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  1. I miss you too, Barb! Yes! I'm going to this show. If you come on up to the Bay Area, I'll give you a deal on that 5th row seat on Ron's side of the stage.
  2. For sale face value plus fees - $154 each - 2 tickets - San Jose 10/5 19th and 5th rows PM me if you're interested. Ames
  3. surfnburn

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I love your quote Toni! That show was so fun! I went to a FM show last tour, and they were great! Are you thinking about going?
  4. surfnburn

    Rock The Dogs Guitar Strings

    I bought one a long time ago, and I wound a silver and ceramic bead necklace around it. It looks kinda nice.
  5. surfnburn

    Arcadia Blues Club 12/15

    Sharon, it's my birthday weekend, too!! I'm going to try to make it. Marcia, are you going? We can finish seeing the Huntington.
  6. surfnburn

    Poll of the day 9/7/12

    I visited my brother a few times over the last four years. I worked in a hospital about 8 years ago.
  7. surfnburn

    Tom is a sexist

    Yeah. It's stupid. I think it's more about the writer's perception than the subject matter. She obviously doesn't know anything about song writing; ironic given that she is a writer. ......Whatevverrrr.
  8. "Jackhole" LOL Barb! Tell me it's not true. He was the one I liked best when I was a kid. Well, they were probably the most commercialized band at a time when people didn't like commercialism. I guess the Monkees have the problem that actors have when they are known only for one role. I don't think I'll check them out. I watched the Monkees reruns a million times decades ago. I love my memories of listening to their records on my turntable. I'll leave it at that.
  9. Ha..There's always a cloud of controversy over the Monkees playing live shows. (I think there was one back in the 60s too.) Davy's voice was such a big part of their songs. I wonder if they're going to get someone to replace him.
  10. I don't know if this was posted. But Mike Campbell is selling his journal from the last tour on EBay. It's a really rare piece of rock memorabilia. From what I've seen posted, it's a little glimpse into the life of a rock musician -- the life behind the music. http://www.ebay.com/sch/tazzyfund/m.html?_trksid=p4340.l2562
  11. surfnburn

    Chapter 8 - The Guitars

    I love this! The old steel one is interesting. it's so nice it's being played instead of sitting in a museum somewhere.
  12. surfnburn

    Question of the day 7/3/12

    You should have painted.. It's an interesting location and the light is different there. Yeah..We noticed that many knew English when we were in Europe. They liked to practice, so I could manage pretty well.
  13. surfnburn

    Question of the day 7/3/12

    What were you doing in Holland? Studying? Painting? Working? Sounds interesting. I went to Europe with my childhood friend in the 80s. It was great because she was fluent in several languages - French, Russian, Spanish, Greek... I guess American girls had a rep back then; men were always trying to talk to us; ironically, we were pretending we didn't know any languages...lol
  14. surfnburn

    Question of the day 7/3/12

    I had a little Spanish in grade school. I don't speak it but I can understand a little. I had French in college. It's a beautiful language. I don't remember much, and it's rare when i hear it spoken in California. I also learned a little Chinese which I'm relearning with my daughter. Half her family is Chinese.
  15. surfnburn

    Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers RAH June 20, 2012

    You traveled so far; I'm so glad your show was special. Of course Mike remembers the Knobettes! Sounds like you had an amazing night and a wonderful trip. We missed you, Beth.