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  1. You Wreck Me, was it a hit? And other questions.

    I was never totally crazy in love with YWM live. I would concur about the boy girl couplet lines which always puts a smile on my face when I hear them ☺ ISHKI is a certified hot live rocker, many nights in person it was the top level highlight of the shows I've been at. The crowd really get into it every time too..a non hit hit so to speak and is up there for me as one of the top drawer latter era songs..again it showcased how much the band could really rock out when they cut loose. On another note can someone please tell me why You're so bad was an immovable live albatross that never moved aside. I must admit I'm not keen on it at all but it was always played! ☺
  2. Still listening to only Tom Petty music daily

    I listen to Lost Children live from The Vic Theatre Chicago radio show 2002 almost every day over the last few months. There's something about that live version that's both empowering and comforting at the same time. I'm also listening a lot to the Lucca Napolone Italy show from 2012 a lot. That show had a few little extras and a bit of set list variation in comparison to most other shows on the European leg of that tour.oh well cover got a run out..as did Oh Carol, the midsection drum led rock out in Its Good To Be King was doubly extended to make it extra epic. That show also has what I think is THE definitive live version of Something Big..Mike seems to be channeling some Mark Knofler /Dire Straits tonality in his solos/licks. Two men Talkin was added in as a second last song...I think Tom and the band were inspired to mix things up a tad and play a bit longer that night as it was a warm sunny evening in an outdoor plaza type venue...probably reminded then a bit of being home in the California sunshine! ☺
  3. Musician biography book recommendations

    Just finished reading Brian Wilson 'Wouldn't it be nice, my own story' with Todd Gold. A stunning book, part heartbreaking, insightful, always compelling, and tragically bitter sweet towards the end. An absolutely fascinating read, couldn't put it down and finished it in 2 days. I was never a mega fan of The Beach Boys apart from the singles but this is compelling stuff about human frailty, family dynamics, abuse, power, business sharks and creative genius. It has it all. One of the best books I've ever read!
  4. Musician biography book recommendations

    Sam Philips - The man who invented rock and roll by Peter Guralnick is a great read, very detailed and well researched...over 600 pages..some great nuggets about Elvis, Johnny Cash Jerry Lee Lewis and Ike Turner among others as well.
  5. The Knobs @ Imperial Ball (with Tom Petty Tribute!!)

    Something good coming was an inspired choice for a tribute by Mike to Tom. The lyrics really resonated and the way Mike delivered them spoke of a long deep bond of love and respect between two music brothers. Great to see Mike up on stage again, I'm sure it's a help in the healing process.
  6. Coroner's Report/Petty Family Update

    This was my instinct too..I was hoping that whatever was ailing Tom was something that he could control/get over/beat away somehow but sometimes it's just not possible. All we can do is take comfort and inspiration in the music he has left us.
  7. Coroner's Report/Petty Family Update

    First off, a very classy statement by Tom's family, especially paragraph 5. Right from the outset the 2017 tour was a tough watch for me as i mentioned at the time.Tom was clearly unwell but valiantly kept going...but still..I don't think I'll ever watch footage of the 2017 tour again. A stadium tour too far in my eyes but I have to remember too that for many people who were there some for the first time that they will treasure the memories of seeing Tom and the band on the tour and rightly so. There is a bigger picture too though..was Tom too selfless to cancel the tour..was he not healthy enough to have an operation to fix his hip. Emphysema is a very debilitating illness, I wasn't aware that Tom had it..I often wondered why The Heartbreakers never really ran one song straight into another especially in latter years and always had gaps between each song...now I know why. Toms passing and the reasons for it are more or less what I had thought they were going to be. It's just a very sad situation. I'm sort of lost for the right words to say about it......
  8. Even the Losers is used as a 'sting' on The Two Mike's radio show on TalkSport in the UK. They have a weekly section on their show where they have a top three winners and top there losers debate. It seems to be a live version of Even The Losers they use in the 10 second sting. The winners 'sting' they use is Hot Chocolate's Everyones a Winner! ☺
  9. Hard rockin Petty & The Heartbreakers live tracks

