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  1. Well, I've reached the conclusion of The Soprano's six seasons. American Girl turned up half way through the second episode of Season 6 when Tony Soprano was fighting for his life in a hospital bed after being shot by his uncle Junior and his wife Carmela was reminiscing at the bedside to her unconscious husband about the time as youngsters that they went down to Long Island beach and ''you had this song playing all the time we were down there'' as she played it on the Sony CD/Cassette/Radio in the hospital room. The full song played but you could tell that they had to do a couple of takes of that scene as they had to 'splice and dice' the song together a bit about two thirds way through. So Tony Soprano was a Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers fan ladies and gentlemen! I wonder did he pay for the album? For me the first five seasons were top notch, season 6 (which i learned after was recorded 3 years after season 5) flagged a bit and for me the natural conclusion would have been for Tony to be assassinated by either the Brooklyn crew or one of the new breed 'gangsta rap' criminal crews. If he would have being gunned down in a hail of bullets as he waddled out in white bathrobe to collect the morning papers from the front driveway with 'Rhino Skin' the musical outro. Fantastic use of music snippets throughout the whole series, they all fitted the scenes/mood perfectly in all instances. I must look up all the music that was used. I particularly liked the opening scene in episode 1 season 5, music and visuals used to great effect! Oh, there's a part 2 to season 6, have to find episodes 13 - 21! 😀
  2. I'm still on Cloud 9 after Neil & Bob. Bob was on one of his 'ON' nights! Privileged to have been there! 🙂 Bob's band were sensational and the man has a presence/aura on stage that is unique when you witness it in person.
  3. dollardime

    Sad News

    The best of luck in your recovery nurk. Keep on rockin in the free world! 😀
  4. I'm a late arrival to the greatness that is The Sopranos series starring James Gandolfini. I'm working my way through the boxset. Heard a snippet of Free Fallin' about two thirds way through the final episode of Season 2! 😀
  5. 🔆 I'm still speechless with a grin on my face since Sunday 🔅
  6. So my first show since I last saw TPATHB which was the last night of the 2014 HE tour on October 11th 2014 at The Forum LA, is actually going to be Neil Young (playing with Promise of The Real) and Bob Dylan on July 14th 2019 upcoming at Nolan Park Kilkenny Ireland. Looking forward to it, and for me its a kinda fitting way for it to be the first next show i'll actually be at after the last Tom and the Heartbreakers show I saw which was actually the last live music show I have actually been to. I'll report back here after the show how I experienced it! 😀 Keep on rockin in the free world while you still can everyone! 😀
  7. Breakdown got a spin on Radio Nova here in Dublin Ireland yesterday evening as I was walking home. 😀
  8. Just purely going on the actual live performance of each song here for me it has to be Dogs On The Run, the Dogs captured my heart, more evocative feeling in the live performance of Dogs than Change Of Heart here for me. No if it were the album version of both songs then Change Of Heart would win hands down...I still complain that the fade out of the album version of Dogs on The Run is far too soon...there was more there that should have been let run......
  9. dollardime

    What Music Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Just because....and as awesome as this is, dam it's a pity Tom and the boys were busy that night 😀
  10. American Girl played on Starbucks radio in Dublin Ireland today when I was there during my lunch break 😀
  11. Runnin Down a Dream on Classic Hits 4FM in Dublin Ireland on morning of April 29th just leaving train station on way to work 😊
  12. You Got Lucky on Radio Nova in Dublin Ireland yesterday during my lunch break in a cafe having a mint tea! 😀 A VERY well produced song for the radio, still sounds as fresh as a daisy, love the studio production on that one!
  13. I Won't Back Down on my way to catch the train into work yesterday on Classic Hits 4FM in Ireland and also Tweeter & The Monkey Man on my way home from work last week on a local Irish language radio station in Dublin. I'm also hearing a lot of Roy Orbison lead vocal songs from the Travelling Wilbury's being played on the radio recently! 😀
  14. 'I Won't Back Down' on Tuesday November 20th on my way walking into work that morning, just after an American Airlines plane passed overhead on it's way into Dublin airport.
  15. dollardime

    So Mike is in Fleetwood Mac ?

    So news just in that The Mac are coming to Europe in June 2019, Berlin, Dublin & London dates announced. I'm kinda torn on if I should go. I'd love to see Mike play live again for sure and I was a fan of Crowded House back in the day too...on the other hand I think that Stevie's vocal capacity is for me definitely not as strong as in past days, again not criticising the person just my view. Could I deal on many levels with being there hearing Free Fallin played by a different band with Mike actually on stage too, if indeed Mike will still be there...so many emotions...I like what I hear when Mike gets to stretch out a bit on Black Magic Woman and Oh Well..... This is a tough one, will have to think about it...now if The Dirty Knobs were the opening act for The Mac in Dublin then I'm in! Excuse me if I, have some place in my mind, where I go time to time!