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  1. I was gone for awhile, lots of big changes in my life, but I'm back. You can't keep a good fan down! Thanks for asking. Hope you're doing well.

  2. Patty Petty

    Question of the day 4/1/15

    Just once. It was cool to see, gambled a little (won a little) and saw a couple of shows.
  3. Patty Petty

    Question of the day 3/26/15

    I grill year round! EVERYTHING is better grilled. My favorite is grilled chicken!
  4. Patty Petty

    What is next for Mudcrutch Farm / mudcrutch.com?

    I'm glad to see you guys decided to keep the Farm up.
  5. Patty Petty

    What is next for Mudcrutch Farm / mudcrutch.com?

    I've been MIA a lot, it isn't anything personal. I'm just working A LOT. I'd hate to see Mudcrutch Farm fall by the wayside.
  6. Patty Petty

    What do you need to do today?

    Good news, Nurk! Beth, good thoughts as always, for Fred.
  7. Patty Petty

    Poll of the day 10/9/14

    Not yet. Probably will next week. Not sure of everyone else's schedules, like who'll be here to hand anything out. I won't be, I'll be working all day.
  8. Patty Petty

    Happy 64th Birthday Tom Petty

    Happy Birthday, Tom!
  9. Patty Petty

    Question of the day 10/14/14

    LOL, Nel. That is sort of sad though, I agree with Ryan.
  10. Patty Petty

    Need prayers

    Lisa, I'm so sorry. May he RIP now.
  11. Patty Petty

    2014 Tour / Hypnotic Eye Official Announcement

    I can't wait to hear the whole album in it's entirety!
  12. Patty Petty


    Philly for me!
  13. Patty Petty

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mudcrutch!!

    Happy Belated Birthday, Ryan!!!!
  14. Patty Petty

    Question of the day - 4/13/2014

    Good one, Susan! Barb, The Shining - SO good! Youy should see it!
  15. Patty Petty

    TPATH at Outside Lands Festival Again

    All I know is, I am going to make a show this year if it kills me! LOL!