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  1. Letting you go is my favourite and a great song too.
  2. Jay


  3. Jay

    Fooled Again

    I don't like it 😀
  4. Indeed I am Shelter, how can you tell? 🎩
  5. Jay

    Runaway Trains

    Yes they did, Jacksonville Coliseum 1987. Released on bootleg.
  6. Hard Promises (I like every track) Long After Dark (I like every track) Let Me Up (Ive Had Enough) (I like every track) Southern Accents (I like every track) Full Moon Fever (I like most tracks) Into The Great Wide Open (I like most tracks) Pack Up The Plantation (I like most tracks) You're Gonna Get It (I like about half of) Damn The Torpedoes (I like about half of) Not a classic album IMO Tom Petty (First Album) (I like about half of) Tom Petty - Wildflowers (I like about half of) The rest I find very disappointing albums apart from the odd track or two.
  7. I love Let Me Up and never skip a track on this album, not so with Echo and apart from Room at the top and Swingin' which are excellent, the rest is filler IMO.
  8. Jay

    The Strange Behavior Tour

    Ebay also has bootleg sellers.
  9. Jay

    TPATHB Studio Session 2006

    Rolling stones " best rock & roll band in the world" nope, not a patch on this band IMO.
  10. Jay

    TP Question

    USED to
  11. Jay

    TP Question

    Tom was very original in his style of dressing, I'm not keen on the word as I think it's overused but he a was cool dresser.
  12. Jay

    So Mike is in Fleetwood Mac ?

    Looks like Stevie wants a piece of Mike.
  13. Jay

    Would Nowhere have fit on Hard Promises or Long After Dark?

    Oh sorry hahahahahaha.
  14. Jay

    Would Nowhere have fit on Hard Promises or Long After Dark?

    In your opinion.