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  1. dollardime

    TPATHB Studio Session 2006

    This is new to me and absolute gold. Live studio performances of Saving Grace, Square One, GOLDEN ROSE oh my goodness!!! Flirting with Time which does divert to audio only but is fantastic and I just Want to Make Love to You cover. Golden Rose is absolutely sensational and the band sense it too from the reaction. Wow but Golden Rose should have been brought out on the road a few times...dam, I'm speechless. ☺ I've mentioned here before that I view Toms lyrics on Highway Companion as right up there as among the best he's ever written in my view consistently on a full album, i love the mind map imagery layers he evokes on HC and I love how the band make these HC songs come alive!!
  2. dollardime

    When are we going to get some stuff ?

    My name's Joe, I'm the CEO. I'm the man makes the big wheels roll.....
  3. dollardime

    So Mike is in Fleetwood Mac ?

    If I were a betting man I'd say that Oh Well is a thousand times more likely to be in the set list than SDMHA. Mike knows Oh Well pretty well with The Heartbreakers covering it quite often down the years.Albatross and Man of the World would be potential others I could see...the latter would really suit Neil Finn vocally. I think that the Peter Green era of Fleetwood Mac could get a few more songs in the set list...potentially....I would certainly hope so as Mike would really sparkle playing those songs. It will be interesting to see...I would actually be very surprised if any TPATHB songs are in the Mac set list..but time will tell. ☺
  4. Learning to Fly again this morning on Classic Hits 4fm in Ireland....dam but Jeff Lynne is fond of the sound of an anvil being struck in his production! ☺
  5. Nightwatchman really caught a wave that night, resonated so well and was up there as one of the nights top prime highlights. It really is a fantastic live song and is certainly one that could / should have been played live much more often down through the years..I've said it before that when you look back at the live set lists down through the years especially in later years there are a lot of mid tempo songs in the set list, awesome mid tempo songs of course but I also thought that there was room for a couple of extra fast tempo urgent snarl type vocal delivery type songs..Tom always did that snarly type vocal so well...so Nightwatchman was a real treat and even those in the audience who may not have been too familiar with the song really got into it too on the night. I was delighted to hear House in The Woods played as I love to hear the less played rare live nuggets. I would also have to say that I could sort of see why it wasn't brought out of the woods into the live set list too often as well though..it was played flawlessly and Mike delivered some tasty guitar flourishes at appropriate junctures as he does so well..something about the chorus that drags a bit though that personally speaking doesn't quite knit together with the rest of the song...just a personal opinion that...It was great that they played it and it was great to witness it in person! ☺ I also hope someone out there has recordings from the Thursday night..even Nightwatchman and House In The Woods as standalone recordings would be great. Fingers crossed!!!
  6. dollardime

    Question of the day 4/30/18

    My last was actually the last night of the 2014 TPATHB tour at The Forum in Los Angeles. I might have to check out Fleetwood Mike as next port of call! ☺
  7. dollardime

    So Mike is in Fleetwood Mac ?

    ^ I just hope and pray we don't get a Tom Petty 'hologram' performing on stage at some stage in the future. There is a Roy Orbison hologram performing with an orchestra on tour at the moment. Personally, it wouldn't sit comfortably with me on any level but there are other perspectives..
  8. ^ I was at the Thursday night show at the Beacon in 2013! ☺ I've yet to come across a full boot of the Thursday show which was the third night in that mini residency...precious little has emerged from the Thursday night by way of footage. Another great night..that was the night two ladies beside me left at the end muttering about Free Fallin not being played which made me chuckle I must admit. Being at a TPATHB show when Free Fallin wasn't played is one of my claims to fame! I keep saying im going to get it printed on a tee shirt!😃 Back to Fenway though..I'm just bowled over watching it...Shadow People is such an undiscovered classic, can't get enough of it!! similar sentiment about Lost Children from Echo..plenty others too. I just feel in my bones that the end of the 2014 tour would have been a great way for TPATHB to have sailed into the sunset from live performance and the Mudcrutch 2016 tour a great way for Tom to have concluded from a live performance perspective..of course i wish Tom could have gone on forever yet there's something about the 2017 tour that I can reconcile in my own mind as being very brave and noble of Tom to do...I just find it very hard to watch any footage of the 2017 tour...even before Toms passing there was a sense of joyous melancholy mix in the performances of 2017 as if the Heartbreakers were playing for Tom as much as with him..like a band of brothers who had the back of their guy and they were going to back him up no matter what. There is a sense of defiance in the way the band was playing in those final shows, like it was the band's parting gift to their leader. Only they will really know what was happening but for what it's worth that's my thoughts on it as best as I can express them at the moment......
  9. I've been waiting to see this for a long time. This is how I will remember the last TPATHB tour in my mind....yes I know it's 2014 and not 2017, it's a personal way I'm choosing to look at things. I was blessed to see 8 shows on the 2014 tour. Bless you Tom.
  10. dollardime

    So Mike is in Fleetwood Mac ?

