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  1. That's what you call rock & roll.
  2. Jay

    23 Things You Might Not Know About Tom Petty

    Threre's an interview with Don on you tube where he mentions teaching "little Tommy Petty" guitar.
  3. Jay

    Photo of the Day Part III

    ^ Similar pic to my "All mixed up" 12" single.
  4. What no Free Fallin' Live!!!!!
  5. Jay

    The Tom Petty Effect

    Yes you can.
  6. Jay

    Live Anthology vinyl reissue

    Talking of the Live Anthology, I have the 5 CD set but I also have some commentary and interview mp3 as follows... Tom Petty - The Live Anthology Commentaries Tom Petty - The Live Anthology Jim Ladd Interviews Tom Petty - The Live Anthology Mike Campbell Interviews I have no idea how where I got these from so does anyone here at the farm know?
  7. Jay

    Question about "All Mixed Up"

    Woa oo oo ho. I love the sanging bit, sounds like Stan.
  8. If we be good we get a ride on it, if we aint too mad about the future.
  9. Jay


    I think it's ugly.
  10. Jay

    Random Click Thread

    Where's "A little soul from" it's a good track, never heard it before so thanks Shelter.
  11. Yes it's Lindsey Buckingham 😉
  12. Jay

    The firing of Stan Lynch

    Why did Stan and Mike fall out?
  13. Jay

    So Mike is in Fleetwood Mac ?

    Clearly Lindsey Buckingham not Neil Finn.