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  1. Neil Young FREE recordings

    No thanks Neil.
  2. Benmont Tench

    A gallant effort.
  3. Yes, I'm pretty certain all the listed tracks on the LP cover are not there.
  4. I used to have this album, I think some of the tracks listed are missing if I remember correctly.
  5. My interest in the band started to wane about the time that Stan left, not for that reason alone but something changed. I also admired Stan for not just taking the money (which I suspect others did) and speaking out.
  6. Live video whole show Providence, RI 1990

    Would love to see a professional recording of this, I can't stand audience recordings.
  7. It's hard to imagine Mike fighting with anyone, but we don't really know him.
  8. Future Tom Petty Releases

    Michael Kamen orchestration, no thanks. Prefer just TPATH.
  9. FMF was initially rejected by the label executives, but there was a change of personnel and Tom re-submitted exactly the same tapes and they loved it.
  10. Hard To Handle...Live

    Don't forget "Just like a woman", I learned all of Mikes guitar parts in this fabulous concert, there was a lot more filmed which I would love to see.
  11. I wouldn't recommend starting with a 12 string but you could try. I am fortunate to own a 12 string Rickenbacker which I love playing. Good luck with the guitar.
  12. Martin, if you can play a 6 string Guitar then you should be able to play a 12 string. It is slightly more difficult and requires a different approach but the rewards are enormous and you will find a lot of Tom Petty sounds as well as Traveling Wilburys, not to mention the Beatles and Byrds sounds.
  13. Charity Function

    I've heard of SQUIER Telecasters.
  14. The Gainesville Homecoming Show from 1993 Discussion

    "I always found it odd and jarring how the announcer says TOM PETTY AND THE HEARTBREAKER." The announcer likely has no idea who TPATH are. I once heard an announcer introduce Steve Forbert as Steve Forberts, do your research.