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  1. SingsInFrench

    Album and Tour next year?

    The album was completed 2-3 weeks ago. It was done in 8 days, according to Felsot. Mike plans to tour outside of California to support the album.
  2. SingsInFrench

    Album and Tour next year?

    On Facebook, Mark said that this would occur in April 2019, after the Fleetwood Mac tour ends! I'm hoping for Chicago!
  3. SingsInFrench

    Album and Tour next year?

    Yes, Mark Felsot says so!
  4. SingsInFrench

    Catherine Tench

    Catherine is a precious little heartbreaker. Congratulations, Benmont and Alice!
  5. SingsInFrench

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas, Farmers! May 2018 be a less heart-breaking year. May we all heal from our pain of losing Tom. May we enjoy the music he gave us and marvel at the quantity of it. I can't listen yet, but that is my hope for the new year.
  6. Happy birthday, Susan! :)

  7. SingsInFrench

    Photo of the Day Part III

  8. SingsInFrench

    Benmont Tench Solo Shows in NYC

    I wonder if anyone is going to The Largo tonight? I went after Benmont released his album, god what year was that, 2014? It's too early in the morning. It was a wonderful show. Benmont, as you all know, is just amazing! When I met him after the show, he was so warm and charming. I went on the Saturday night that Tom, and all the Heartbreakers were there (except for Ron). I'm sure it will be tough for Benmont to perform for the first time since Tom's passing. If anyone goes, please tell us all about the show.
  9. SingsInFrench

    My Last Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Show

    I'm curious as to how many shows you've attended, the date of the first show, and did you attend any Mudcrutch shows?
  10. SingsInFrench

    Photo of the Day Part III

  11. "We all went to a radio station (I've forgotten which one) and went into a production room and improvised this spot. Denny Cordell was the voice doing the announcement and we were all the guys going berserk in the background. Somebody was typing away on a typewriter that was provided by the station. And finally, Denny's very gorgeous girlfriend (whose name I've forgotten) did the final voice saying, "And don't tell Mama!" And yes, Tom Petty is one of those voices in the background!" ~Danny Roberts
  12. " Danny Roberts posted this on Facebook. His comments on the track are as follows: "This is a fun track recorded by "Mudcrutch" in 1974. It has an almost Tex-Mex feel to it and is a great, fun recording and was written by Tom Petty." "Please excuse the places where the sound briefly sounds dull for a second. I made this from a tape of rough mixes I've been draggin' around for the last 43 years." Pseudo Tex-Mex
  13. SingsInFrench

    Your prized Petty possessions

    Yes, Beth has an excellent memory, and is sure she'll remember every detail. I, on the other hand, have a horrible memory, so having the day documented is very valuable. I used to moderate a different fan message board, administered by an autistic, teenage Petty fan. She is a Petty-savant. She and another teen board member asked me endless questions about my trip to Hollywood, the Buried Treasure Show, and meeting Tom. It was our most widely viewed thread ever, and it was often funny and so much fun. I revisited the message boards recently (the now-young-woman reopened them after Tom's death) and re-read the thread, and it brought back wonderful memories. I wept happy tears reading through it again.