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  1. I think it's a Safari, the browser for Mac issue. If she's getting something like this: Safari can't verify the identity of the website. The certificate for this website is invalid... Tell her to press the Continue button and it should take her here. cheers
  2. If she's on a Mac then most likely Safari. What is her user name and email, does she remember those Nurk?
  3. Take care of yourself Liberty! This was the best TPATH/mudcrutch/dirty knobs site on the internet. cheers
  4. DID YOU EVER...a-hem, do you ever listen to the Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter and think, okay, sure why not, I'm right here? But when you sing along, do you then think....wait a second now...

  5. You Wreck Me. You Wreckless Abandon Me. You Tell Me.
  6. Great White Shark footage. Keep your volume on mute. Watch the top clip. Then scroll down, hit "show more replies" keep going past beetlejuice gif till you reach "imagine meeting this." AGAIN, KEEP YOUR VOLUME MUTED. https://twitter.com/TWITMO_INMATE/status/1276547175586115584
  7. I prefer to think of them as the Pristine Protuberances.
  8. Discussion of the merits of white vs rye or italian and wheat. Toast or not to toast? To what degree? And don't forget the croissants!
  9. One last one before the lights are turned off!
  10. Good luck with your treatment/appointment.
  11. Interesting. I was surprised when I read that. To me it was a fine rock album, but I think I got his point of view of wanting to keep moving forward. Still, nothing wrong with an album of fun, rocking songs, the moodiness of Straight into Darkness and of course the funky groove of Same Old You. cheers
  12. Nice to see you back here before it closes! cheers
  13. I appreciate it but I really think everyone should be civil in the general sense, especially those we disagree with. Anyway, yeah, I figure it's more likely a minority of people who are running a scam and they ruin it-potentially-for everyone. I'm also aware of some of the limits of these services, as well as the need to renew, the social shame of having to use them as well, etc. Kinda ties back to my original point, these services are essential, and despite how much you and Drew may disagree he thinks the same overall. I don't blame hardworking people for wanting to protect themselves from taxes, especially every time some new bureacratic scanal emerges. I also think people need help etc. Which brings me back to my larger point, I think more people on opposite sides of the political divide have more in common and they end up arguing over differing sources of information and numbers. Most likely let's say you, Drew and Big Blue randomly met in a bar, not knowing about this place and a TPATH song came on, you'd all get along just fine and once that human, personal connection is formed, perhaps later if politics emerged, there would be a civil attempt to understand and egnage with each other. And if not, then at least to agree to disagree and dance to the music. I think I've said my peace here, cheers
  14. I just picked a random figure. Of course, 50% is too big, you've got serious problems if half are scammers. I think everyone agrees that social services should go to those who need it. But then, you can get into the issues of who decides the cut offs and how much is apportioned.
  15. My political opinions fall across a wide spectrum of thought, it comes down to the specific issue I may be conservative in one area, liberal in another but don't feel any particular nor strict allegiance to one political label or train of thought. Look at the irony of what you just said! Conservatives aren't able to empathize and sympathize? That's a pretty big brush your painting with. Of course there's "bootstraps" type out there; I think the big disconnect comes from anger at the ones who scam the system whatever percentage that is; so conservatives (and surely some liberals) balk at paying more of the money they work hard for to help others abusing the system. Why this doesn't translate into everyone criticizing all the corporate tax scamming and pocketed money that could help others, I don't know, well, I do know, graft, corruption etc. Oh well. I don't think conservatives own the White House, I think other moneyed interests do and the whole Dem/Rep binary is puppet theater though I also admit I could be wrong on that and it's just blind stupid human greed and pettiness (no pun intended) that has so much going wrong in a country where so much could go right. cheers
  16. With the internet, sometimes it's difficult to tell but it seems as if you're acting like you don't get nuance. I didn't think I'd have to specify, that of course, in the case of this place shutting down the concept of being banned seems ridiculous. Still in my experience, when it comes to the arts, people voicing conservative views will usually be attacked ignored and eventually banned. On the 'Farm closing or not, it takes guts to basically disagree with an article or criticize it especially when the subject are the surviving family members of the man whose music inspired this place's existence! Whether or not you agree with Drew's points, voicing a minority opinion always takes some measure of courage, or "courage" since this is online ha ha, but you get my point. On top of that, Big Blue said she flagged or whatever, told on this topic or post a page or two ago. Which makes it seem for all its "rebeliousnes" rock and roll is just as conformist as other parts of society. I don't think either party has the welfare of American citizens at heart; sure there are no doubt exceptions and good people working within the system but I think they are overwhelmed by the corrupt. But please don't act like conservatives don't have a difficult time within the arts if they open their mouths. Again, people on opposite sides of the political divide have more in common then they believe. Oh well.There's that irony again. As for being pulled into political or psuedo-political debates, that's not how I want to enjoy the last month give or take of visiting this place but I guess the topic does pull people in. "And says what he wants to say as long as it's up to date with the latest politically correct and progressive belief systems." cheers
  17. The great, sad irony and others have said this long before me here on this 'Farm is that most people want the same thing from life, food, shelter, love, companionship, meaning, purpose, a safe community, entertainment, hobbies, music, books, and on and on. And yet here we are in the year 2020 and still wrestle with the same issues. Strict adherence to either of the big two parties in American politics is a mistake as people are more nuanced and frankly, interesting than being forced to choose sides while corporations sit behind the scenes counting the profits from American's misery and hated towards one another. c'est tout
  18. No it takes guts because they're most likely going to be ripped apart, ignored and/or banned. cheers
  19. My understanding is there's some leftover WF tracks and some new stuff on there but I don't really know. As for the Angel Dreams, I confuse them, I like the song's tenderness but figure one version is enough. Sometimes I like Walls sometimes not, some days it's like a rock, some days it's...you get the gist. I think with a little pruning it's a pretty good record. cheers
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