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  1. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Wildflowers (the album) Opinion

    https://www.mudcrutch.com/forum/index.php?/topic/14774-do-you-like-the-evolution-of-the-heartbreakers-sound/& https://www.mudcrutch.com/forum/index.php?/topic/16143-the-southern-accentswildflowers-theory/&tab=comments#comment-315307 https://www.mudcrutch.com/forum/index.php?/topic/15726-thoughts-on-the-two-tpaths/&tab=comments#comment-309468
  2. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Wildflowers (the album) Opinion

    Did you like when they jammed in concert, let's say from the WF tour on? Mike's surf instrumental, Breakdown, It's Good To Be King, Drivin' Down to Georgia, extended Mary Jane's, was that fun for you or would you have preferred them to maybe have one or two big numbers and the rest more of the tighter flow they had in the 70s and 80s. I think I included Shelter's Jam Extravaganza link above but if that's not to your taste, I could see why you'd have no comment on it. cheers
  3. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Wildflowers (the album) Opinion

    That is a good question that I don't think has ever been asked. Could have been but it's new to me and it's a good one. I really don't know on this one. My impression is the band wasn't always effusive with praise even when they liked something but that's a bit to the side of your question. I think they also let Tom know when they weren't feeling it. But overall direction? Stan is always mentioned that he doesn't like the direction, but the others...??? Hmm. To speculate, I think it's a mix, that is, they love being in the band overall, or the pluses far outweigh any minuses, and love playing music together. I figure having played together for so long, they love some music he writes, and just figure they'll ride out the ones they don't like. Guessing about the inside, it seems like they'd just have a different view, focused on the current song and doing the best they could with that; so any change in sound or direction to them wouldn't be the same to the listeners. And besides, once an album was done and the tour stars, they usually didn't play too much new stuff anyway. So the new album just becomes something from the past, especially once that tour ended. Each new album is a fresh start for the band and probably viewed as such. I figure most of the band was fine with any direction Tom went in as it was more about the journey (once they'd become successful) and less about any particular destination. And any changes of the type you mention above, may not even have been noticed by the band as it was incremental from their perspective. Right now, a new listener could throw on Damn the Torpedoes followed up by Echo and have quite a bit of "shock". But I don't think it was the same for the band, aside I guess, from Stan. It occurs to me now that reuniting Mudcrutch and recording Mojo were big evident changes, not just in sound but in overall approach and from what I've read, I think all involved both with Mudcrutch and back with the Heartbreakers liked the change. I think they all love the blues and let that and keeping Mike's playing in the forefront; whether one considers Mojo blues or "blues" it was a definite change to be that self-indulgent on a record and from what I gathered, they all liked it! Well, that's my thought on the matter. Interesting question, maybe one day someone will ask someone from the band that particular query. cheers
  4. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Wildflowers (the album) Opinion

    Makes sense to me. If fans did indeed migrate over than I reckon they largely stuck to the studio albums or enjoyed TPATH once a tour as soon as they realized how different in live approach the band was. Maybe I'm wrong but to speculate, perhaps the WF tour was a chance for the band to adopt a more free form approach live, including the hits of course but adopting the more groove-oriented and extended jamming, finding perhaps, the challenging balance between satisfying those who show up for "don't bore us get to the chorus" and others who enjoy the interplay between guitars and piano. Sure some would've been lost but other fans gained and there is an audience out there with the means and desire to follow bands to varying degrees. Could it have been done? Maybe. But perhaps that moment in time, if there was indeed an influx of GD fans, was during the WF tour, new fans, new album, new drummer and a new approach. But it didn't happen and it worked out anyway for TPATH, they seemed to only get larger and more successful as a live band, considering the low or "low" moments of the Let Me Up tour; perhaps one could look to them and their progression and apply it to one's own life when down or facing insurmountable odds. The band could've ended before FMF even happened, yet they went from using a curtain to hide empty seats to playing Fenway Park. ciao
  5. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Wildflowers (the album) Opinion

    I've heard, under protest, things can kind of ripple concerinng GD.
  6. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Wildflowers (the album) Opinion

