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  1. You Wreck Me, was it a hit? And other questions.

    Understandable. I'm not a festival person, I like seeing a band in smaller venues.
  2. You Wreck Me, was it a hit? And other questions.

    Very well written RedfordCowboy. Tom Petty could've been viewed as corny or old-fashioned but he somehow evaded that. I think Wildflowers hit a nerve with people, the sentiments of longing and love and heartbreak speaking to both old and young. I think Tom never fit in with these guys; in fact, had he I wouldn't be listening to him as none of the above have ever connected with me aside from maybe hearing a radio hit countless times and thinking it was all right. There's an element of weirdness in TPATH's music, I think it's mostly submerged but pokes its head up from time to time and runs through a lot of their music. I don't know if it's really accurate but Seger, Springsteen etc. have that heartland rock label, but TPATH's tunes haven'f felt that way to me. Maybe it's the unique guitar sound of Mike along with Ben, or some element of british sheen mixed in along with some psychedelic element. I think some of it was the videos, it could have just been the timing too with WF and Greatest Hits being around; one picked up the first and then the second and that was it. Just based on that plus the laid back stage attitude connected with people. Probably the crowd pleasing touring as well, he became peoples' laid back rock and roll Uncle or something, understanding your heartache and telling you it'll be all right.
  3. Even The Losers Go Missing At Times

    It's playing on the video game that Tom knocks over in the You Got Lucky vid. Sneaky, eh?
  4. Question of the day 2/22/18

    Years ago I would've said I Won't Back Down by professional musicians but I think it could also be any of the big ones, Free Fallin', Learning To Fly with an outside chance of Breakdown or Runnin'. Amateurs, who knows? There's a plethora of covers online but a lot are the big hits.
  5. You Wreck Me, was it a hit? And other questions.

    I think you pretty much nailed it. People love the sentiment. It's like Tom Petty's version of "Friends in Low Places." If some consider Yer So Bad overplayed in concert, this song was a feature pretty much since 1995 and nearly always early in the set. What's interesting is how You Wreck Me is another example of doing a lot with very little. The main riff or chord progression is just three in a row, nothing fancy yet between the lyrics the drums and the little bits the rest of the band fit in the song works. The other main part that's also the song's conclusion is a neat way of building up to a climax with the fast chord changes and then moving up an octave. While a little different he does kinda the same thing in Saving Grace. Other groups have written better faster songs but YWM works nicely for TPATH. But overall, a laid back groove is just going to appeal to more people, especially one with these lyrics. There's quite a lot of space in the song too which helps no doubt to pull listeners in. I always found it incredibly dull and the lyrics annoying and was doubly annoyed by them playing it all the time and was puzzled at the audience's crazed reaction to what I thought I was a lame song. Never understood it. Years later I get it and like I said, can appreciate it when I'm in the mood. The song was definitely a new road for the band and one they kept on, in my opinion for years. Again, maybe that's why You Wreck Me stands out on Wildflowers, it's a burst of energy with a faster beat than the other rockers on the album, like Honey Bee. Even if it didn't get much radio play after 95, that Tom kept it in the set had people recognizing it when they caught him on tour over the years, even if one didn't own Wildflowers or hear the song much they'd get it in concert over the years. ISHKI seems like its in the same category but even less known than YWM. cheers
  6. You Wreck Me, was it a hit? And other questions.

    Yer So Bad is a good song, one of those perfectly placed punchy tunes that kick off Side Two. I didn't know it was a single but that would be my guess as to why it was played so often though a quick check of setlist.fm showed they stopped performing it from '04 to '13. So there were a number of shows and tours without the song. Beyond it being a single (which I don't know if I ever heard it on the radio) I think it's just a crowd pleaser with those opening lyrics. It's short and fast and fun and fits in to the set list formula they had of bringing up the energy after the mid-set acoustic/mellow part of the show. It's a transition piece to the heavier conclusion of the main set. I don't listen to it much anymore because I listened to it a lot over the years, but every so often I'll let it play through. cheers
  7. You Wreck Me, was it a hit? And other questions.

    That book by Paul Zollo pretty much explains that whole situation. It's a good read.
  8. You Wreck Me, was it a hit? And other questions.

    Turns out it was the right call to make. People love that song. Every so often I'm in the mood for it but it's just not something I usually listen to.
  9. If you only had one live TPATH concert recording to share with someone?

  10. Tributes and covers from peers and writers

  11. Tributes and covers from peers and writers

  12. Covers of Tom Petty songs

    Music starts at 1:49:
  13. Covers of Tom Petty songs

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