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  1. That would be a dream come true for me. Love his style.
  2. Thiz photo totally roxx! :heart: Awesome !!! I can't wait for last night's Knobs photos and videos !!! :026:
  3. I read at first "Tom is the sexiest". I can say for sure that this is definately true.
  4. ^ Ick werd' bekloppt, what make you then here ??? :D Ok sorry, now in English: WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN, CHRISTIAN ??? I was wondering what's up with you and also a little worried, because you last post is from 2010. Missed you at the concerts! You wrote "except me"... does that mean you've been there or you haven't? If you've been there, where exactly? I mean, where was your seat? However, glad you're back!
  5. :103: :103: :103: :103: :103: :103: :103: Is this Captain Jack Sparrow's brother? :049: :050: :faint: :faint: :faint: :faint: :faint: :faint: :faint: I have no words and... that doesn't happen often. How on earth am I able to concentrate on learning for my exam now ??? Tell me! :heart: B~E~A~U~T~I~F~U~L :heart: Thanks for these amazing photos everyone !!! :058:
  6. @ SLQ... Wow, you are quite a lot! Tom should give concerts in Russia as well! Next time we all have to meet! In Hamburg I also met two very nice girls from Poland, one of them said that she was a member of this forum as well, but I don't remember her name right now... Maybe she reads this... If you do, please give a sign! :003: I know I got your e-mail address somewhere and promised you to upload my videos for ya! By the way... one thing I love the most about HB's concerts is that you meet so many nice fans, either planned or not... I just wanted to say again that it was so cool to finally meet people again who love the band as much as I do. You've never met these people before, but when you do there is this connection from the beginning, it's like you would know each other for years. @ Jan (NightDriver) again, it was so nice to meet you! That was so cool when I saw you there with you mobile phone and I was like... "This will sound strange if you are not the person I think you are, but are you...?" and oh... LOL! I'm so sorry... Thank you again for the beer, I usually don't refuse alcoholic drinks (some may know that, haha!), I'm just not a big beer-drinker. I'd rather mix it with coke or drink other stuff... but that was very nice of you. Besides, I have to say in my defence that I was a bit rattled or in German "'n bissl durch'n Wind!"
  7. I really want to become a photographer !!! :107: AWESOME photos, Beth !!! :049: :049: :049:
  8. ^ Yes, that's the actual vinyl. I was afraid it would be damaged, so I just showed the cover. Yeah, would have been more striking in the dark, but anyway, he saw it. :003:
  9. ^ :058: Missed you there! But I was thinking of you!
  10. This is what I showed him: It's actually "Feelin' High" :003: Ahhh, I LOVE THE KNOBS !!! :026:
  11. Aww, thank you! Yes, I remember! Unfortunately, it was pretty short! I hope next time we can talk a lot more!
  12. :054: Hehee, I'd experienced the same thing when I saw them the first time. I was so focused on Tom at first, after some songs I was like: "Oh wow, there's also Mike and Benmont and Ron and Steve and Scott..." I have to admit, I'm not the biggest fan of that song live, but in Hamburg it was very special to me. I need to tell you this: I have to thank Nancy (Starfish) from this board again, who was very kind and sent me one of the rare Dirty Knobs LPs, because I wasn't able to buy it here in Europe. I took it with me to the concert to show it to Mike, to show that I'm a big fan of his band too. I was on the right side in front of the stage, so it was not that easy to get his attention. But then during "It's Good To Be King" he looked in my direction again and again, but didn't really react on me. Then, suddenly, he came closer and closer, almost stopped playing and tried hard to see what I was holding there. My heart almost stopped. :107: I tired to stay calm and not do something stupid. It was such a cool and actually funny situation, because he coudn't see what it was. It was dark there, the vinyl is pretty small and the cover is in black & white. He was smiling and hunching his shoulders like "I'm sorry, but I can't see what it is"... :049: I was like: "Of course you can, look here" and I showed him the title "Feed The Snake"... Then he realized that it was the DK vinyl and nodded his head. Other people looked at me like "What the hell does she have there?" After "Runnin' Down A Dream" he was like "Where's the girl with the vinyl?" and when he found me he thanked me again, blowing a kiss. So sweet of him. :049: Mike is the coolest! I'd also hoped that he would sign it, but the conditions there made it impossible. Maybe I'll get my chance another time. Thanks for sharing your impressions of the concert, SLQ! I can understand everything you wrote just fine! Wish I'd known that you were going, would have liked to meet you! Next time!?
  13. Yeah, I believe in London they will be up on their feet !!! If not... I don't know... I won't understand the world anymore! :eek: :003: I remember you telling me that at the concert in Philly. God, I was so nervous and excited, I forgot how to speak English at times... Not only because of the concert, also because I met some of you very kind Americans from this board. That second concert was the best thing that happened to me in my life. Best moments in my life and you shared them with me Beth. Nothing and nobody can take that away.
  14. Thanks for the comments and your empathy, guys! It makes it a lot easier to accept that shit happens and that sometimes you just can't do anything about it. I wish I could post the links to some websites on which people are sharing their feelings and opinions concerning the concert in Hamburg, but all of their comments are in German. I don't think Google Translate will really help you with this. I think what bothers me the most is, that I didn't EXPECT this "sit down and shut up-thing" at all and also THE IMPRESSION that the band may have now of German crowds. If I were in the band I would be irritated and I would take the crowd's reaction as a feedback. I always thought, Germans are crazy party people , I was so excited and also proud that Tom would come to my country for three times! I want them to know that !!! :049: I don't want the band to be disappointed, but I could sense a little disappointment. I know I'm taking this too serious, for them it is just one show of many many shows, but for me it is one of three and that was the feeling I had when I drove home by train the next day. Yeah, a bunch of riotous drunks would be the negative opposite... I'd been to the shows in Philly in 2008 and they were perfect to me... people were enjoying themselves, but everything was organized. Unfortunately, I think some fans also had to make bad experiences with drunks though... Maybe concert organizers are forced to be more strict now (especially in Germany) because of the incident at the Love Parade. Not sure if this is the only reason, but I'm pretty sure it is one. I've seen though that it is possible to enjoy a concert, screaming and standing with a beer in your hand without any problems. If not, I would really think about not going to concerts at all and I'm usually a passionate concert-attender. Something funny: Before "I Should Have Known It" Tom said something like "Here's a little headbanging number for you"... But you better don't stand up! I thought... :081:
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