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  1. You're absolutely right Marion, it's a Band on it's own and should stay that way! And that's what makes it so excting to watch those you tube clips of the Dirty Knobs and why i would love to have some of that music. If it came across that i think it's a new heartbreakers-thing i'm sorry, didn't meant to! I would just love to listen to this Band.
  2. Hi Marion, if there is a chance i would also love to hear some Dirty Knobs music, i'm on a huge Mike-Trip the last couple of weeks Tried to find his "The Guitars" Video Series but only found one Video (wich of course was fantastic!). I don't know why but right now listening to and watching Mike makes me feel good and helps with that huge loss of losing Tom (i'm still not used to the fact that there will never be a new Hearbreakers record).
  3. Can't believe this. Devasteted. Prayers to Family and friends. Can't really think clear right now
  4. What a schedule! If it would be possible to record the Shows, i would absolutely love to here them. Phil Jones, Steve Ferrone (what a great title for a Show ), a great week
  5. Thank you Marion! Fantastic, hope i can give it a listen tonight
  6. Wow! I would love to listen to this! Huge Jakob/Wallflowers fan don't wand to be rude, but would it be possible to record this? I realy don't wand to put pressure on you Marion and i highly appreciate your huge effort with the buried treasure Shows!
  7. Super excited!!!!! can't wait...great News to start a rainy day
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