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  1. I'm more focused on the music, the lyrics are just impressionistic to me. Aside from a couple albums I feel Tp wrote an ex's worth of good material within each record, sandwiched with bad songs. I think FMF/HE/DTT/LAD are the big ones, everything else is a mix with some truly dire albums, but that's gotta be a minority opinion here. Oh and I really wanted to like Joe, I think he makes some solid points but it's so musically off-putting and the lyrics so strident it's just a rough song to listen to and pretty much an unpleasant experience. cheers
  2. Interesting; to me it's a completed song with a jaunty feel. Feels most like some unused WF track. cheers
  3. I don't know, I think it fits with the mellower feel of that album but it works really well or will as part of a future collection or something. cheers
  4. Photographer who worked with Tom: https://www.sebreephoto.com/copied-blog/2016/9/9/tom-petty-all-the-rest cheers
  5. Good for you Hoodoo! Nice mug too...now you know the first drink has to be a solid cup of the Bunn brewed Maxwell House, then throw in Hurricane Eye and enjoy the swag! cheers
  6. That seemed more of a there's a new book coming! And this would be differentiated by people who have read it, hence a few fresh topic. Sometimes a new topic also gets conversation going.
  7. Makes sense. But I still feel like sit back and let the money such as it is roll in while Mike and Ben and whomever handle the music. It doesn't matter. ciao
  8. I understood and figured comments at the time were lawyers fanning flames though I'd blocked the whole thing from my mind. Yeah, let them reap the profits but if true, why would Tom's ex-wife have any say on All The Rest or WF? All the Rest? It's All The Clusterfuck at this point. How did they go from Tom having a completed version to nothing? Yes, eventually. cheers
  9. This is the topic for discussion of the newly re-released and expanded book.
  10. I forgot all about the previous disagreements actually and attribute that to legal teams. Regardless that has now been put in the past but I recognize the concern as one can look to past behavior to predict future. As with everything concerning all the rest time will tell, were lessons learned and things will proceed in a gentle, peaceful manner or will future releases be prevented by unfortunate behaviors? I guess we'll see or hear or not hear as the case may be. That is my opinion. Peace!
  11. That's not good but as you said I doubt it would be an issue with this band. In fact, Wildflowers is one of the best sounding albums they made. I would hope the family doesn't have more say than the band but really, it's not my affair. They will all do well one way or the other from the eventual release of all the rest. But having a former spouse have say on the artistic direction feels wrong in this case. In my opinion.
  12. It makes sense for the widow and daughters or family as you will to enjoy the profit from Tom and his fellow's hard work. Very fair. But I think Mike and Ben should have authority when it concerns the release of new/old material. Everyone benefits and I'm sure they would take into consideration the thoughts of Tom's family.
  13. I agree, for me it is just something that doesn't hold appeal is all. I don't think that would ever happen. I'm sure any singers on a potential Theater Tour would do a good job but it feels off in that Tom thought about bringing on additional musicians but that works with him as the king. Without that it feels like a lot of busy around an empty center.
  14. Welcome to the Farm! I think you'll find quite a lot of interesting discussions here and I'm sure you'll enjoy sharing your thoughts on a variety of topics.
  15. Yes very much so. I don't think a spouse should be involved, get Mike in there, Mike and Benmont. Why should the daughters and widow have any say in the musical releases since they had no contribution to them. I understand legally, but if definitely feels off.
  16. That does sound fun. I think for me it would be more of in the moment than something I'd enjoy musically second-hand but who knows. At this point, I'm more interested in your reviews/take on TDK shows. cheers
  17. Male nor female, I just don't think a parade of guest singers is the way to go but: a) no one in the band cares what I think b) it's all speculation anyway c) I could be wrong and a WF tour/show would be marvelous with Taylor, Miley, Stevie, Eddie, as long as you have two syllables in your first name. Besides, it may just be too painful for the band to sit there and play these songs without Tom. Take all this on this topic from me with a grain of salt, since I'm someone who thought the Free Fallin thing by Fleetwood Mac was cheesy, the big videoscreen of Tom just strange. It's like one time I get it, but now it feels like some manufactured mourning/tribute, everyone get ready to cry, it's encore time and here's some photos of Tom night after night. But maybe it was cathartic for both band and audience and this powerful moment. Obviously if Mike didn't want to do it they wouldn't have done it so what do I know? If it helped people both those who knew and worked with Tom, called him friend and those in the audience then it was a good thing. But tribute tours/shows aren't my interest for the most part, speculating about possible ones that have no evidence in reality is probably even more pointless than set list complains prior to 2017 and even somehow double pointless than set list complaints post 2017. Wake up time? I think for now for me on this topic it's go back to bed and sleep some more time. peace
  18. Clever. Good...enough singers. I suppose having them handle it carefully would be better. Ehh. I may be in the minority but I'm picturing some kind of hokey parade of female vocalists getting up there, bashing a tamborine and doing competent but uninspired performances. Hey! Maybe it'll happen and it'll be great and I'll say, "I was wrong," but right now it just ends up reminding me of some Vegas show, like The Tangiers present, YOU GOT LUCKY SLOTS, THE TOM PETTY TRIBUTE EXTRAVANGAZA! With Honey (Bee) Brown Ale, Here Comes My Gueuze and Happy Hour 1/2 price Last DJ double-shots. Can't Stop the Sun? More like Can't Stop the Fun! You Don't Know How It Feels till you travel 1.2 miles on 99 Convention Center Drive to The Tangiers!
  19. As much as the video to MJLD is creepy and atmospheric, it has no connection to the song in my mind and I'm glad I was always able to keep it separate from the song itself. Like you, I prefer to have my own emotional connections to the song and not have them locked in to someone else's vision. You Got Lucky is another one, interesting for a couple viewings, well filmed, a bit haunting but I'm glad I don't think about post-apocalpytic western when I listen to the song. cheers
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