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  1. just love this song and would love to hear this sound more developed and worked on in the future. I feel that we will get Pettys dark stark real American masterwork of his career in the coming years and that his career will take a decidedly Johnny Cash turn for some reason interspersed with Mudcrutch and Heartbreakers works. maybe im just tripping. supernatural radio is sort of that vibe as well from the same record
  2. I love Mike Campbell and Tom Petty rocking this song out some nice guitar lines towards the end of the song. It is probably my fave TPATHB mid tempo Americana style rocker it has everything from the harmonica and harmony vocal to Tom telling a tale in his finest drawl. I do believe it was their last big budget music video and the end of an era in that medium.
  3. LDWMJ has that seductive groove and great drums it is also their freshest and most modern sounding rocker that has aged well. U Get Me High reminds me of this song in some ways too.
  4. no worries mate. tpathb are loved in Australia it would be nice to just once have them but I don't expect this would ever happen.
  5. My comment was in reference to his never returning back to Australia, its been 30 years!
  6. it as if a boxing kangaroo told him not to come around here no more
  7. A Self Made Man! Very Johnny Cash. Also Depot Street reminded me of a few reggae/ska bands from the 70's though no specific act come to mind. At times he used a Lennonesque delivery, Byrds like harmonies and Dylanesque phrasing
  8. Steve Harley - Make Me Smile always could hear Petty using his best drawl on this song
  9. Fantastic that 2 has debuted #10 on Billboard after their debut hit #8 its a great showing. I am stoked too that the album has charted overseas too as Mudcrutch like the HB's seem to tour exclusively in the U.S. Where did it chart in your neck of the woods? Unfortunately it didn't chart in Australia to my knowledge.
  10. there are some well shot great audio videos Im enjoying at the moment on you tube, it is amazing that there aren't many of the new songs is there a reason for this?
  11. I love Save Your Water Too, the melody sticks too so maybe not such a bad choice, and it has what I call a very Tom Petty vocal
  12. actual recount of the songs would be nice anyone who attends? its all about the songs and if there were improvisations or changes to what is on the records, etc
  13. Am I selfish in suggesting that "Dreams of Flying" is the best "single" "radio single" "promotional single" to put out?
  14. "you give me hope, you give me violins" Jeff entering Petty's life and reinvigorating his sound to great success Thoughts?
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