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    Raelin got a reaction from Marion in The Knobs @ Imperial Ball (with Tom Petty Tribute!!)   
    That’s one of my very favorite songs, Mike did a great job..of course I cried when he sang the song.
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    Raelin reacted to dollardime in The Knobs @ Imperial Ball (with Tom Petty Tribute!!)   
    Something good coming was an inspired choice for a tribute by Mike to Tom. The lyrics really resonated and the way Mike delivered them spoke of a long deep bond of love and respect between two music brothers. Great to see Mike up on stage again, I'm sure it's a help in the healing process. 
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    Raelin reacted to WildflowerNJ in The Knobs @ Imperial Ball (with Tom Petty Tribute!!)   
    Wow, that was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Thank you for posting that.....Thank you, Knobs.....thank you, Mike.
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    Raelin reacted to Marion in The Knobs @ Imperial Ball (with Tom Petty Tribute!!)   
    He really did a fine job singing like nobody else could. 👏
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    Raelin reacted to Marion in The Knobs @ Imperial Ball (with Tom Petty Tribute!!)   
    Thanks for the review!  Great job!!  I bet there wasn't a dry eye in the house with that tribute.  Thanks for the videos.    I love it!  And here I was worried about Mike getting asked to play Heartbreaker songs.    What a great tribute and a class act!  Love my Knobs!! 
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    Raelin reacted to pappasnick24 in The Knobs @ Imperial Ball (with Tom Petty Tribute!!)   
    Hey Guys,
    Not sure if anyone has posted about this yet...  but just wanted to say how AMAZING Mike & the Knobs were last night at the imperial ball.   
    They broke out some classic & older Knob songs like Loaded Gun, Mama Told Me, Shake These Blues and the obligatory Humdinger cover!  Mike was in great voice and his guitar playing was as impressive, tasteful, and mind-blowing as ever.   Beyond the great, rocking Knob content there were two other surprises/highlights: 
    1.)  Stephen Stills!!  Towards the end of the show, Mike told us a special guest would be coming out who "is the shit".  They launched into an extended intro for Hey Joe and as soon as that iconic Hendrix intro riff started Stills strolled out and joined the band with some ripping guitar solos.  After Hey Joe, Stills carried the vocals for a cover of "Born Under A Bad Sign".  A little shaky at first, but they soon got their grip and it turned into a hell of a jam.  The place was going wild.  Next came "Love The One Your With", with the crowd singing along for the chorus.  Great solos from both Mike and Steve.  
    2.) Mike's Tom petty Tribute.  Very moving and heartfelt, some people around me actually in tears.  For the first time ever, the knobs played 2 Heartbreaker Songs (after a special speech from Mike saying how they never play these songs but he wanted to play it for his friend one last time).   Something Good Coming was up first.  It was mesmerizing.  Delicate, perfect for the occasion, and some nice improv. slide playing.   Then came a rocking' Running Down A Dream that culminated in Mike's iconic solo.  Standing ovation from the crowd. Mike was genuinely grateful and thank'd us, though we were all beyond honored to be there    Below are youtube links I found of Mike's intro/something good coming & Running Down A Dream.  I didn't want to do a full summary of these moments so you can see for yourself.   All in all an incredible night of music!  Thank you Mike!!  Hopefully some more Knobs shows are on the horizon...  
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