    Maybe Mike misses the buzz of playing huge stadium tours and that huge burst of mass tidal wave energy that playing in front of twenty thousand people can generate. I'm sure that can be an addictive buzz. You don't tend to hear the individual conversations or the inane ramblings of some in a small bar type venue or a couple having a 'domestic' while you're trying to give it your all. I think we have to factor in the stadium dynamic buzz into the reasoning for this as well.
  11. dollardime

    So Mike is in Fleetwood Mac ?

    I don't know the ins and outs as to why Buckingham won't be on the tour but greatly respect his musical abilities. I do know that the addition of Mike and Neil Finn will personally speaking greatly enhance the live Mac experience. Mac have many great songs and whatever one may think about the band/brand dynamics as a collection of musicians together on the stage Mick, John, Christine, Mike, Neil and Stevie will sure make a great live experience. If you take it from the perspective of going to hear a lot of great songs played greatly (if you can afford to go...I know the tickets will probably cost an arm and a leg) then it will be a great concert experience. Die hard Mac fans will I'm sure have a lot of mixed feelings about the line up changes and Buckingham's absence as any die hard fans of any band do but I for one will be following this closely and look forward to seeing how this all gels together. Crowded House were one of my favourite bands and I followed them closely in the 90's. Their farewell show from Sydney in 1994/5 is well worth checking out. Neil Finn is a great singer and will definitely enhance the vocal delivery on many Mac songs. My own view is that Buckingham and Nick's vocals on the last couple of tours were not as strong as previously so Neil vocally will add a lot and enhance the show vocally. I still have reservations about Nicks capacity to deliver live vocally at this point in time but it is what it is, judging by the last couple of tours...and indeed with the Heartbreakers at Hyde Park last year. That's no disrespect to Stevie...vocal capacity changes with age....Christine McVies vocals have held up a bit better latterly in my view. I've always liked drum/bass dynamic between John McVie and Mick Fleetwood and the addition of Mike fascinates me. I can't wait to see how he plays Macs songs. So again musically there is a lot to excite me about this. Of course, I'd like Mike to release his album and continue to make his own original music and curate archive Heartbreakers releases of buried treasure stuff down the line/more Dirty Knobs/more collaborations. It may be heresy to actually think or say it but the thought occurs to me that Neil Finn doing vocals with the Heartbreakers would work exceptionally well musically...now I'm not necessarily saying that he would/should sing Tom's songs but The Heartbreakers doing Neil Finn songs would work musically. Yes, I know it's a whole can of worms about what can work musically and what is right and proper artistically, morally, band of brothers, respect and decency. The music business is full of murky and blurred lines....I'm just thinking out loud here for what it's worth. Anyway, best of luck to Mike with The Mac tour! It's a great creative outlet to play those classic songs and I'm sure Mike will ace it!
  12. TPATHB's cover of Elvis's Wooden Heart as a promo for the HBO documentary on The King. Played on Newstalk Radio in Ireland yesterday...although the dj called Mike 'Mick' Campbell in saying Mike was joining the Fleetwood Mac tour.
  13. dollardime

    TP in new Elvis Doc

    So here's what's on 3 cd version release..wooden heart on CD 3. Note the typo in the text...Elvis influenced by the Heartbreakers 😉
  14. dollardime

    TP in new Elvis Doc

    Just heard there's going to be an album called The Searcher released to coincide with this documentary. Tom & The Heartbreakers contribute Wooden Heart..it's very much a plaintive mellow acoustic guitar led version with tender vocal feel delivery by Tom with some unobtrusive keyboards and not much else by way of instrumentation, sure sounds like a fairly recent latter day vocal take by Tom when I heard it played on the Newstalk radio station in Ireland last night. Don't know when it was actually recorded though. ☺
  15. dollardime

    So Mike is in Fleetwood Mac ?

    Oh wow! I'm excited. ☺ Heard the news long the radio this morning on Radio Nova in Ireland after they played Stop Draggin My Heart Around!