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  1. The Harrison model is just stunning.
  2. I love Rickenbackers. I've owned two 330/12s Jetglo and currently looking for a 330/6 or a modern 330/12 with the open head stock. I do have a copy of John's Rick 325? that is great to play.
  3. An understatement I know but Mike sure knows how to wind a Guitar up.
  4. Very interesting viewing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-qwOn0utJk
  5. I used to like it but I find it boring now.
  6. The best version of Carol is by Chuck Berry. The stones version is bang average IMO.
  7. I love Ricks. I had a 330/12 Jet glow that I sold because it was a pain to re string. I will get another one, but a later model as they have the open head stock for easier stringing.
  8. Where is Jeopardy? I heard there's quite a few jobs there.
  9. Excellent bootleg. I also have the Dortmund DVD from the same tour and it's almost identical to the Utrecht show.
  10. Very nice, I think she deserves a hard case. šŸ˜‰
  11. Loved it, just great. This is the sort of stuff I wanted to hear from Tom Petty again, not tired old blues songs.
  12. Has to be the double bound Rickenbacker for me.
  13. Jay

    New Guitar

    I got mine used for Ā£100 a couple of years ago.
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