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  1. He was diagnosed late August 2002 and was given approx. 3 months to live. He died Sept. 7, 2003. I'm firmly convinced the love & support of friends, family & fans and meaningful work kept him going long after the docs thought he'd be gone. (And the desire to hold his grandbabies - his daughter birthed twins in June of 2003). -- Lucy
  2. Hi. Surfnburn sent me here from the Zevon bulletin board. Thanks! The song's actually 'Sentimental Hygiene' (not Incidental) in case anyone wants to go looking for it. SH is also the title of the album from 1987. The song My Shit's Fucked Up is on the Life'll Kill Ya album (circa 2000) and it's NOT listed on the back of the CD case. That was WZ's little joke. Thank you for your support. -- Lucy
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