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  1. It depends on the potential listener. Again, I feel like it depends on the person; however, probably GH doesn't need to be recommended as its what most people/casual listeners would gravitate towards. Depends on the per---you get the point ha ha! I don't think of Refugee as hard rock; I realize how people label rock differs but to me it was just a rock-n-roll song, not any harder than Finding Out or All or Nothin'. I don't know, I think people would respond the same way that people did in the 70s with DTT, enjoing the smooth transition from Refugee to HCMG. Interesting take. I disagree. I think Hard Promises would be a rough first album generally speaking. Of course, it could very well be some peoples' first TPATH and they love it, I jusdt think generally, aside from The Waiting it's a bit of a dark and moody record, not quite a good introduction to the band, though the Waiting is just one of their catchiest tunes. You should hear it when Eddie Vedder joined TPATH on stage to perform it. I know how much you love his singing and most of all when he joins another band on stage. Actually, it was a definite highpoint in concert to experience that first hand at Summerfest. Back to HP, if someone is more into moody music, it could be a good first record as aside from the happy sound of the opening track most of the record is angular, atmospheric and a bit on the down side. ciao
  2. I understand. I barely listen to it myself these days because I overplayed it; though a recent listen made it sound as fresh and fun as ever. It's a good one to recommend. Most likely the big ones are DTT, FMF and WF besides GH for most people. cheers
  3. No. I think it would've ended the album on a wrong note. Zombie Zoo is the perfect mad carnivelsque kinda song, upbeat, weird, even connecting (loosely) Free Fallin with its vampire reference to the title of the last song. Definitely. How could any record executive not hear that and thing BIG HIT?! Especially with the Bangles on there. That would've been two big TPATH songs with female singers becoming huge. It's such a little known song. Oh well. I think it was just a fun song thrown on there, I don't really know what the motivation was; but while I'm generally a fan of originals over covers I much prefer the original GH with Something rather than Stop Draggin'. The latter is a good song but is more of a Stevie Nicks song, I could see why they left it off. And while it is all right as a tune and fits the criteria of a big radio hit, I much prefer to listen to Something in the Air; there's a nice pun intended, breeziness to the tune that caps off the record on just the right note. cheers
  4. I understand. I like an album that I can throw on and listen to from start to finish like Hypnotic Eye. Good thing the skip button was invented. cheers
  5. It could be because its a strange album, some of it sounds very stereotypically 80ish and other parts not as much. It only had one hit single that didn't even make the greatest hits album. And I think it has a very strange track listing that doesn't flow very well despite having some really good songs. I agree with the first part; FMF does sound great immediately. I disagree about something being missing or "lite". I reckon a lot of the record's power comes from the simplicity; I Won't Back Down lays it all bare and while it's enjoyable to have music grown you or to discover something more, hidden layers and such, there's also something to be said about songwriting so potent it grabs you at first listen and that's one of FMF's greatest strengths. The best songs on there evoke pure and simple emotion; form the defiance of Won't Back Down to the melancholia of A Face in the Crowd to the joy and energy of Runnin' Down A Dream. And yet, while simple the lyrics can convey a deeper meaning to the listener, not perhaps as some lyrical puzzle to figure out but with a perfect balance of the vague and the specific, like "Me and Del were singin...little Runaway..." and "...down this road, I'm pickin' up, whatever is mine." Good questions. I usually enjoy when they did something different but some of the production for me just isn't pleasant to listen to; doesn't ruin the songs but sounds dated in a way some of their other material doesn't. In my opinion. This could be my favorite on here, this or the title track. I'm glad there are some live versions of the former. Whatever 80s experiment they tried definitely worked for me on this number. cheers
  6. I agree except I think the Ramones were the more skilled at short, punchy, catchy songs though TPATH certainly have a good run of those types of tunes too. I guess if you want something just a bit more aggresive or sharper go with the Ramones. If a love of 50s rock and "don't bore us..." is their commonality than the the biggest difference is that Tom wanted to push his band forward; the Ramones were a studied planned experience to a degree, changing their last names to Ramone, what they wore, how they behaved on stage, the tight transition from song to song. And as little as change as possible. While TPATH had their own rigid outline in concert they were like a jam band in comparison to the Ramones; but that's because both bands had different goals. Enjoying both the sweet, energized punchy songwriting of the Ramones and the airy chambermaid music of TPATH is just fine; and discussing both regardless of agreement or disagreement is fine in its own way too. ciao
  7. I think there's a song or two with a quick blistering lead, even a ballad maybe with one, the song QUESTIONINGLY, check it out. But that wasn't the point of the band, they wanted everything stripped back, primal. A lot of skill for sure! The band had a statement to make and for the most part they stuck to it. I favor their early records not just from the songwriting but also the drumming, he had the perfect beat for them, their first drummer Tommy. Ah yes, another band with potential drummer debates. That first record, even the first two are pretty much rock perfection; to take the most basic of power chords and somehow create pop-rock songs that are catchy and fun and short is amazing! I think Mike covered a Ramones song or maybe the Knobs, in one of the instagram posts. I disagree, he did have a talent and was part of a unit that collectively had talent; it's just not eh more standard rock or rock expectations. I don't listen to the Ramones expecting stunning guitar solos but instead deceptively simple rock songs and here and there they even varied the structure a bit. A well known one is I Wanna Be Sedated which is a bunch of verses leading into one big chorus and then it stops. You may (or may not ha ha) like the song Bad Brain as well. When I'm in the mood for the Ramones there's nothing quite like them, the early records sound good the way they were recorded, the rhythm is tight and powerful, Joey Ramones singing uniquely his own, some weird crooning with exceelnt song structures, again, doing quite a bit with very simple, basic chords. That's my take. cheers
  8. Definitely not a punk band; a simple listen to some of the tunes sneer or no reveals that. I'd say the first couple albums are great and after that, there's a lot of good songs mixed with filler across the board. It's impressive how they were able to come up with such catchy songs that sounded different with only a limited number of chords. There's a pure rock and rock vibe to those tunes, despite the sometimes disturbing and cartoony lyrics. This is the point where I'd say TPATH and the Ramones have something in common, a love of early rock and roll; don't bore us get to the chorus. Those first couple records are chock full of catchy songs, nice short solid albums! I'd say they were good at what their goal was, a complete removal of anything improvisatory or bombastic. More on this later when I've the time...
  9. https://www.mudcrutch.com/forum/index.php?/topic/14759-let-me-up-the-album/&tab=comments#comment-300406
  10. No, but I closed my eyes when it started playing. Thanks for sharing. cheers and goodbye for when this place shuts down.
  11. You're welcome. If it doesn't work then she can try a different browser. cheers
  12. I think it's a Safari, the browser for Mac issue. If she's getting something like this: Safari can't verify the identity of the website. The certificate for this website is invalid... Tell her to press the Continue button and it should take her here. cheers
  13. If she's on a Mac then most likely Safari. What is her user name and email, does she remember those Nurk?
  14. Take care of yourself Liberty! This was the best TPATH/mudcrutch/dirty knobs site on the internet. cheers
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