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  1. Oh I loved that version of American Girl, if was almost perfect until the last 20 seconds or so when they got the ending a bit out of sync with each other..a minor thing but dam, anyway I love McGuinns phrasing and timing of the words in his vocal delivery, so different from Tom but really works here and makes for a fascinating listen. Roger McGuinn & The Heartbreakers for a once off show somewhere sometime would please me greatly...Steve Winwood & The Heartbreakers would also be very interesting to see and hear musically speaking for a full show of Winwoods back catalogue... Who knows what the future holds....
  2. Wow, what a wonderful refreshing surprise to turn the dial on the radio and up pops of all songs Running Man's Bible on Rte radio 1 in Ireland last night. Dire Straits / Mark Knofler type tones is what I hear echos of on that one! This after hearing Learning to Fly earlier yesterday morning. ☺
  3. New live footage to me, love discovering these type of rarities. JJ Cale cover.
  4. dollardime

    TP Radio (XM) Special Announcement this week

    'The truth is rarely pure and never simple' Oscar Wilde. With this release I'm transported back to 1993 when I bought my first TPATHB album. The band were already on the road two years before I was born and that purchase of Greatest Hits cemented a life long appreciation for and exploration of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers for me and yes I did go on to purchase and enjoy all the albums off the back of purchasing Greatest Hits. Sometimes we forget that new people are coming across the music of TPATHB that haven't heard it before, weren't around for the full journey of the band from the beginning and that releases like this can be a great introduction to the band and a gateway to further exploration of other albums and other era's of the band. Now of course for many here, myself included I would have preferred a stand alone release option with just the new songs but it's show business and commercial realities dictate the type of release realities we get no matter how we would wish it different. It's one of those conundrums that I'm balancing with the very eloquent words of Big Blue Sky that resonate so well with me. I look forward to the new songs and will listen to the compilation on the basis of it being a labour of love by those close to Tom.
  5. dollardime

    The Extended Jam Extravaganza Thread

    Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers live Lucca Piazza June 2012. I think this has to go down as a definite live classic.☺
  6. dollardime

    The Extended Jam Extravaganza Thread

    I think the most epic of the IGTBK jamathons down the years was Lucca Italy in 2012, doubly extended Steve drum breakdown outro which is awesome. Check it out. I would also strongly suggest that Lucca Italy 2012 is right up there as one of their very best live shows ever...a few great variations that night..You Wreck Me thrown in to great effect in song number 2 position, the best live version jamming of Something Big I've heard, IGTBK as already mentioned, Mike does a few different flourishes in Refugee and Tom asks the crowd if it's OK if they play on a bit and brings out Two Men Talkin. Definitely check out the audio boot of this show..one showe'd up on YouTube recently with good quality sound and the audience conversation filtered
  7. Free Fallin at Dublin airport today! 😂
  8. You Don't Know How It Feels on June 19th on the external loudspeakers of a shopping centre plaza in Dublin as I was entering a store to get a refund on a shower hose! ☺
  9. Free Fallin while having a mid evening nap coming through the walls of my neighbours house...reminded me of The Apartment Song 😆
  10. dollardime

    The Extended Jam Extravaganza Thread

    Now we're talking! ☺ I love the extended jams and actually think that even when they did extend the jams they didn't extend them enough on many ocasions.One in all in would be my motto and I often felt that Tom called a premature halt on many longer jams when Mike and Benmont were getting into their stride...I think Tom was a believer in the don't bore us get to the chorus ethic especially with the Heartbreakers. Lost Children...Fillmore run. Fantastic extended jam but listen as Mike is ready to solo on and Tom cuts in for the outro. MJLD. Austin Texas..Last DJ tour..the long distance person to person call monologue between Tom and a young lady...awesome. The Last DJ DVD version is awesome. A Woman in Love 2012/2014 tour...great intensity that I thought they could have extended even further on ocasion. Swingin...plenty of room for a 12 minute version thrown in a couple of times certainly merited it. Travelling Light JJ Cale cover at Jazz Fest 2013..epic jam fest that one. Shadow People..awesome tune, highlight of 2014 tour for me..could have done with a couple of 12 minute versions! Too Much Ain't Enough..that French TV version from early 80's is fantastic...there was a latter era extended version they did when the 'finished ' and started up the song again on a couple of ocasions..I'm sure someone remembers the exact details..late noughties I think.. The last few IGTBK live versions from 2017 had a palpable sense of defiance in the way the Heartbreakers played it..I may never be able to bring myself to watch that again...I mentioned previously that it was as if the band were playing for Tom as much as with him.. In general you'll notice that in nearly every extended jam version of songs live Tom always reverted to a quiet mid song interlude and ratcheted things up at the end for a creschendo. I would have liked to see more balls to the wall heavy duty Crazy Horse/Led Zep type riffage more often..the mid section quiet interludes could have been used a bit more sparingly at select times but hey not complaining.
  11. Into the Great Wide Open...under the sunny skies of blue on a Dublin summer's day today blaring out from a pub as I walked past today ☺
  12. dollardime

    TPATHB Studio Session 2006

    This is new to me and absolute gold. Live studio performances of Saving Grace, Square One, GOLDEN ROSE oh my goodness!!! Flirting with Time which does divert to audio only but is fantastic and I just Want to Make Love to You cover. Golden Rose is absolutely sensational and the band sense it too from the reaction. Wow but Golden Rose should have been brought out on the road a few times...dam, I'm speechless. ☺ I've mentioned here before that I view Toms lyrics on Highway Companion as right up there as among the best he's ever written in my view consistently on a full album, i love the mind map imagery layers he evokes on HC and I love how the band make these HC songs come alive!!
  13. dollardime

    When are we going to get some stuff ?

    My name's Joe, I'm the CEO. I'm the man makes the big wheels roll.....
  14. dollardime

    So Mike is in Fleetwood Mac ?

    If I were a betting man I'd say that Oh Well is a thousand times more likely to be in the set list than SDMHA. Mike knows Oh Well pretty well with The Heartbreakers covering it quite often down the years.Albatross and Man of the World would be potential others I could see...the latter would really suit Neil Finn vocally. I think that the Peter Green era of Fleetwood Mac could get a few more songs in the set list...potentially....I would certainly hope so as Mike would really sparkle playing those songs. It will be interesting to see...I would actually be very surprised if any TPATHB songs are in the Mac set list..but time will tell. ☺
  15. Learning to Fly again this morning on Classic Hits 4fm in Ireland....dam but Jeff Lynne is fond of the sound of an anvil being struck in his production! ☺