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  1. Would they? Only they can answer that really..I'd have mixed feelings about it as I'm sure they would too but musicians create music, that's what they do..would it be in the form of a once off tribute show for Tom with guest vocalists carefully chosen..the emphasis being on carefully chosen who would have the right sensibility to do justice to what they're doing...it would be car crash stuff if not handled properly. Could they? Well yes they could if they wanted to..musical ability wise they could back up anyone really given the strength of the band. Should they? That's the hard one really. Mike Benmont and Steve are active in the scene in their own right with side projects and studio work. Ron and Scott...it would be strange seeing them all as a collective together on stage without Tom, but it would need to be a Bob Dylan type figure...Bob and The Heartbreakers on a mini tour somewhere....I could see that as viable artistically if they did it..I think Tom would give his blessing to that. McGuinn also...a Willie Nelson studio album with the Heartbreakers. Or dare I say it..Neil Young on tour with the Heartbreakers would also be fascinating . It would need to be that type of calibre of collaboration to have any value or merit if it were to happen at all. Another option would be for the Heart breakers to do a tour on their own. A small theatre type tour with Mike and Benmont songs and a few Mudcrutch and blues covers...just for fun low key relaxed. Or Mudcrutch to tour similar vibe to option above. Who knows if any of this is even remotely possible but perhaps in the fullness of time it might even be therapeutic for the band to get back together and play in celebration of Tom and the music that has given them all a wonderful life. Life is for living. Music is for playing.
  2. Heard Saving Grace played on BBC radio 2 in the UK last night and Change of Heart (which sounded great coming through an fm radio dial..comes across great on radio) a few weeks ago on the same station.
  3. What do you need to do today?

    Today I need to get my head around getting out from between a rock and a hard place. It's a All You Can Carry song type situation.
  4. Question of the day 10/14/17

    11 times in total. 2012...Dublin and Cork (first two shows of the European leg of that tour) Cork was the best show I've ever seen, a truly magical experience close to the stage in a circus tent! ☺ 2013 The third show at The Beacon NYC..House in The Woods and no Free Fallin 😉 2014 Tampa, West Palm Beach, The three Red Rocks shows, Anaheim on my birthday (Mike was particularly out of this world brilliant on that night) and the two closing shows of the tour at the Forum LA. I just feel so thankful and blessed to have enjoyed the band live 11 times at a time when I could get to the shows, twice in my home country Ireland and as part of my travel adventures in America 2013/14 and also when Tom still had his stage performance strength. 11 of the best nights of my life. Those who have seen the band live in their multiple different eras are very lucky indeed. I'll always treasure my live experiences with the band. Always. Thank you Tom.
  5. Hard To Handle...Live

    Every time I see footage of Dylan live with the Heartbreakers it turns into a Stan and Benmont show for me, especially here. Stan is just sensational live here and if you look carefully you'll see that Dylan is taking his lead from and is attuned to what Benmont is doing and constantly references him with his eyes. Really showcases how brilliant Stan and Benmont are live here. They shine that bit brighter than everyone else on stage here for me which is no mean feat given the talent on stage!
  6. Future Tom Petty Releases

    Some great ideas there! For me, Mudcrutch 3 and Wildflowers All The Rest make sense and to me would be the most appropriate in terms of honouring Tom as he was by all accounts happy for these projects to go ahead and was satisfied with them from a high quality barometer perspective. There will always be that 'Would Tom be happy if we release this' type of conversation in deciding what to release or not..that's an awesome responsibility to have and it should be done with respect and artistic sensibility so I hope that Mike and The Heartbreakers have the final say on any releases and that those final decisions are not made by some faceless suit in a boardroom with a PowerPoint presentation and financial projection charts. Part of me is thinking that there shouldn't be any more releases because Tom has passed on and isnt in this realm to say he wants it done..but I just hope and pray that if releases are to be forthcoming that it is done in a classy way befitting of Tom and his artistry. For what it's worth I don't think an official video release from the 40th anniversary tour will be done...a live audio ep of about 6 songs carefully chosen from the best performances would be the way to go there in my view if the 40th tour is in the mix for a future release..Swingin, Good Enough, You Got Lucky, Breakdown, Wildflowers, Rockin Around With You would be a nice memento from the tour. Archive footage from the studio and band rehearsals down the years would be a blessing too to see.
  7. Honoring Tom's birthday

    A different twist on this thread, a bit of a Wilbury twist maybe☺ On this Toms birthday there is an exhibition celebrating the influence of India in the UK that i was walking past today and George Harrison is part of the exhibition, pictured here with Ravi Shankar. I hope you and George are playing some ukuleles today Tom. Bless you both wherever you are. The bottom of the picture reads 'Ultimately music is the language of humanity capable of offsetting the nationalistic political boundaries of a turbulent world through it's universal expression'. Nitin Sawhney The Telegraph 2009.
  8. Tributes and covers from peers and writers

    Watching a lot of these live show setting tribute efforts showcases how good Tom and the Heartbreakers were as a live band..not that any reminder was needed but still...That said I really loved the Gov't Mule cover..they nailed it pretty good. ☺
  9. Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017

    Looking back I believe Tom knew that his time in this realm was drawing to a close. The last interview where he gave Ron some special praise was a very touching moment I thought...Mike and Benmont get a lot of plaudits but it was nice to give Ron his due there...the last three years post 2014..the timing of it all..the Mudcrutch album and tour, indeed in some ways the Mudcrutch tour last year would have been the ideal way to bow out of stage performance for Tom in my view. The Heartbreakers just concluded tour.from the start it just all seemed a bit..I can't find the right word or maybe its too early to be even thinking about the context of all of this at all...again i go back to the human dimension in all this..but for me anyway the last tour was a difficult watch on a human level particularly towards the end and that had nothing to do with set lists or songs played...my heart just went out to Tom and the body language of the rest of the band on stage especially in the last few shows..it was as if they knew as well...bigger picture and maybe the more important aspect the only aspect you could say is the music and the over 40 year treasure trove of songs and performances.... I think Tom kept going until he couldn't keep going no more and then kept going some more......
  10. I Feel Like A Forgotten Song

    In a week when there has been every reason to cry, No Reason To Cry from Mojo is healing. I've always liked that song a lot. Dreams of Flying a Heartbreakers song all day long any day in my view. Just grateful now that it was recorded and released via Mudcrutch. Somewhere Under Heaven... Looking For Daddy... Two of the very latter day releases that are up there for me. Blue Sunday...when it's time to leave you go.....
  11. TPATHB The Last DJ Sessions

    The studio/footage packages are some of the most precious.
  12. Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017

    When I first heard the news on Tom I went home turned on the radio and caught the last part of a documentary on Nat King Cole which concluded with Nature Boy 'The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to be loved and to be loved in return'. Thinking about how we mourn artists we've never met, we don't cry because we knew them, we cry because they helped us know ourselves. Thank you Tom.
  13. Room at The Top and Swingin from Later With Jools Holland TV show on the BBC in UK 1999. Very poignant and fitting at this time...if a moderator could embed the actual video on this post that would be great as I can't manage to do so on the cell phone. https://youtu.be/0XVaSY-PTQo