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  1. I heard, of all things, Wild One Forever at Denver International on Thursday!
  2. WOW!!! Might actually be able to do this! Thanks for posting it tenvs!
  3. Thanks you guys! For some reason I had no luck logging on to the Farm for like a month! Sorry I'm late to say thanks! Love y'all!
  4. I really wanted the Cubs to pull it off. Darn! I'm trying but it's difficult to muster up any enthusiasm for a Royals vs Mets World Series! : /
  5. For me it would be one of the two nights I saw at the Vic in Chicago. Was that 2004? Not sure but those shows were the most special that I've ever been to!
  6. I don't have guitars and I can't sing, but can I come on down anyway just to listen? : )
  7. Very cool, Dollar! I don't agree that Walls is one of the weakest. Lyrically, I think it's one of the strongest songs in the whole TPATH catalogue.
  8. So sorry I missed it, Amber! Hope it was as marvelous as you are!
  9. Hey that's cool that they can figure that out!
  10. Busy day at work then after, picking up my granddaughter to spend the night with me. We're going to have a picnic on the beach at sunset. Sounds nice, doesn't it? Tomorrow, swimming with both the grand kids. Making the most of this warm weather were having!
  11. I'm with Marion and Gam on this one. I LOVE the covers they do. It is an homage and I love the spin TPATH puts on them.
  12. Yay I finally got on. Looks great Ryan! I also noticed that New Content doesn't seem to be working.
  13. Agree that Long After Dark is one of their best records. Love that video! Thanks, MJ!
  14. Magnolia


    Thinking of you, Benny. You're a great son. Just know you have lots of friends thinking of you right now. (((Benny)))
  15. Amber you took the words right out of my mouth. I feel exactly the same way about this album.
  16. Wow! Awesome, Rick! Can't wait to hear about it!
  17. Hope you had a Happy Birthday, TomFest!
  18. Long After Dark. Love all your answers!
  19. ^ I definitely would have loved seeing them live!!! So sorry I missed out. : /
  20. Long After Dark. My favorite album start to finish. I like the concept and would relish hearing any of them live, whether Tom thinks it lends itself to what is required of a good concert or not. I'm jealous of you that got to see them do Last DJ!
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