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    tompetty9 got a reaction from TomFest in Ron   
    Has anyone heard Ron's new song? Freakin awesome!!! I hope he puts out an alblum. Last year Steve played another song of Rons on his radio show last year which was great. Unfortunately, I cant find it. 
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    tompetty9 got a reaction from Nel in Tom Petty Awarded Songwriting Royalties for Sam Smith's "Stay With Me"   
    I don't think the strong opinions are completely unfounded. I tend to agree I have a hard time hearing it and making a connection between the two songs. Knowing that Tom seems to be a stand up guy, I think he truly hears and believes it. Maybe he can hear something different being a great song writer? I think this brings up a question. How do you really prove someone took something from someone else, given the millions of songs there are?
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