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  1. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    The brilliance of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers music videos

    All right, bringing this back on topic, I'm not a big fan of TPATH videos. Sure, creative but I just don't care for 'em. Heck, while the Mary Jane one is a creepy little short film, I never think about it when I listen to the tune, doesn't come anywhere near how I feel when I hear the tune. With some exceptions I'm not a big fan of music videos anyway. I don't think I've even seen most for Full Moon Fever and the only good thing about Into The Great Wide Open is the extended music. cheers
  2. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    The brilliance of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers music videos

    Like how Mike threw in some Star Trek music on Fooled Again, picture him throwing in a little crazy Marble Madness music...! That's a difficult videogame, well...for me. I've seen others online race right through it. cheers
  3. The Last Dj stayed exactly the same; I still the title track would be vastly improved with no acoustics, a faster tempo and a filthy overdriven guitar and lots of bass. Dreamville is a pretty song. Money Becomes King is a TPATH masterpiece. Lost Children is good, and Can't Stop The Sun is a good song and way to end the record. There are some high points on this record but as with nearly all of TPATH records and the "solo" albums, there's a good to great e.p. hidden in each one. cheers
  4. I recently went through a lot of the albums, listening to songs I've rarely listened to and some I've heard quite a bit. Southern Accents continues to flounder towards the bottom of the pile. While having two of their best songs DCAHNM and It Ain't Nothin' To Me, the horns and some of the songwriting combine to make a bad record. I like more songs on Let Me Up but the way they're placed together doesn't make for a good listen, I don't know what you can do with this record. It sounds like a lot of bland light rock. Mary's New Car and Dog on the Run have potential but not like this. I used to like Spike more but it's just not very engaging. The first two records have some nice and interesting songs and while not my favorite, they're definitely engaging. Damn the Torpedoes is one of their best, same with Long After Dark. I still think they're a much weirder band than people think, but at the same time I understand that some people won't ever venture past the Greatest Hits too, which is fine, that's a heck of a collection. I even enjoyed No Reason to Cry and Don't Pull Me Over for the first time. I haven't listened to Full Moon Fever in a long time and again, I'm now struck by how amazing it is; that despite overplaying it in the past and hearing the same couple songs from the record in concert and on recordings, it's just a really good record, definitely up there as the best with Hypnotic Eye, for me. For all the valid criticism of Jeff Lynne's drum approach, how he treated the band and Stan etc. I like the drum sound on Full Moon Fever. They're crisp, dynamic with some interesting fills and rolls; very tasteful and memorable. Better than Into the Great Wide Open. The transition between A Face in the Crowd and Runnin' Down a Dream remains one of the best on any TPATH record, the mellow sad ending giving way to Mike's best riff and one of Tom's most optimistic rocking songs with the best Mike Campbell solo, taking the listener on an exciting and fun voyage! The second half remains a fun record and I'm glad they kept Zombie Zoo on there. I think Echo has a good e.p. hidden inside and well, She's The One is underrated though maybe not here on this forum. cheers
  5. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Let Me Up (the album)

    If so, probably only by people on this board...!
  6. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    She's The One: a forgotten classic

    With Tom, definitely with the concerts. I think album wise he was driven to create the songs he came out with, no consideration towards the audience or what was expected.
  7. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    She's The One: a forgotten classic

    My guess is he and Lynne had wanted to work together again and when the opportunity came they took it. I could be wrong but Saving Grace feels like an attempt at a single; it was played quite a bit prior to the record's release and is of such different caliber from everything else on the album it feels like some last minute addition. I could be wrong though.
  8. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    She's The One: a forgotten classic

    Yes, getting heavier in their sound on stage suited them; the jangle still managed to be there but the shift in style on stage, sound-wise anyway fit their evolution as a band. cheers
  9. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    She's The One: a forgotten classic

    I knew that, I was pretty much agreeing with your perspective, trying to anyway. Eddie Vedder would use the phrase Young Neil when referencing him in concert, no doubt cause of his artistic approach and energy on stage; I liked it.
  10. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    She's The One: a forgotten classic

    That's about as close as he gets I think, I'm not on board with Tom as Neil type comparisons but...while I like somethings Neil has done for the most part I just don't listen to his music, more covers of his music than the actual stuff.
  11. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    She's The One: a forgotten classic

    I like the instrumentals, one could keep those as well and view them as slightly longer takes on past albums when they'd throw in some weirdness between tracks. I think I'd cut Asshole and California and keep the first Walls and Angel Dream. There's some of their best songs on this record I think, not that I haven't said that before...! I recently went through a bunch of their records in a row to see how I felt about songs I hadn't heard much of or cared for before but this one has only grown in my estimation. Hope You Never is a powerful song in a little bit and I love the sound of the intstruments! And what a bridge..."starting to ramble..." Apropos!
  12. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    She's The One: a forgotten classic

    I think Walls was the last big hurrah for hit singles and a serious push in my opinion. After a point they probably just figured Tom's classic rock, he's got his hits, people sing along to Free Fallin' so who cares about new records. Maybe I'm wrong but that's how it feels which isn't unusual for most bands. I think the Foos are still pushing ahead with hit singles so they may be an exception, who knows.
  13. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    She's The One: a forgotten classic

    It's not as if you're going on about your stamp collection (though I've heard it's quite nice) and I'm sure if you were to take a postage-detour you'd make the topic interesting. You guys are having an interesting discussion on TPATH, sure it's veered a bit from the album but isn't what keeps this place lively? Keeps it from bein' a Zombie Zoo one might say? They might indeed...!