    I really enjoyed the WF tour and thought Steve did a good job for being thrown into the situation more or less. The guitar sounds, extended songs and heaviness of his playing fit the mood of the songs some of which I enjoyed more in concert than on compact disc. But I understand how disappointed people were to see Stan go and missed his feel with the drums, backup vocals and altogether unique personal energy on stage regardless of how things existed backstage between them. cheers
  7. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Wildflowers (the album) Opinion

    Ha ha, nice observation and damn fine essay. Damn The Essays. There you go, title for the book you should/could/won't/? write on TP. Man, that is some good writing and interesting points! Most I've ever read on the GD in my life as they are not a band that interest me in the least, aside from the knowledge of how they shaped their live shows and improvisation on stage. If anything, that would've been to the good for the band and the fans had Tom shaped their owns shows influenced by the GD in this area, with the largely (?) untapped jamming potential of the Heartbreakers. Whom am I to say though, because people loved seeing them live regardless of their approach on stage, evidence of how potent those hit singles are and how deceptively easy they may seem to create from the outside. Though I'm sure, as noted with Wildflowers (the song) that sometimes they were easy and sometimes like Tom noted about the Waiting, he had to keep at it. As for comments on your comments, when I've the time; in the meantime I'm curious what anyone else, including the Same Old Drew make of your interesting and well considered points above. A lot of places to open up some interesting dialogue, we'll see. Regardless, it made for some nice reading. Thanks for sharing Shelter. cheers
  8. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Wildflowers (the album) Opinion

    Nice lookin' forward to reading them. cheers
  9. For me Disc 5 highlights are: On the Street/Depot Street/I Can't Fight It (what a fun pop-rock song)/keepin me alive/turnin' point and Moon Pie. I can take or leave the country version of Damage You've Done. Disc 6 highlights are: mind made up/ways to be wicked/can't get her out/waiiin' for tonight/travelin/wooden heart/gift to man/get me high/come on down to my house and you come through. 16 songs, pretty darn good. Never cared for Gator on the Lawn when I learned it was a true story---poor doggy. Tom's lyrical misstep there. I do like Heartbreakers Beach Party and they did play it a couple times in '99 of which there is a good recording out there. Fun song. cheers
  10. Interesting choice to include them. For me, the treasure is in discs 5 & 6, so many good songs gathered together. And it's funny how subjective music is, You Come Through is one of my favorite songs they ever did! cheers
  11. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Best of Everything - alternate cover

    That looks pretty good! cheers
  12. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    F Mac in Austealia & NZ 2019

    I'm glad you had such a good time! Seems like you savored every moment of the live experience which is the best way to be, enjoying what was happening and being in the moment. Your description of Free Fallin' and reaction to it is I figure why they play the tune at all these shows, in fact, you sound like the reason they play at all, their ideal audience, someone who can appreciate both guitar-melting moments and tender thoughtful playing. Glad you got to see Mike Campbell in action and hope somehow the Dirty Knobs make it your way and you can see him bend strings up close in a small club. Either way, glad you got to go and your enthusiasm from the show really came through in your post, thanks for sharing. cheers
  13. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Wildflowers (the album) Opinion

    Pourquoi pas? https://www.mudcrutch.com/forum/index.php?/topic/4215-the-firing-of-stan-lynch/&tab=comments#comment-82557 https://www.mudcrutch.com/forum/index.php?/topic/14622-stan-steve/&tab=comments#comment-299110 https://www.mudcrutch.com/forum/index.php?/topic/11760-interview-with-stan-lynch/&tab=comments#comment-258555 https://www.mudcrutch.com/forum/index.php?/topic/14774-do-you-like-the-evolution-of-the-heartbreakers-sound/&tab=comments#comment-301228 https://www.mudcrutch.com/forum/index.php?/topic/9516-tom-petty-drummer-steve-ferrone-talks-groove/&tab=comments#comment-280177
  14. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    F Mac in Austealia & NZ 2019

    Nice photo Well, I hope you have a good time and enjoy Mike's guitar stylings while everyone else accompanies him.