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  1. Loved it, just great. This is the sort of stuff I wanted to hear from Tom Petty again, not tired old blues songs.
  2. Has to be the double bound Rickenbacker for me.
  3. Jay

    New Guitar

    I got mine used for £100 a couple of years ago.
  4. Jay

    New Guitar

    That's the artist series, I had one of those, they're good guitars.
  5. This was my first Tom Petty live video and I loved it at the time, but it's way overblown looking at it now. Hate the horns.
  6. Tom did a fairly decent job on this but I much prefer Thunderclap Newman's version.
  7. Jay

    The holidays

    Too early for tree and lights, I usually start that stuff in early December.
  8. I read a post on here a while back by someone that met Scott Thurston and said he is not a very nice man at all. As for Stan, the band was never the same without him IMO. I much prefer his drumming.
  9. The song is not one that I particularly enjoy. The keyboards spoil it for me. Sorry Benmont.
  10. Love long after dark but I always skip that track. Doesn't fit that album IMO.
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