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  1. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    I bought another guitar!!!!

    Years ago I briefly strummed a Takamine and really loved the sound and feel. Good for you. I figure maybe at some future point I'll buy another guitar but I've got plenty between my Fender Strat, my Ibanez (used from a music store in LA) and Briarwood acoustics and a relatively cheap but fun electric I picked up with a mini-amp mainly for when I'd jam with friends at a bar and didn't want to risk worrying about people spilling beer on the Strat. cheers
  2. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Beatles Play List

    There's a series of books under that title that cover a group's albums. Some are well written and some while well witten become more about the author's perspective and commentary and less on the record or music itself. They're small paperbacks, fit in the palm of your hand, well, a bit larger than that but the only one I could recommend is Pixies: Doolittle. cheers
  3. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    The Double LP That Tom Never Had

    Nice. Works for me. Wildflowers works as a title of a double album since presumably they grow all over, perhaps a metaphor for Tom's songwriting and the contents within. I guess we'll know when All The Rest eventually arrives.
  4. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Maxwell House

    But didn't Tom have his directly connected to water pipes? Now what could be the difference between pouring water in from the top or having it connected directly but maybe it alters something? Maybe he had higher water quality, filtered and such, I don't know. I have had good coffee in diners but never asked what they used...
  5. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Maxwell House

    I tried Trader Joe's instant coffee, I thought it would be good considering it is a pricier grocery store but I think the Taster's Choice instant is better. Non Bunn machine. Hot water in a pot boiled on the stove. Crafting a good quality instant coffee is not an easy feat.
  6. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    The Double LP That Tom Never Had

    It's a good thing this subject isn't the Dimple LP that Tom never had, I think focusing on his hair in other pictures is more than enough. Too much even.
  7. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Beatles Play List

    I try not to listen to anymore than 15/33 of any Beatles album in a year though, unless it's a leap year in which case I use an album as a frisbee. You should see how far Let It Be will soar!
  8. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Beatles Play List

    The 2/3 part of Blue Jay Way is pretty good, and surprisingly even better than the 7/8 part of I am the Walrus.
  9. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    The Double LP That Tom Never Had

    I thought it was more the Snoopy part of the forest...
  10. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    If you like Communication Breakdown

  11. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Something BIG happened!!

    I'm glad you got to see them. Were you able to watch from the side of the stage or was this simply a Mike event? I'm sure there's clips online of the show if you look for them. cheers
  12. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Question on Tom Petty Book

    Of the two this remains my favorite because of the more in-depth look at the songs and songwriting as well as the interview style. Hope the updated version remains in print and others can enjoy it.
  13. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    So Mike is in Fleetwood Mac ?

    Still out there? Did you ever make it further into the TPATH albums?
  14. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    The Romanoffs

    I haven't seen it, not really interested. I'm glad I missed this opening, geez, I wouldn't want to associate that song with what you're describing on the show. cheers