    "Now we're gonna plug into the heavy equipment". It may actually be the missing link in the Heartbreakers canon of work, a really hard edged classic rock album along the lines of led zep.or even a live show or two when they just lined up in front of a stack of high voltage Marshall amps and just decided to shred from first song to last. It reminds me of a piece from Zanes biography on Tom when he noted that Mike and Tom wanted to go down the Beatles route in exploring sound scapes and crafting different musical sounds whereas Stan and Benmont wanted to be more like the Rolling Stones rough and ready and take the inspiration in the moment. Looking back most of the hard rockin sound live from the band was around 76 - 80 when you listen to the live boot's from that era. After that it was more of a rare hard rockin nugget live they threw into the mix every so often. That era of the band holds a special place in my heart. The Roselyn boot. .the raw sound on the first two albums. Rockpalast from Germany in 77 That killer version of Too Much ain't enough from that 1980 TV show in France. I wish I was around to experience that era of the band live..those who did..well you got lucky! Some of the tender songs are my favorite too. There was a great versatility in the different songs the band has released over the years and in Toms song writing. Heavy Petty is some of the best Petty! ☺
  10. I really loved when the band just let rip and tore it up live led zep style. probably my favorite aspect of the band live when they did.I wish they has done it more often actually. Just listen to Lost Children front the 2002 radio show at The Vic Chicago and you'll hear what I mean. That version of Lost Children live is one of the most awesome top shelf live tasteful classic rock shredding songs they've ever done. Just as awesome is the audience reaction at the end of the song...they go absolutely bananas. There is a theme here of a lot of the TPATHB audience wanting the band to be more like that live. ..listen to the between song shouts of the crowd "more rock and roll" same at Fillmore live.. Too Much ain't enough. A compilation of the most rockin songs live would be fantastic.
  11. Sometimes the simple ideas are the best. Get the band into the Clubhouse and have then jam a few songs and talk about Tom and some of their memories of him down the years for a couple of hours...a few stories from the road and anecdotes too with the camera rolling and then release the results as a Web video on the official website.
  12. This has been at the back of my mind for a while as a subject to explore / discuss. I suppose Toms passing has brought it to the forefront of my mind now but it's been there for a few years. When I say religious imagery I mean more than spiritual imagery or hippie mindset type spirituality after smoking a few joints...though nothing wrong with that if it's your thing! ☺ Angel Dream...Hungry No More...Lost Children...I Forgive it All...four songs that immediately spring to mind. I also recall Tom wearing a cross on his back on a waistcoat jacket at a number of Mudcrutch 2016 tour shows..I could be wrong but i took it symbolically at the time..maybe Tom was contemplating spiritual / religious themes as many do when we get older...exploring oe reconciling with God or putting Gods message out there through song. This type of theme seemed to become more prominent particularly in the later song writing. I don't know if Tom was a believer in a God..a Christian god or any other faith based religion or not..many song writers do explore this type of subject matter from time to time as a theme...I think it may be more embedded and long term in Toms song writing though and I'm trying not to be clouded by Toms passing in coming to that conclusion. Anyone else feel similarly on this?
  13. A bit of variation on the theme here, more a 'where Tom was mentioned'. Tom was mentioned in passing on A boxing radio show in the UK on TalkSport radio boxing review of 2017 yesterday. The presenters were discussing the Klitchko v Joshua bout and mentioned that just like Tom Petty neither boxer would back down on the night and how much a terrible loss Tom's passing was and ''I'm a big fan". Gareth A Davies was the boxing journalist who mentioned Tom.
  14. Would they? Only they can answer that really..I'd have mixed feelings about it as I'm sure they would too but musicians create music, that's what they do..would it be in the form of a once off tribute show for Tom with guest vocalists carefully chosen..the emphasis being on carefully chosen who would have the right sensibility to do justice to what they're doing...it would be car crash stuff if not handled properly. Could they? Well yes they could if they wanted to..musical ability wise they could back up anyone really given the strength of the band. Should they? That's the hard one really. Mike Benmont and Steve are active in the scene in their own right with side projects and studio work. Ron and Scott...it would be strange seeing them all as a collective together on stage without Tom, but it would need to be a Bob Dylan type figure...Bob and The Heartbreakers on a mini tour somewhere....I could see that as viable artistically if they did it..I think Tom would give his blessing to that. McGuinn also...a Willie Nelson studio album with the Heartbreakers. Or dare I say it..Neil Young on tour with the Heartbreakers would also be fascinating . It would need to be that type of calibre of collaboration to have any value or merit if it were to happen at all. Another option would be for the Heart breakers to do a tour on their own. A small theatre type tour with Mike and Benmont songs and a few Mudcrutch and blues covers...just for fun low key relaxed. Or Mudcrutch to tour similar vibe to option above. Who knows if any of this is even remotely possible but perhaps in the fullness of time it might even be therapeutic for the band to get back together and play in celebration of Tom and the music that has given them all a wonderful life. Life is for living. Music is for playing.
  15. Heard Saving Grace played on BBC radio 2 in the UK last night and Change of Heart (which sounded great coming through an fm radio dial..comes across great on radio) a few weeks ago on the same station.