White rage (especially what we saw today) lays the blame completely outwardly-- they're victims. What makes Petty's music so great is that he doesn't settle for victimhood-- he searches for resolution and transcendence. And that's why I'm seeing him twice next week.
  4. I heard "Rockin' Around With You" the other day-- sounded great with the background harmonies.
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