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  1. What a great photo! Susan I read your story again and it's so surreal. But, it is something you will treasure forever!
  2. Susan thank you for sharing your story with us Fans! I felt like I was right there with you! I was picturing the whole set up and Tom coming up to you and giving you that hug! My legs would have felt like jello and I would of been shaking after that also! And the Meet and Greet were he said "Hello Baby!" I would of have a smile from ear to ear and turned dozen shades of red! What a wonderful experience for you and your son! That's so great that Tom and the team insisted on one of the HCC Fan wins the Grand prize also! Tom is an exceptional man! can't wait to see the pictures!!!!
  3. Just had to go back to my post from the night I'll always remember being that close to Tom and him seeing my Mojo sign, so cool! I love these concert experiences I take away with me! I miss you Caroline! we did have so much fun that weekend!
  4. Susan I haven't been on here for a while, but, just had to tell you How happy i am for you! What a experience, meeting Tom, getting a hug from him, that is something I dream about all the time! Can't wait to hear more from your trip and pictures! That just shows you how sweet and generous of a person Tom really is!
  5. That is a great story, the special extra attention you got from the band was cool! It's moments like that that prove how cool the guys are, as Tom acknowledged my Mojo sign I made for him at the DC Show made me so happy! It read Tom UR Mojo is definitely working! I think he liked that!
  6. Caroline I just read this today, that is a great inspirational story, as I got to know you better this past July when we went to the concert together and spent time with you I found out how much I admire you! Tom has inspired me in many ways when I'm down and depressed I listen to Tom's words and I snap out of it and remember Life is want you want it to be as Life is too short! Like your husband Caroline my husband also has accepted my fondness for TP&HB and he has come to enjoy their music over our 28 years of marriage, accompanying me to all the concerts and dealing with my obsession! Our two children have grown up with their music all around them! Over the years I realized how Tom's music has come to mean something to me in different ways in whatever I'm dealing with at that time in my life! I love just turning on his music and all my problems seem to just fade away! And seeing TP&HB Live is a moment in time that I always look forward to each time he comes to Town! As when I walk away with such a renew hopefulness that their music will always be around!
  7. Hi again everyone! I'm still enjoying my high from seeing Tom and the Boys Sunday night! I'm so glad this thread I started is getting lots of attention with other fans commenting and the pictures Caroline put on here are so awesome!!!! I'm so glad she burnt them on a CD for me, I already have them developed and in my Concert scrapbook! Caroline does take great pictures doesn't she!
  8. Hi it's Tammy- Yes caroline does take the best pictures I told her so on Sunday when we went to the show together, and the next day at her house as I was looking at hers after looking at mine, she definitely has a great eye, and a good digital camera! mine was OK! I combined both of our photos into my Tom Petty Concert scrapbook!
  9. I know how you felt Caroline, it was the same for me when he was looking at me, my nerves got the best of me, I guess we are just shy! Caroline your pictures again are soooooooo great, Thanks for burning them onto a CD for me, I'm going tomorrow to get them printed, to make my 2010 TP&HB section of the album up! Brandy it was nice to meet you and your friend too! it's so nice to meet other Petty fans! I wish I would of threw up the sign I made for Tom, or got it autographed by TOM! Yea! a girl can dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Hi everyone haven't been on this site for awhile, I usually just go on the Tom Petty main site! But, Caroline told me I have to get on the Farm! So here I am! I had such a great night at Bristow, I made my first road trip to see Tom and the Boys, you see, I'm from the Pittsburgh area and I go to every show since 1991 here, but, since I was away on a cruise the week Tom was here in July, I couldn't miss them touring:045: So Caroline invited me to come and see the show with her, and I am so glad I did! We had second row seats just alittle to Ron's side, but really close to Tom!:)We were so happy with our seats. The boys were in rare form so full of energy, Tom acknowledged my sign I made it read "Tom UR Mojo is definitely working" he gave me a nod that meant so much to me! He came up to our side of the stage so much! I was so happy, I know Caroline was too! we danced we sang and we just had such a good time! I never wanted it to end! But, as all good things must< it did! What another wonderful memory! Thanks Caroline for sharing the night with me! Tammy
  11. Hi everyone! I am still on a Petty High! It was a great show! I still wish I was in the front like in 2006, but being on the side(Mike's side) only three rows back wasn't bad! Tom came over quite a few times for us and as well Mike! I loved the music selection myself! They did some from Damn the Torpedo period, Refugee, Even the losers, the Waiting, they also Face in the crowd at one point, which I Love! there wer so many I din't write them down as I'm so busy enjoying the show, and videoed some on my cell phone, my hubby took 2 rolls of film, we could of used another roll, wish I had a digital camera, but my little 35mm deos a pretty good job! One highlight in the show for my husband and I was at the end when Tom was signing American Girl, people were starting to leave in front of us, so we had this nice big opening, Tom came over in front of us, and my husband and I have him the peace sign and waved and he gave us a great big smile, I swear he remembers his fans from other shows, as were always together except for in august 2006, when I share a front row seat with Caroline, which I will never forget! and my husband is always taking the pictures for me, Tom is truly a special person! at one point in the show our section started chanting Petty Petty Petty, and everyone in the Pavillion was catching on, Tom actually didn't go on to the next song and just relished in the moment thanking us! I think it was a emotional moment! well I have to go to work at Macy's at 1:30pm and I'm just having a hard time coming down:045:off this Petty High! What a night!!
  12. Those pictures are awesome! I printed some of them out for my Petty album, I love Tom's warm smile! want to hear from C-line and what her thoughts were on the show! I loved the Pittsvurgh show last night! Got a great big smile from Tom!
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