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  1. Jay

    The firing of Stan Lynch

    I read a post on here a while back by someone that met Scott Thurston and said he is not a very nice man at all. As for Stan, the band was never the same without him IMO. I much prefer his drumming.
  2. Jay

    You Got Lucky---best version?

    The song is not one that I particularly enjoy. The keyboards spoil it for me. Sorry Benmont.
  3. Jay

    You Got Lucky---best version?

    Love long after dark but I always skip that track. Doesn't fit that album IMO.
  4. I love these with Mike. Thanks for posting.
  5. Jay

    A complete TP discography and videography?

    Thanks Big Blue Sky.
  6. Jay

    A complete TP discography and videography?

    Long After Dark - TP & yellow guitar? Never seen this so are you sure?
  7. Although I like both songs I think Dogs on the run is superior to Change of heart.
  8. Jay

    Mike Campbell's fav records

    Rag mama rag................ brilliant stuff.
  9. Jay

    EPI Casino history

    Here's my Bigsby version, not a great pic, looks better in the flesh.
  10. Jay

    Thoughts on Playback

    Something in the air is by Thunderclap Newman.
  11. Jay


    That's Jools Holland show not SNL.
  12. Jay

    The Extended Jam Extravaganza Thread

    Yes I saw them in concert at Wembley arena in 1991. I will never forget when the lights came on and Tom said "oh baby" and went straight into ITGWO Then Kings Highway. They did some of the ITGWO album (obviously) a few of their hits and some new songs and quite a few covers. Actually I think one of the new songs was "You get me high" which I love. I also remember he said "if you have a train to catch you may be late as we're here for well over 2 hours". I can't remember any extended jams that night. I have a lot of live stuff and I don't bother with extended versions like IGTBK, to me that's filler but each to their own. 😁