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  1. If you like nuts, coconuts, go with 7-Layer Bars. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/9889/seven-layer-bars/
  2. Sounds good. I'm guessing last night at the Hollywood Bowl from Breakdown and 18 songs. cheers
  3. Fine, but we'll open with It Ain't Nothin' To Me, twenty minute jam version. And somewhere in the middle, You and I Will Meet Again for Shelter. (maybe stretch the ending just a little bit)
  4. Interesting. I'm going to ignore those clips and wait to hear these songs in studio form but thanks for sharing. cheers
  5. https://nypost.com/2020/01/14/a-104-year-old-marine-vet-wants-people-to-send-him-valentines-day-cards/ A 104-year-old US Marine Corps veteran wants people to share some love this Valentine’s Day. Maj. Bill White, who served in World War II and was injured in the Battle of Iwo Jima, is asking members of the public to send him cards for the Feb. 14 holiday, KTXL reports.
  6. 0:00 Rice Pudding 0:22 Whole Lotta Love 4:34 Boogie Chillen’ 6:45 Look on Yonder’s Wall/I Believe I’ll Dust My Broom 7:13 Bottle It Up and Go/Truckin’ Little Mama 8:38 Lawdy Miss Clawdy 10:20 Cinnamon Girl 11:20 Some Other Guy 13:27 Train ‘Kept a Rollin’/Stroll On 14:34 I’m a King Bee/El Paso Blues 17:31 CC Rider 18:32 Honey Bee 19:38 The Lemon Song 20:29 Whole Lotta Love (reprise) 23:58 Out on the Tiles 27:10 Communication Breakdown 30:10 Bass solo 31:37 Gallows Pole 32:53 Communication Breakdown (reprise) 35:34 The Girl Can’t Help It 38:05 I’m Talking About You 39:08 Twenty Flight Rock 41:12 How Many More Times 50:11 No Money Down 51:51 Blueberry Hill 55:08 How Many More Times (reprise)
  7. Everybody bring their instruments and we can have a hootenanny. After we get done fighting over the set list. cheers
  8. I'm fond of using All Activity and seeing the most recent posts.
  9. They'll manage, they're young, they'll land on their feet.
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