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  1. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Tributes and covers from peers and writers

  2. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    What songs would you include on an updated studio compilation?

    In all seriousness I think it may not make compilation albums because despite its popularity the song feels more like a novelty joke song. Also, I am purely speculating here but I think maybe Tom was hesitant of people viewing the song as approval or suggestion to do drugs or thinking they aren't that bad. Especially after Howie's death, his own heroin addiction and recovery it could be the song, if he ever thought about it, left a bad taste. Who knows, though? When you add in the circumstances surrounding Tom's death relative to opiods you've another reason not to include the song. Technically I could see it on a Greatest Hits compilation because for awhile there the song was huge and well known but I understand if it never does.
  3. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    What songs would you include on an updated studio compilation?

    Going back to the original question: Girl on Lsd Girl on Lsd (live version) It's Rainin' Again Moon Pie Moon Pie (outtake) Just the Normal Noises (extended version) Just the Normal Noises (shortened version) Just the Normal Noises (just right version)
  4. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    New interview with Benmont

    Sounds like you DEAN TO KNOW.
  5. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Covers of Tom Petty songs

    Thanks for sharing. I see what you mean about: Particularly on Walls, they nearly sound like the original, not that that's my standard for enjoying a cover. Nice drum rolls on Don't Do Me Like That. Impressive drumming and singing, I like the high energy of the tune. Gotta run will check out the rest later. cheers
  6. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    On 1993’s Greatest Hits

  7. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    The firing of Stan Lynch

    From wikipedia: Most broadly, it includes any art music that is performed by a small number of performers, with one performer to a part (in contrast to orchestral music, in which each string part is played by a number of performers). However, by convention, it usually does not include solo instrument performances. Because of its intimate nature, chamber music has been described as "the music of friends".[1] For more than 100 years, chamber music was played primarily by amateur musicians in their homes, and even today, when chamber music performance has migrated from the home to the concert hall, many musicians, amateur and professional, still play chamber music for their own pleasure. Playing chamber music requires special skills, both musical and social, that differ from the skills required for playing solo or symphonic works.[2] Johann Wolfgang von Goethe described chamber music (specifically, string quartet music) as "four rational people conversing".[3] This conversational paradigm–which refers to the way one instrument introduces a melody or motif and then other instruments subsequently "respond" with a similar motif–has been a thread woven through the history of chamber music composition from the end of the 18th century to the present... ---I think Benmont meant the way the band responded to each other musically, knowing when to leave space and when to fill it. They seem to do it all across their Stan albums and less so, or less noticeably so as they go as a band. I think this interaction is why there's so much of a certain TPATH sound to their early records versus later ones. cheers
  8. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    The firing of Stan Lynch

    I agree, I realize it's all just speculation but I think in time, Mike would've maybe cooled enough to get along. Watching Take the Highway I'd no clue there had been tension between the two of them. But I think Mike would've dealt with it for the sake of the band if Stan had been willing to really support Tom's songwriting with WF. Oh well.
  9. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    The firing of Stan Lynch

    That's intense. Yeah, maybe if that fight hadn't happened Mike would've helped smooth things over between Tom and Stan. Or not. Maybe it was just time for the split to occur.
  10. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    The firing of Stan Lynch

    I think it's an interesting talent and good ear to do successfully. It's what Benmont called their version of "chamber music."
  11. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Discussion of a Possible 'Greatest Hits, Volume 2'

    Aside from the songs just discussed, people LOVE the original Greatest HIts. I know someone who's not even a big fan but has that album, as I"m sure many others do. It's just a great run of songs, instantly recognizable, with a good flow. You get to see the progression of the band without any missteps. If I were a casual fan I'd probably own that alone. And it has Mary Jane on it which turned into a hit! That's pretty interesting all on its own, a song added for contractual reasons that becomes a beloved hit song. cheers
  12. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Ha ha yeah, me too on the focus. You know, this is (even with 20 years under your belt) still new territory in terms of human interaction. What happens in ten years, more new fans cycle in? At some point I will have exhausted anything new I could say about TPATH. If one were to say I exhausted that two years ago I wouldn't argue cheers
  13. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Discussion of a Possible 'Greatest Hits, Volume 2'

    That's how I feel, at most you could add maybe YDKHIF and Walls to Greatest Hits and that's about it. Oh and Girl on Lsd as well, sorry TomFest but people luuuuv that one. But I think they should leave that original disc alone. Besides, I thought Wildflowers was pretty successful on its own anyway, so why take songs from that period and add them to the other tunes. Plus, these are through two different record companies as well, right? cheers