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  1. I am willing to concede...Jack is cool. After all, you are the Bringer of Exclusive Songs, and I dare not bite the hand that feeds me
  2. Ha, sorry Marion. I just can't get passed those musical interludes between verses. I swear at the and of them he is hitting an anvil with a hammer....makes me laugh every time. But the lyrics certainly are fine.
  3. Haha, yea...that bout sums it up. But I certainly dug it a bit. I like the melody of the chorus, and there are some neat sounds here and there. Though, I can't help wondering, what is so bad about waking up in the woods. I hope it's a metaphor ha. I'd preferred this to Jack on the album. Thanks for posting Marion
  4. Highway Companion was always on the fence for me. I certainly like it, but it's just a few songs away from being a top-notch album for me. Down South is a fantastic song, but then we have Jack instead of a one of those outtakes on the extended cut. And, of course, it's hard for three guys to compete with The Heartbreakers musically Any one remember a few lyrics from "The Woods"?
  5. Thanks for all of the lyrics. I'm hearing different words in a few spots. See what ya'll think. "Dreams of Flying" - I think the last line in the 1st verse is "Giving up feels like dying" And I agree with "they" on "Blue lights behind us". "Trailer" - 1st line of last verse = "I can't find a thing, babe" "Beautiful Blue" - 3rd verse/3rd line..."Hang a tree with painted bottles"
  6. Two more positive reviews. http://www.allmusic.com/album/2-mw0002938002 http://www.thewaster.com/lp-review/mudcrutch-2/
  7. Rolling Stone gave the new album 4 out of 5 stars. Haven't found it online, but it's in the new issue on news stands.
  8. ALL YOU CAN CARRY Seltaeb, I went off of yours and I this is what I came up with. Main Riff: e ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- b ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- g ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- d -----------------5b------------------------------5b---5h7--------------------- a -----5h7-5-7------7-5-7----------5h7-5-7---7----------------------------- e ---0------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Verse Chords: Bm A E (riff) I saw a ghost in the road tonight Chorus: E Am7 D A Take what you can All you can carry Take what you can and leave the past behind The bridge sounds like some variation on an A D change, but I don't know.
  9. No problem. It's always fun figuring these out. On second thought, dropped D sounds more accurate.
  10. I think you got it. Verse: E x 4 E x 4 G, A, G E x 4 But there is something about that E that is different. I don't think it's Em or a simple major. I'm 90% sure they might be playing this song in open E and only letting the E,A,D strings sound out for the E. Bridge: E, B E, B D, A, B Chorus: D, A, G, C
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