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  1. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Tributes and covers from peers and writers

    Lost Children was good too, nice singing. Interesting to hear a young band cover some deep cuts from TPATH. Never realized this before but the organ/keyboard part in Lost Children makes the song sound gospel-music like, the same way Learning To Fly was transformed from its roots, though here I think the song always had that component built in. I guess my only criticism is how they went with the live finish the Heartbreakers went with on this one instead of doing their own take which I would've preferred. Thanks for sharin'.
  2. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Tributes and covers from peers and writers

    Listened to Makin' Some Noise, nicely done, very supercharged version. I like the guitar sound as well, on the riff, nice and fuzzy. cheers
  3. MaryJanes2ndLastDance


    She looks like a very classy young lady, Nurk. I'm glad she had fun. For those who care about such things I checked out the Aerosmith set list and for a hardcore fan looks like that would be the show to attend. Anyway, thanks for sharing. cheers
  4. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Words on Take The Highway: Live!

    Opening Credits---This could've gone on even longer! I really enjoy watching the band in seemingly candid soundcheck moments. I even really like that tiny guitar ditty Howie (rest in peace) plays. Kings Highway----Not included on this but could be to keep it from being struck down. Sorry Two Gunslingers. As for the song, I was never a big fan of this so...I'm still not. Not high enough energy for me; a good comfortable performance. I actually prefer the opening credits. Too Good To Be True----Here we go! A good song from the record and I like how they extend it, some moody Benmont playing. I Won't Backdown---Pretty much a straightforward version. Aside from the acoustic takes this has largely stayed the same over the years. Unfortunately I'm quite burned out on it but it's a good performance. Free Fallin'----Like the above but moreso. My favorite live version was the extended one they did back in the previous tour. A good version but I was never a big fan of this song to begin with and it's just been overplayed. Did Stan ever play the drumrolls in this song during the last verse? It's too bad he didn't as musically that's one of the best parts of the song in my opinon. Out In The Cold----Nice. It's a good version, nice and rockin' and much needed after the mellow Free Fallin'. Psychotic Reaction----A moment for the Psychedelic Dragon. Very funny. High powered, I love how Mike rakes his pick against the strings during the fast part. Very fun to hear Stan sing and band leap into hyperdrive. Ben's Boogie----Excellent! The only complaint would be it could've gone on even longer! Who doesn't love when Benmont transionts to the other keyboard! Just excellent. Except for Tom's dancing, sorry ladies I'm sure you liked it but...blehh. Terrible. Don't Come Around Here No More----What about that intro? One of the best intros to DCAHNM. I used to watch that part over and over, Mike setting up the loop, the e-bow making his guitar sound like "whale song", playing the mandolin, the rhythmic thump of Stan joining in...and that's before the song proper starts. Just a really good version; probably my favorite from all the times they played it live since the fast part goes on even longer due to the corny chase scene. Here Comes My Girl----Good. I'm Tired Joey Boy----I liked it. Into The Great Wide Open---Not a fan of the song overall but a fine version. Love Is A Long Road----Good, never understood why they never extended it. Refugee----Excellent. I love how the band gets mellower, then brings it up briefly before dropping down before the final explosion into the finale. The extended Refugee is my favorite live version of the song (aside from the goofy and fun acoustic bridge school take) and I'm glad they filmed this version. Runnin' Down A Dream----Pretty high energy. I still think it's a song that was never really captured live as well as on album but I'd say these early tours when it was still fresh are the best live versions of it. Lonely Weekends----It's okay, not much to say about this. Built To Last----Very good. I enjoy watching Stan drum with those mallets, I think and just the whole bouncy, yet mellow mood of the song. Like a 50s rock lullaby. Makin' Some Noise-----Good! A fun riff, fun lyrics and high energy finale! Thoughts?
  5. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Words on Take The Highway: Live!

    I think Kings Highway isn't on this (sorry Two Gunslingers) to protect it from being removed; I could be wrong.
  6. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Happy Birthday Mudcrutch

    Happy Birthday!
  7. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Tom Petty Mojo - Limited 2 CD Tour Edition 2012

    I never really cared for Takin' My Time but I really liked it all of a sudden. What a heavy sounding groove. cheers
  8. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Covers of Tom Petty songs

    How many more days & All mixed up cover. He plays drums and sings. It's impressive. Go check it out he's only at 183 views. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4O1cfjz-bw
  9. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I just ate some grape leaves from a restaurant. Delicious! No meat, I've seen some made like that from a local greek festival. cheers
  10. MaryJanes2ndLastDance


    This is a pretty good book. Four Arguments For the Elimination of Television. https://www.amazon.com/Arguments-Elimination-Television-Jerry-Mander/dp/0688082742
  11. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Tom Petty Mojo - Limited 2 CD Tour Edition 2012

    What's interesting to me about this is how they managed a nice balance between big hits, Mojo tracks and some deep cuts: Mojo: 6 Hits: 7 Deep Cuts: 3 Good sound quality too! cheers
  12. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Tributes and covers from peers and writers

  13. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    New TPATH Releases

    Thanks, I'll take your word for it, that makes sense, don't feel like wading back into that document. cheers
  14. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    Nice find, never knew they played this.
  15. MaryJanes2ndLastDance

    Old & new interviews with Tom & the Heartbreakers

    Thanks for posting this. Too bad Ringo didn't interview him all the time, that was quite funny! cheers